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Giving volume to a dress

I made this fast tutorial to show you how to give volume to a dress and make your model look taller. I hope this would be helpful in photo manipulations!

Click HERE to view the video tutorial!

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1/160 second
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50 mm
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Mar 1, 2011, 6:05:03 PM
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LaviniaChu's avatar
thanks for sharing!!! (:
Kibblywibbly's avatar
Very useful thank you:D (Big Grin) 
sara-hel's avatar
You're more than welcome! :aww:
passion-aesthete's avatar
very clever ! thank you for the tips !
sara-hel's avatar
You're welcome and thanks to you! :aww:
passion-aesthete's avatar
with the before/after, it's more obvious : ;)
passion-aesthete's avatar
hi dear, I used your tip into a photomanipulation,
I thought you'd like to know and see ;) =)
sara-hel's avatar
Oh I'm so glad you credited me and that you found my tip useful! :love:
passion-aesthete's avatar
You're so welcome my dear, thank you for the tip ;)
virgolinedancer's avatar
not had a chance to watch yet but wil come back to it. Thank you for the information I am sure it will be very useful
sara-hel's avatar
My pleasure! Of course it's useful and easy, too ;)
Daystar-Art's avatar
I can't believe how rude people can be, making all those stupid comments about little details.
I, for once, think your tut is very very helpful and I admire you for the patience you had to make it, and I think all those people trollin' round here should feel very ashamed of themselves.
sara-hel's avatar
hehe thank you very much dear! You're right..I guess my mistake was that I wrote that it makes the model look more beautiful, but I removed it :hmm:
Daystar-Art's avatar
Well, as I said, haters gonna hate, even if you wrote it makes the model look strong/inspirational/etc, there will always be that one person who will want to beat out his/her complexes on you. Don't pay attention to them :hug:
sara-hel's avatar
Sure thing! :aww: Thank God I didn't overreact =P
l-a-ll-o's avatar
the video is so useful for who know photoshop and photomanipulation well !
it's not necessary to make a big tutorial to be very useful ! one small tip makes a lot believe me :)
don't listen to those who said zoomed in, looks taller , thinner and blah blah blah =P :lol:
they judged on it without showing the video i'm sure !
just go ahead and make more ;)
sara-hel's avatar
Thank you very much sweetheart!
I don't know why they were being too harsh on me..It really looks zoomed, but as you said they never watched the video and that's what I told them..I love giving fast and useful tips because making a huge tutorial is very hard!
Thanks again dear :hug: and Ramadan Kareem ;)
l-a-ll-o's avatar
you're welcome , there's no need to thank me you deserve :)
allah 2krm ^^ , Ramadan kareem :)
prehistoricdance's avatar
too bad the arm and dress in the shadow still start at the same height.
although the girl looks taller, the shadow kind of ruins it.
sara-hel's avatar
The shadow doesn't matter because I made this for photo manipulating only, people might find it useful, so they will be cutting the model after all :)
Tees-N-Panties's avatar
Great job! thanks for the tutorial!
sara-hel's avatar
Very welcome dear :aww:
foreverme809's avatar
she doesn't really look taller... it just looks like the camera is zoomed in and the dress doesn't really look bigger did this end up on the front page?
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