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Misty's decision 6 by sara

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Misty ( Kasumi ) pokemon charact.
6° page of my first little manga of a series of short stories on the pokeshipp that I've thought :meow:

1° pokeshipp's story : Misty's Decision ( 6° page ) :la:

all manga by me also the backgr. :meow:
( in the folder: [link] and the 5° page [link] 7° page [link] )


Misty ( Kasumi, Ondine ) © Satoshi Tajiri & Nintendo
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Love this (⌒_⌒)
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!!! IT IS AN ZOMBIE!!!! wait this is pokemon right? ooo i belive i know who it is :D
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I think it's ash
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as if we don't know who is...
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Oh, a plot twist. You've now got me hooked.
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OMG that scary face of Misty is awesome! You've made it perfect *o*
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When is the next clear? I LOVE IT! :love:
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Awesome :) can't wait for more ^^
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Wow cool ! I think it's Ash's hand :giggle:
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I hope that is Ash. I can't wait to see what happens next.
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that's ash!! muhaha! I'm sure! look at his gloves!
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Yay, each page gets better and better. =)
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You had so much work, great work :wave:
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Oh, my... who is it?!!!
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Hell yeah ash has returned in time!
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Don't be Gary/Blue. Don't be Gary/Blue! D:
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I have a feeling that it is Ash
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This is getting very good =D
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whose breathing down her neck! is the boy who wants to love herwho come to her instead of waiting for her? is it a messenger from a trainer who wants to battle or give other information? is it one of here sister's who is concerned about her feeling? is it ash who chose an excellent time to show up? is it an enemy like from team rocket wanting revenge? find out next time on MISTY'S DECISION!
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