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This is the official deviantART group for the artist Sara Moon. This group is managed by John Moulton, Bijan's International Business Manager and John's wife, D'Ann Moulton, PR Director.

This group is designed to share Bijan's (Sara Moon) work with those who have an interest in and appreciation for his art. It is also dedicated to the countless number of followers who have enjoyed these images made so famous over the last 30 years.

We will be updating this group as Bijan completes new pieces, with details of gallery showings and information on availability of prints and originals for purchase, as well as any publications which become available.

Please feel free to visit Bijan's website at where a larger variety of images are available.

Thank you for your interest and support.

John and D'Ann Moulton

Bijan (Sara Moon) was born in Teheran and left his home county to study medicine in Germany at the request of his father. He returned to his home country with his new-found skills but his love of art was not to be denied, and in 1974 he returned to Germany to paint, signing his work "Sara Moon". Again, much more of Bijan's history can be found at the Official Sara Moon Web site -

This deviantART page is dedicated to the art of Sara Moon and to the countless number of fans who enjoy these images made so famous, particularly during the 1970's and 1980's.

This is your opportunity to make comments about the art of Sara Moon and to send messages to the artist if you wish.

Please leave your thoughts and comments for BIJAN (Sara Moon) on the images, as well as below, as these will be shown to Bijan. He's always so very excited, appreciative and humbled knowing his work is still loved and appreciated. THANK YOU!

Current Residence: Germany
Favourite genre of music: Classical
Favourite style of art: Traditional

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Oil paints, pencil and pastels
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Art, tutoring art, reading, dance, music

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I remember the Sara Moon prints from when I was a young teen in the early 80s. In fact I had a couple posters myself, though long lost now. How exciting to see Sara Moon art on DeviantArt!
I'm so excited to find Sara Moon's work! My mum owns a beautiful portrait that's been displayed in our home since I can remember. I would love to buy one of his permed-haired beauties for her one day- they look just like my mum :heart:
What a delightful surprise to find you on deviantART, I had the "Black Fury" poster
hanging on my wall as a teenager in the early 1980's.

I've been a long time admirer of Sara Moon's work and am very excited to see his
work displayed here.

Please give my best wishes to Bijan.

-Karla E.
Ive commented more today on your work than ive done all my time on here. I would just like to ask if you ever considdered maybe filming a progress with your work. And or add comments on how to do things. you know how things should be done and done in a good way. i as im sure many would like to knw how you do it. Maybe tutoriols on how to oil paint ?
you really do have a talent. WAY TO GO
Hello. Firstly, thank you so much for all the lovely things you said about the art of Sara Moon, it is always so gratifying to know how such works move people. On the matter of a video tutorial, I'm sorry to say, I just don't see this happening because Bijan (Sara Moon) is retired now and only paints casually for his love of his art these days. He also speaks very little English and has no computer skills whatsoever. That's why I volunteer my time to help him and his fans keep in touch and enable folks to buy artworks where ever possible, such as here on Devient Art.
Sincere best wishes and I will pass your message on when next we meet.
I would love it if you could maybe ask what tequnichs he uses
and brush size and what kind of hair it has.
and what his inspiration is.
And if he used live models
if he drew he motive firs.

and how long has he been doing this ?

sorry for all the questions im just so intrigued. and im a big fan.
and im an artist myself. i got nothing on here cause you know,the biggest critique is one self.

well thanks for taking your time getting back to me :)
hopefully ill hear back :)

Hi Linn,

All of Bijan's published artworks were created using live models, often they would sit for him and he would continue the work in their absence using photos taken during the sitting. Most of Bijan's art is oil on canvas. He usually paints the whole canvas in a light base colour (usually white of course) and then allows this to dry. He then plans the artwork on the canvas in light pencil strokes and later applies layers of oil thinned with specialist art oil thinners (easily available). Brush sizes vary, but most often he will use the kind of sable brushes mostly used for water colours and thin acrylics - often long, thick and pointed. He tells me there are no hard and fast rules and he uses whatever he thinks will give him the result he is looking for.

Bijan is also a real master of colour pencils and pastels and you will see many examples of this around his galleries too.

Bijan trained as a textile designer in Germany and was very successful with his designs in his home country of Tehran, before returning to Germany to paint as 'Sara Moon'. You can see his natural eye for flowing designs coming through quite often in early hair styles and backgrounds etc.

Bijan has been a serious painter since his early teens and you will find a few of his early works on this Sara Moon Web site page (about half way down):

His inspiration has always been the 'romance' so often captured in his work.

Hoping this helps and that Bijan's work continues to inspire you as it inspired me back in the 1970's. You will see how Bijan's work inspired my own art by taking a quick look around my site too: [link] - Bijan loves to look at my art and sees that influence there for sure.

Good luck and happy painting!