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Commission: The Avian Dancer by sara-scmp Commission: The Avian Dancer :iconsara-scmp:sara-scmp 33 0 Draal and Brycernn by sara-scmp Draal and Brycernn :iconsara-scmp:sara-scmp 11 0 Kallia speed portrait Commission by sara-scmp Kallia speed portrait Commission :iconsara-scmp:sara-scmp 131 6 Arestel Portrait by sara-scmp Arestel Portrait :iconsara-scmp:sara-scmp 143 14 Draal Character Sheet 2 by sara-scmp Draal Character Sheet 2 :iconsara-scmp:sara-scmp 74 11 Draal Character Sheet by sara-scmp Draal Character Sheet :iconsara-scmp:sara-scmp 91 18 Amethyst by sara-scmp Amethyst :iconsara-scmp:sara-scmp 126 11 Mara Sketch Commission by sara-scmp Mara Sketch Commission :iconsara-scmp:sara-scmp 90 12 Space Pirate by sara-scmp Space Pirate :iconsara-scmp:sara-scmp 32 4 Elven Warrior by sara-scmp Elven Warrior :iconsara-scmp:sara-scmp 164 13 Strange by sara-scmp Strange :iconsara-scmp:sara-scmp 72 7 Commission: Meliander by sara-scmp Commission: Meliander :iconsara-scmp:sara-scmp 39 2 Half-dragon Aasimar ver.2 by sara-scmp Half-dragon Aasimar ver.2 :iconsara-scmp:sara-scmp 18 0 The wood arcer by sara-scmp The wood arcer :iconsara-scmp:sara-scmp 77 7 Hornpot + Clawdia fanart by sara-scmp Hornpot + Clawdia fanart :iconsara-scmp:sara-scmp 33 0 Siegmar, the herald of the Storm by sara-scmp Siegmar, the herald of the Storm :iconsara-scmp:sara-scmp 134 8



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Sara Campolo
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Fantasy is my passion
Illustration & Concept Art

Click here for commissions infos - Status: 3/3 Closed

Buy Me a Coffee at

Instagram: sara.scmp


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Rainbow Letter: S (Animated) Rainbow Letter: T (Animated) Rainbow Letter: U (Animated) Rainbow Letter F (Animated) Rainbow Letter F (Animated)

--- Note: I accept only Paypal, no points! --- 

The final price is discussed in private!

 Diamond - Blue  F2U pixel dot Bust / Portrait Diamond - Blue  F2U pixel dot  
Starts at 70€
Simple background, 1 or 2 lights
Price depends on design (armor or not, race, specific facial features, visible hands, visible weapons, etc)
Available to do also half-bodies!

Filindel Portrait by sara-scmp  Siegmar, the herald of the Storm by sara-scmp

Diamond - Blue  F2U pixel dot Fullbody Diamond - Blue  F2U pixel dot
Starts at 55€
Simple or flat background
Price depends on design (outfit - armor or not, race with specific anatomy of addictional parts, etc)
YES you can add extra characters!

Commission: Zelica Half-Dragon by sara-scmp  Commission: Zurgo by sara-scmp  Commission: Ayanna by sara-scmp   Commission: Taliyah Asari by sara-scmp

Diamond - Blue  F2U pixel dot Illustrations Diamond - Blue  F2U pixel dot
Starts at 100€ and more
More complex illustrations, with background and more

Mara - I don't care anymore by sara-scmp   The wood arcer by sara-scmp

Diamond - Blue  F2U pixel dot NEW! CHARACTER SHEET Diamond - Blue  F2U pixel dot
Starts at 30€
30€ detailed sketch
50€ color and render (see above the fullbodies)

+10€ for some props (object, weapon, inventory)
+10€ each expression / face closeup
Draal Character Sheet by sara-scmpDraal Character Sheet 2 by sara-scmp

Diamond - Blue  F2U pixel dot OTHER Diamond - Blue  F2U pixel dot
You can't find what you want?
You can write me for an estimation of the artwork you have in mind
I also can put addicional character
Or Skeches commissions

Starts at 15€ each
15€ halfbody
€5 for addictional sketches

20€ fullbody
8€ for addictional sketches

Hornpot + Clawdia fanart by sara-scmp

Mara Sketch Commission by sara-scmp

Remember the price is a minimum price, they are not the ones that I wrote, I said STARTS at.
So the final price can be more that the aforementioned prices.

Any doubt? Note me and ask!

I principally do fantasy art but also sci-fi is ok!
Fan arts are ok!

I do not:
Anime furry
Rude porn (erotic is ok)
Complex mech armors or robots

Diamond - Blue  F2U pixel dot How to if you want to commission? Diamond - Blue  F2U pixel dot
Just note me, I'll anwer in a few days or as soon as possible
If I accept your commissions I'll sent you my email adress.
After that, for a precise estimate about your artwork I need to know:

Pose (Are you not sure for which choose? If you want I'll sketch some poses for you)
Commission type (bust, fullbody, or if none of this, what you have in mind etc)

If is an Original Character and not a Fanart:

Race, age (or how old does the character look like), body type and height
Face, hair (color, length, hairstyle), eyes, skin color and features (if have scar, tattoos, beauty marks etc)
and any other extra info physical description.

Class (for rpgs) 

Oufit / armor (Is it tattered? shiny? rich looking? with clear telltale of battle?)
  Accessorize and Weapons

Character's personality in a few words can help

Extra info if you want

For an artwork I also need visual references images (photos, screenshots, anything you want).
If you not send me, you give me free rein.
The changes only can be done in the sketching fase. Nothing can be changed from the final result.

If you commission me something, the artworks still belongs to me. My artwork, my copyrights, my credits.
Diamond - Blue  F2U pixel dot Payment with Paypal Diamond - Blue  F2U pixel dot
Currency: Euro
Please Pay for the paypal Fees when you send the money.
So send the payment through "for goods and services" option, do not send payments as "gifts" - so the PayPal fee must be included.

For an artist, economic support matters a lot.
This helps us to continue producing and creating even more art (and not starving!)

Time ago I created my Patreon, I wasn't pretty sure, but time ago I discovered ko-fi, and is maybe even better! I decided to try and today I received my very first donation. yay.

This give me a bit of strenght.

So plz if you can support what you like to see! Support artists! If you like my art too, I'll super appreciate every "coffee". 
And remember that commissions are also a way to support!!

Here my ko-fi page:

Buy Me a Coffee at

Thank you so much for your (maybe) support!


Draal and Brycernn
Some cutie pies.
Draal and Brycernn are friends since early adolescence. Their friendship started frequeting the paladins' order at the capital. An half-dragon and an half-orc, both uncommon hybrid, both discriminated, both bullied. 

It had been several years since the last time Draal saw Brycernn.
Draal passed for the capital with his party, for some missions. He was told that his friend become a traitor, cause helped an enemy to escape, and now he was involved into bad, really bad things.
veryday tens of people were kidnapped, sometimes found slaughtered.
A lot of mystery, doubt, fear of the truth.

Secretly involved into some clandestine fights for investigating, Draal saw him. Brycernn was standing there, calling himself the autor of this carnage as"the Blood Bard". Soon we find out that he wasn't really Draal's friend.
The Blood Bard 
periodically changed his body.
So Brycernn was possessed.
And Draal was furious.

We couldn't make 
fall through our plan, so we continued investigating about the kidnappings. We were near to find some informations when they find us. The Blood Bard into Brycernn body was charging us. Charging me.
It was a long fight, trying to not injure the half-orc body, yelling at my party for not hurt him. 
They left alone with him, I was trying to let him stay senseless, while the arcane experts were trying to understand how make the Bard left Brycern's body and recover his soul.

Long fights but we did it, and Brycernn did it. 
You were great, my friend.
Draal was cring, and the story was more complicated than this, cause we discovered that Brycernn gave 
voluntarily his body for protect Draal's mother, that was in hostage, victim of one of the copious kidnapping.

We bring Brycernn to the grand temple, for medication.
The next day Draal went to visit him, and yes he wasn't too kind with nurses.

Draal wanted to search the Blood Bard to save her mother... he can't. Orders from high levels, he must continue his mission.
"I'll do it for you, I'll save her"

Thank you, Brycernn.


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Your poses, character designs, and use of color and texture really impress me!
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                     Happy Birthday Sara!

Thank you for sharing your amazing characters and portraits. You give inspiration to fans and artists alike.

We admire your artistic pursuits. The world is a much better place with your muse and talent within it.

Sara, we wish for you that the coming year be filled with joy, health and prosperity in all of your art and life endeavors.



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