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Each person who wants one can say a word, and that word will be written down, once I get ten words, I'll work like an art trade and used themes or literal version of the words to craft a story.

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Just a single scene where your characters love burns brightest, their diapers crinkle the loudest, or whatever you can think would make a good scene, can also be upgraded to a full story for the cost of the difference, (Eg 5 scene, 15 full story, 10 2 scenes 10 full story 15 3 scenes 5 full story 20 4 scenes, zero pull them together) or you could commission another scene from your intended story and combine them.

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I'm just some random person who does some diaper related stories, most often assimilation stories, or transformation stores. If you see anything you like and want to make a story like it you can use any world or concept you want. Credit is nice but not required.……

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It’s an odd thing to see, unfortunately for anyone involved, living or dead they didn’t quite get to see it. Though Plump may of felt it slightly. though at this point she wasn’t sure that these muscles were hooked up with nerves. She felt a little bit though the hulking mass.

What she could feel was the sensation of a light cool to warm breeze. What was going on? Was she slapped jupiter into a cloud of gas instead of a gas giant. The swirling mass sprawled out of the packed orbit making a trail of beautiful colours. At this point her expansion was breaking a few laws of physics.

It was quite a lot like the expansion of the universe only it was her. Not that she had any concept of that, what she did know is how powerful her muscles felt. She could feel her biceps bulging out in about ten directions. Each ready to strike with lethal force. Yet lethal force relative to what? She had no concept of how large she was.

Her legs dangled around near the sun, making her rather tan, and also causing the sun to move away from her leg. Like a limited and small shardkov thruster. Her legs dangled and kicked by avoided the sun. Plump wished the would bend so whatever heat source was making them so hot wouldn't hurt them as much.

It took her a few moments to realize that was the celestial body she once knew and tolerated. Her pecs at this point took up the same space as the entire habitable zone plus a bit on either end of that. Not that it could be inhabited since the sun’s angle was terrible. It was like celestial mountains at her six pack, smooth and bulging with power. Her pecs were even larger if they couldn't take a bullet before they sure could now.

Her shoulders more resembled bifurcated balls, or ball joints on a toy. They were massive sized rounding out the entire joint. Her back was bulging too. At some point if she pick up a celestial body with her flailing arms she could put atlas to shame. the sun or all the gas giants at once?

Her expansion continued unbenounced to her. She occasionally hit some part of her with a planet, or dwarf planet. Her top broke though the rings of saturn. She slapped away neptune, caused the heart on pluto to crack along with the rest of it as it hit the dome atop her head.

Plump could hear the sounds of the shattering wondering what was hitting her. Her pelvis was now by the sun, pulling it with a Strength stronger than the Sardakov. It lowered towards her, breaking apart in a fiery hellscape warming her but not burning her. All the oxygen in the sun only sped up the growth.

Fortunately, as can be in the situation no more fusion happened, especially not up to oxygen. Then finally the light of the sun winked out, if there was any observers in the universe (Here’s hoping.) They might notice the former sun going out in the night sky. If they had a telescope trained on the sight, one hopes they had some sort of recording device on it. Because no one would believe them.

The next couple of minutes were uneventful for plump. She felt few side pains from asteroids falling down onto her. They hardly made an impact at the bulging sides of her. Sometimes when they twitched the asteroids would be sent flying like projectiles. Though most couldn't handle to sudden relativistic acceleration and shattered.

Plump waited, all the while the reserves of oxygen were running a bit low. She found it harder to breath in her little dome, she panted, growing worried about what was happening now. She was only about half way to another star system at that point.

She was a massive object, with bulging pecs, giant arms that could crush suns, gas giants. Heck maybe even black holes if possible. Her shoulders were bulging more now. Groups of muscles spasming though growing less restless as the she found it harder to breath.

Her titanic hand reached out and something hit it, feeling like a hard football throw. It collapsed around it and crushed it. Plump whimpered, but then the flow of oxygen resumed, and she could breathe properly.

What had happened was she caught a lost planet. Crushed it and it’s atmosphere of oxygen and some oxygen that was caught up inside the planet was now hers. This was enough to get her to two more start systems, After five more moments. She was expanding much faster than the speed of light. This made her body a lot like the fabric of space, only… buff, faster, stronger ect.

Her feet came first and kicked a small dwarf planet into dust as it entered that system. At this point she was large enough even her foot could start attracting the rest of the system’s bodies towards herself.

The next body part, muscle, bulging and twitching was her hand. which came from stelar north and slapped a jovian planet right out of the area. it started to pull the rest towards itself.

With another burst of oxygen her growth sped up. This caused the quicker destruction of those star systems. Which only brought faster growth. She accelerated hair growth, meanwhile her muscles bulged, growing over already solid muscles. Causing her chest to bulge and expand. Her arms become blobs of muscles hardly connected to any sort of bone structure.

Her legs weren’t much better than her arms, till the calf which bulged larger and larger. Until it was a bit too lopsided and it started to grow to lumps on the shin. Her foot dubbed in relative size, now a mass of vaguely foot shaped muscles. Her head was still domed in, but the area of the dome was expanding. Plump noticed but she thought she might not if she had anything else to focus on.

Her back bulged, getting its own six pack only more of it trailed along to her sides. Her sides were becoming more like the book binding of a a book that had random thick pages inserted.

Having her hands and feet in various solar systems only meant that she attracted more of the oxygen in those areas. That element being one of the most abundant elements in the universe she was gaining it fast, and growing faster.

Her growth accelerated with her muscles bulging out in all directions. Her body splayed out covering a celestial area. More star systems consumed by the hulking mass, making a swamp of elements. It was in every crevice she had, which hardly covered her , the gasses somewhat spread out over her.

Her sheer girth sundered planets, all possible intelligent life would be obliterated in mere moments of catching sight of her. black holes were simple destroyed when in contact with her. Possibly because of how this was hardly making sense with physics as it stood…

Her limbs flailed less and seemed to be searching out the rest of the planets and systems in the galaxy. One simple wave of said hand could shatter a swath of the galaxy, casing her groth to expand more. With a few more waves the very galaxy was sucked up.

Her muscles expanded more. her gravity sucked in the various elements and debris that was gathering up around her. Plump could feel it wiggling through her muscles as it was crushed and recycled into her body. At this point there was no slowed down her growth and her muscles bulged and kept growing. There was bulging over bulges.

The effect is a lot like blowing air into chocolate milk. Only the bubbles were colossal mounds of flesh and muscle. The muscles pulled in, to as close to the fetal position as they could. With a powerful reverse she propelled herself towards the andrada galaxy. The closest place to cause havoc on.

Plump's head, still as small as it ever was. now it rested in a gigantic dom of her own flesh. She was left with with nothing left to look at but her own bulging shoulder… shoulder? Muscles. There was nothing she could do, but feel as her body forced itself towards another source of oxygen.

She didn’t feel any pain from it, but the debris churning in her skids gave her a bit of a worry. She tried to calm her nerves as the dome around her kept expanding. She tried talking to herself but, that got boring real quick. She remained there, unable to do anything.

Her body with the titanic force only achievable by her body kept dutifully moving towards its goal.

Plump kept breathing but, she found it hard again, and she grew cold. Her bulging muscles started to spasm twitch and hurt. Then they started to retract. Not shrinking but, retracting. As though they were the outside of a collapsing planet.

Plump felt a deep pain in her center. Her centre, which was about forty light years away from her head, yet still felt like it was where it always was. A cold realization washed over her face as she realized what must be happening. Whatever was doing this strange thing to her was running out. All that stuff she’d absorbed must of been crushed into a singularity. Without the effects she was being pulled in, right from her center outwards.

She let out a small whimper. Her abs twisted and contorted and pulled towards the center where a sheath of black covered them. That sheath of black was of course the event horizon. The point where not even light can escape the singularity.

It started out small on the twisting abdominal muscles. It was only growing as more material was thrown into the singularity. Plump could feel a heat radiating out from it. It burned her center but there was nothing she could do. She struggled to breath in the collapsing dome around her head.

A large cracking sound vibrated though her entire body and she screamed in pain. the speed in which she fell into the black hole accelerated. She prayed that one of those black hole interpretations meant she’d survive.

Her Impressive abs were all gone inside the armageddon spher. Her bulging abs which ran on for light years were slowly getting sucked up as well. Her impressive thighs, which had bulges all over the sides back and one large one in front. If she could move it it’d have quite the power. More than capable of destroying an entire galaxy, and if it was together, a super cluster.

Plump breathed heavily as she could with the air reserves she had. Her large rear, finely toned and strong as greek gods. It slowly stretched out as the gravity wraped and destroyed it.

Plump passed out from the lack of oxygen, a mercy as the rest of her body was eclipsed by the event horizon. All the matter was forced into the singularity. A black hole that massive would last well past when all other matter was torn to shreds. All of the milky way galaxy concentrated into a point no larger than a pin’s tip.

The black hole started to spew out it’s meager amount of hawking radiation, not that any record of them being called that would exist afterwards. It began to spin as most bodies like it do.

Now this may seem like a very unfortunate end. Luckily if you go with one specific interpretation of black holes. This created a new universe, and you could also assume that in this universe everyone is buff as hell. with bulging pecs, bubbly arms, thick legs and abs as hard as rock. Shoulders as round as perfect spheres.

We don’t know enough to even say if this is unlikely or not, but you can imagine it if you want.
MPBS commision: out of this galaxy pt2
Secound part of the two part commision.

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Plumpina Boomsheel was walking down the local boardwalk entertainment district. She was flaunting her rather glorious hourglass figure. Her breasts were pretty large, about an GG cup, and her butt matched it point for point. She was currently wearing a azure hoodie, and some skinny jeans.

Her red hair flowed out of her hood and down resting on those same breasts even as the wind buffeted them. Plump smiled walking from place to place. She was looking for something to entertain her, and this was the place. She passed by ring tosses, bobbing for whatevers, even a few whack-a-mole-equivalents.

“Step right up step right up! Test your mighty strength!” A girl called out.

This girl had as an impressive a breast as Plump only she got to wear a skimpy outfit to show it off better. She grabbed a metal mallet and slammed it down on one of those old strength tester machines.

The weight only got about half way up. And plump watched bemused, “Ha I could get more than that!” She said aloud.

The girl handed her the heavy hammer. The girl twirled away to give her new sucker a chance to swing. Plump moved it over her head and slammed it down, only getting it about a quarter of the way.

Plump handed over a wad of twenties and lifted the hammer again.

The blond knelt down to grab all the money before if blew away as Plump slammed the hammer down. It went further, but still not far enough.

Plump cluthed the hammer’s haft in her hands, Growling. She breathed heavily, and glared at the device like it’d killed her father. With that she lifted the hammer one more time. As she did she sucked in a large breath. To the outward observer they’d find that her muscles grew to three times their normal size. This shedded her hoodie, and skirt, yet for some reason not her bra or panties.

She roared slamming the hammer down on the device. The little weight rose and accelerated until it blew the bell clean off the device. Plump looked and laughed. A low smile tore across her face, and her muscles bulged. her arms were now the pinnacle of strength, her legs looked better than olympic runners. Her torsos seemed to expand, making her look more like a man.

“Ha BEAT THAT” She said as her voice became really deep.

The blondy gasped backing away, very afraid of whoever this person was. Plump smiled wide, this odd power she randomly discovered was awesome!

Then of course she noticed it was still going…

She tried to move back away from the device but her new titanic strength punctured the boards underneath her. She tried to throw out her arms to catch herself but this broke more.  She ended up flinging someone towards the ocean.

He shoulders reminded her of Samus Aran's pauldrons, Her hands were giant, manly and veiny. She looked down slightly to see her pecks, which were like perfectly tempered shields.

Her magnificent breasts melted or were caught up with the rest of her chest. They were turning into bulging pecs which were underlined by a six pack so firm you could grate cheese on it.

Screams echoed around her as she struggled to get her new found strength and size under control. Her muscles bulged, fist in proportion to where they would on a naturally made bodybuilder. Or one with steroids she wasn’t judging now. Now they were bulging everywhere, muscles on muscles. Bulging and stronger than anything natural.

Her legs had a massive semi circle right on the back that could deflect bullets, that six pack was looking more like an eight pack, her arms bulged all over. Her butt which had been so plump was now toned and standing upright.

Plump whimpered trying to right herself. The sheer force of her muscles slamming down on the sand below the boardwalk Caused a Wave. It also dug her about twenty feet into the ground.

Being much larger than twenty feet and still growing. Plump had to break away the boards that she thought for sure should be puncturing her. People started to run and scream at the massive woman threatening to put them all underwater.

“H-help me...” Plump whimpered out as her arms started to flail around. She’d lost control of her own limbs, and that was terrifying.

She whimpered as the arms broke every bit of wood and cheap entertainment around. They were sending people flying at literal breakneck speeds. The giant muscled limbs flailed around wildly. They were slapping at the ground, and rocking her back and forth on the hand that had planted itself down on the ground.

The arms seemed to find what they were looking for, as they gripped at the sand beneath her, lifting her up a bit. Even balancing her atop them. She looked up, or down as it were to see what they were doing, and it seemed like they were digging.

She heard the sounds of bullets ringing out and tired to look over. Several tanks and assault rifle wielding soldiers showed up. The order was shouted out: Open fire! The bullets ripped though the sound barrier. They rocketed forwards to the massive bulging muscles. They stuck mound right at its apex and they bounced off it.

Next the tank shells fired, blasting the tanks back. The shells flew closer to plumps head and she recoiled in fear. This promoted her legs to move. She kicked the shells out of the sky wiping them back as fast as the bullets. They landed on the artillery crew that was setting up.

By this point the top parts of her legs were bulging much like her arms. Each could deliver a force that could rival a series of well placed dynamite charges. They fired again, trying to aim for a less mobile limb. The shots bounced off her pecs like bee bees off of, well more of a wall than anything, a bulging muscle wall.

On hand, which was now big enough to be on the shore reached over. It slapped down on the military forces. This caused a magnitude one earthquake. Which for the specific town was enough to level some buildings.

“No! Stop!” Plump shouted as her pecs started to gyrate. The muscles reaches up bulbing as muscles do, forming a bit of a dome over her head. She gasped, wondering if her own muscles were going to suffocate her. It seemed, for now, that for now that wasn’t going to happen.

Light seeped in from somewhere, giving her a view of her own muscles but little else. Plump almost wondered if blackness wouldn’t of been better.

Meanwhile her growing body bulged and grew more muscles. Making her eight pack at least a twelve pack that someone could use as foundation for a building. Her pecs could crush diamonds at this point.

Outside this giant being of pure muscle was getting bigger. The slapping hand slapped again. It landed further inland, causing a magnitude 3 earthquake. It seemed to be feeling for something or… trying to break what it found.

The hand that had latched onto the world opened up, and started to grip onto the world. This caused a large variety of fish to flee. Had a parana been anywhere near its teeth wouldn't be enough to penetrate the massive bulging muscle. The veins on said hand could hold a person, maybe more.

By this point her biceps could be seen throughout one side of the planet. or at least one quarter, since the other side would be seeing her back. With massive shoulder blades, covered in kilometres of mulch. Beneath witch was the elegantly chiseled back muscles.

The muscles bulged with such perfect form. They could perform any movement with massive force. Several people watching would have a bit of time to contemplate whether or not the bones had grown with her.

Finally one slap, with her titanic hand, which was thick and firm, actually caused the crust of the earth to crack. sending earthquakes all over. The grasping hand moved over land as a supersonic jet moves though the sky. In all directions, Forcing sea creatures to break their everything's. Ships were forced to capsize, and massive tsunamis thought the entirety of the world.

Her hand at this point was bulging. Each finger layered in muscles that could provide titanic force. Thick enough to be considered a country, and getting bigger.

Plump felt a tugging at her legs, unsure of what this meant. The tugging came from the vacuum of space. Yet her muscles somehow persisted. Despite the force as she slowly rose outside the atmosphere. her muscles catching light where they could making her look more like a comic book if not for her… astronomical size.

The vacuum effect did do one thing, now her massive leg muscles started to look even bigger. There were mucles where none should be, or at least where only a few small muscles should be on a normal specimen.

It got to the point where her giant hand could clasp the earth in its entirety. Then To plumps, and the world population of everything… still alive horror the hand started to squeeze.

Lines scored the earth as the molten core was being forced up. The plates started to shatter like ice. Earthquakes got worse than ever. Some people, animals, buildings, regions, ect went flying.

By this point, her muscles all over her were bigger than the pale blue marble in the solar system. All her muscles moved to accomplish their one goal at the time. Destroy the earth. Her pecs pulled in her other hand linked up with the arm of the grasping hand her legs pulled in.

Plump felt something hit her leg, she winced at the pain and her leg kicked it away. Her massive leg accelerating instantly to it’s extended position. Plump would have no way of knowing, or even figuring out that she juck kicked mars out of it’s orbit. Shattering the fully rocky planet into its own asteroid field.

The earth put up just a bit more resistance before the hand fully closed. She cracked the entire earth, sending magma squirting into space. Razing the entirety of the crust to the… ground? It squirted several kilometers but the magma couldn’t possible escape.

The magma started to be attracted as though plump had a light gravity field. which at this point was a little unbelievable because she should be causing gravity in the system to go crazy. A single peck or part of the pack was as big as the earth, and with how dense muscle was it should have around the same gravity as earth at this point.

The muscled body seemed to flip through the system, casing Plump to have to keep down some vomit and the body seemed to reach for something. A swirling feeling surrounded her hand. She could do nothing but cry, as she absorbed jupiter's glasses having them float around her body.

Her pecs were like tectonic plates, Her hands were able to crush diamonds, her shoulders were like planets, her arms, bulgy as they were could bench the sun, if it wasn’t so burny.

She just randomly became armageddon, what was she the spawn of satan? No that didn’t work with her concept with hell since she always assumed it was under the earth’s crust. Not much of a bright side but, by her own concept of the devil she’d just killed him.

At this point orbits started to go crazy as the gravity she was exuding started to strengthen. This caused the other gas giants to shift a bit to hit her, since she was getting larger ever still. The limbs flailed about, finding each in turn and crushing them like it had done earth.

What had caused this odd transformation was apparently an odd power. which would take in oxygen and expand, obviously this power had to develop on another planet. It was put onto worlds with limitless oxygen to destroy them.

Unfortunately This alien power lacked foresight. For they didn't know what gases were inside gas giants, or even suns. Not to mention the oxygen that’d be around earth and would stick with the… victim of this plot.

Plump unfortunately wouldn't really get a chance to figure this out. All she would know is she could breath, and her muscles were destroying more and more.
Plumpiebombshell commission out of this world pt.1
:iconplumpiebombshell: commisioned this, of her OC, plumpiebombshell a plump bombshell. And in this, she expands and becomes very muclely. This is a two-part non-abdl commision (Yeah I do those too)

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Christ’s face burned a deep red as he realized all eyes were slowly moving towards him and his alien attire. Not only that, his insides where churning like the best butter churner was entering crunch time.

“She’s a witch! A hag! Someone help!” Christopher shouted trying the only thing he could think of.

Katelyn growled giving the man a glare as the townsfolk looked towards the town guard for instructions on what to do. Though this all she never expected him to pull it that way and the guards did pull out their weapons.

“I’m not a witch… He’s just desperate!” She said trying to defend herself against mob mentality.

Christopher’s body writhed and he was forced to push, the bottom of his onesie expanded out slightly and his eyes watered at the horrid stench around him. It reminded him a lot of that ont time he was hit by a stink spell to get him out of the kobold’s den.

“Oh I’m gonna hurl...” He said trying to control himself as the mob moved towards the Summoner.

She sighed grabbing something from her hoversack, she threw it at the Eidolon causing it and Chris to teleport, then she threw another at her own feet, causing her to disappear from the square.

Chris’s world suddenly went black, and he couldn't see anything. He tried moving but the Eidolon was holding him still. He sighed which he soon realized was a bad idea since it meant he had to inhale.

“Oh god it’s worse than those spells specifically used to cause nausea!”

“Silence you bastard!” The summoner appeared suddenly as the blackness of the background started to fade into an actual background of what Christopher assumed was her room at the tavern.

“You ruined my reputation in this entire town and more importantly you called me a hag! So Now I’m going to go for broke, and destroy you as thoroughly as possible.”

The woman’s eyes glowed bright red as wisps of magical energy started to rotate around her, they started to focus on in around her hand, casing it to vibrate violently.

“By my ire, I sentence your soul to damnation.” She struck him hard in the face with the magical energy and it started to burn into his face.

The smell was worse than his diaper since it was right there and seeing his flesh. He tried to recoil but this spell seemed to drag his face towards it. She then forced him down, having the Eidolon let go of the rouge.

Her eyes didn’t change from the red glowing furry of the spell casting, despite the fact that no more magic was being used. She unsnapped his onesie and started to change his diaper.

Christopher was a bit confused as to what was happening. The Eidolon Stepped back as if giving her space, if only he had a weapon he could knock her out and get away from this, though he wondered if he should wait until this was done first.

Whatever she was using felt nice to the touch as he was cleaned up. Once he was cleaned she took out a folded up diaper, which Christopher looked at in curiosity as it was unfolded. It was a strange thing to someone who didn’t even know plastic would be a thing.

It crinkled, which was an odd sound in the time, and it was a single sheet that’d be joined into one around his loins. Once it was, she snapped his onesie closed and grabbed him by the collar, bringing him up to her chest.

Without a single moment of hesitation her dress was lowered and his mouth was around her breast. The taste wasn’t bad, the problem was why was he tasting anything? He looked around the room from his sitting perspective and slowly tried to reach for a chair that was near.

He kept an eye on the Eidolon to make sure it didn’t know what he was doing. He got closer, and suddenly was hit by a wave of drowsiness, he struggled to keep his eyes open as he nursed on this creamy liquid.

Then in a bit of rage Katelyn Started to spank him, Trying as hard as she could, which he only felt slightly though the diaper. It was however very humiliating, and His face burned red a bit.

“Now I’ve mothered The damned I still declare them damned! And send them to their doom!”

With that a huge well of magical energy, of all different colours started to coalesce near her, and she struck Christopher with them and he felt like it accelerated him to terminal velocity. The entire plane seemed to go by as he was blasted to who knows where.

The entire world seemed to go dark, then slowly small areas started to sparkle like the stars in the night sky, he gasped and then felt an odd sensation, the magic which often took the form of puffy balls and wisps, formed solid lines connecting him in harsh angles to the areas around him.

Christopher would never of studied other planes or the magic that could bind one to a plane but, he was now in the astral plane, the plane of the night sky, and he was intertwined into the plane, unable to be easily removed.

His new mark over his face started to burn some more, and this seemed to cause pulsations in the very plane he was on himself. This lead a few natives to come in and investigate.

These natives had large feathery wings, in a blue colour, their bodies were that of beautiful women failed with fluffy blue tails. They like their plane had a few sparkly bits, innate to their bodies, and wore glitter speckled clothes, which were more of a bikini than anything else.

They flew in a formation looking like a W with a more decorated one being in the center. Christopher watched them, and felt his mark burning again.

“This… Can’t be good.”

The creatures stopped flapping their wings and just stopped moving and they seemed to examine him.

Christ, though floating and weightless, took a defensive stance, forgetting his lack of dagger. The creatures flew around him and four grabbed each limb in turn. They soon turned around the brough him towards a specific sparkle.

“Let go!” Christopher thrashed and tried to smash the creatures anything to stop this fate.

One flew up and seemed to laugh and pulled at her glittery bra, till it came right off, revealing her breasts. Chris felt a bit of puke come up in his throat.

“N-no thanks just… ate.” He tried to say but, it deterred the being little as she flapped towards him and landed a breast into his mouth.

Unfortunately for him he found he couldn't refuse and started to suckle again, even moving his arms around her, leaving two of the things to just push from behind.

The sparkle grew into a golden castle of magnificent size, buzzing all around it were similar beings, all playing and laughing together, until they saw what was in store. They seemed to be laughing at him, and in truth he did feel humiliated at this strange alien attire.

They landed and gravity seemed to return to Christopher, who was trying to keep this milk down his throat. The group dropped him and went running into the castle. The one who fed him played with his hair for a bit then picked him up.

Christopher’s stomach started to cramp and he got a horrible flashback to the spell that had recently been cast on him. It didn't’ take long for a repeat event, and his eyes watered up again. The being holding him giggled and started to skip.

“How could this day get any...” He was brought through into the castle, and saw, a massive version of the beings, and proportionally her breasts were even bigger.


“What do we have here? It seems someone has gifted us a human.” The being said in Christopher’s language.


“Oh and the darling thing needs a change, bring him here, quickling now!” The large being seemed to be as giddy as a little girl with a new toy.

The beings rushed Christopher over to the massive woman who with a snap of her fingers summoned some changing supplies, including much thicker diapers than what chris was wearing.

She doted on him like a little girl with a new doll, mostly this reminded chris of a little girl with a new doll, and unfortunately he was that doll. The most mercivile part was that he was getting clean and currently they weren’t trying to kill him which is what he expected.

“What’s his name? Is he a joshy? Or maybe a Billy?”

“My name’s... Christopher. And I’d prefer if you could help me get back to my-”

“That’s a stupid name!” The giant woman said putting him into two of those thick diapers.

“I know let's call you felicity! Yes that’s an astral succubi approved name right girls?” The large lady looked down at her subordinates and they nodded.

Felicity didn’t know how to respond to that even as the large woman started to find a dress to put him in. The larger woman grabbed him after the diapers were tapped up and brought him to her breasts.

Once again Felicity felt a tasty creamy liquid getting suckled down his throat but this kind felt special, as if it was… weakening him.

“So sweetie, ready for your new life? No more of whatever you were doing, you’re gonna love it here as our pet! Oh my girl’s are gonna change you whenever you make messy, everyone’s gonna wanna breastfeed you!”

Christopher’s face started to burn red, not from the mark, thought it didn’t help much. He wanted out of this situation. The other succubi came by with some new onesies, some of which were dresses made out of onesies.

The large woman picked out a light blue one and unsnapped its bottom getting ready as Christopher suckled. His stomach felt like it was going to burst, but all that happened was the pain increased.

Without a moment to breath he was in this new dressie, and the large woman put him over her lap and started to spank him. This brought his entire body to pain, not to mention wasn’t helping his stomach any.

“Come on everyone gets to spank the diaper slave once~”

Chris’ eyes went wide, “What slave?!” Then a spank worse than the large woman’s hit him and send him into a daze. The girls lined up and went to spank him as the larger woman held him down, chuckling.

They were going to have fun with their new gift, and the large astral succubi would send a bit more power to her magical patron, maybe even improve that Eidolon she gave her...
Wild dear 17's commission Summoner pt.2
Okay so I've never had a problem with how many words I can put into stash but for some reason this 2800 word story just coudln't fit all into one part so... this is two parts despite the fact that it's a one part story commision, if anyone knows what the hell went wrong or how my words were suddenly so much more data please comment.

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Christopher wandered the streets of Caford playing with his concealed dagger inside the frayed remains of what was once a black trench coat. His large brimmed hat with a slightly reddish colour shielded his face from the harsh noon time sun. He yawned letting the dagger rest and took at look at the picture he’d been given of the target.

The picture was quite good for the time and showed a lovely looking girl with breast length brunette hair, scholarly robes and an amulet. Obviously Christopher had dealt with these scholarly types before, they usually put up a fight but were so confused that their defences were easily penetrated.

Christopher scanned the daytime crowd, and with some luck he actually managed to find a match, he followed using the crowd as cover, while always keeping an eye on her. The hair and robes matched, but he’d have to see if she had an amulet like the one in the picture, otherwise he’d have to get real close to ensure that the face was correct.

Then one fateful turn around, the girl’s chest was in view, and it had the matching amulet, there was no mistaking that blue spiral in the center, which had been rendered in fine detail in the drawing.

He stalked forwards once again putting a hand through his overcoat to play with that concealed dagger. Obviously it’d be hard to collect his reward money when every guard in the city is coming to the screams of about 100 citizens, so he’d have to put in an entire day of stalking.

Christopher dreamed of a world where he could finish a hit by lunch and actually be able to get on with his life instead of this damned waiting game, the girl stepped into a tavern, and Christopher waited a bit before entering, the area seemed pretty empty, if it had a backdoor into an alleyway area it’d be the perfect murder spot.

The place was an agged tavern, with boards of wood starting to bend and warp out of place, the wood on the ground was scuffed and in some parts starting to shatter, the wench at the head of the bar seemed uninterested and bored.

The girl sat down beside a hooded figure, and started to talk in a hushed tone, as Christopher went up to the wench to ask about a room, a few silver pieces were exchanged and Christopher checked the back way for an exit.

He chuckled, there was one, he poked his head though, not only was there one but it lead out to five different places, even if he’d be followed they would have to split their forces five ways and that means easy to defeat squads. He went back inside and ordered an ale, he felt a bit like spluging and getting some mutton or even some beef steak but knew that’d raise some suppision.

Finally he sat down behind the woman, once again he played with his dagger, but this time brought out a flask of which he could fill up with his drink. He then downed the drink pretty quickly and got up.

His plan was of course to slit the woman’s throat and then run, taking the amulet if he could, as proof. He pulled out his dagger is secret and as he approached near her table he leaned over and put the blade to her throat.

A hard thud on the trench coat he wore alerted him to an intervention, the cloaked figure that’d been talking to the girl had grabbed his arm, but it didn’t seem like Just a bystander intervening. This strength was that of someone sworn to protect, and Christopher could see why.

This thing wasn’t exactly human, bipedal yes, but not of the races of Helda. This was an eidolon, a summoner's servant from behind the planner veil. With a guttural growl it threw him to the ground and the summoner stood up.

“Another hit man from Dagrin?” The girl seemed more bored than worried, as the Eidolon threw off it’s cloak, revealing it’s true form.

It had four arms, two of which had wicked claws, the other two grabbed two operated a heavy crossbow, it had two hooves and had the fur and face of a lion. It lined up the shot and fired the crossbow with  powerful t’hawang.

Christopher rolled off the right, and got up, rushing towards the crazy creature, holding up his right hand, only to strike with his left right in the things guts. It gave a muffled growl as it reached forwards with it’s claws. Chris bent and dodged out of the way of both and chuckled at the beast.

“Dam it, let’s see how you dodge with this!” The summoner shouted, calling forth the power of arcana, speaking the arcane syllables and performing the proper movements she summoned a blue light to her hands.

Christopher gulped, he’d never been good at resisting spells, even with his special clothes made for just such a situation. The strike hit, but did little damage, instead it caused his pants to slowly expand, and crinkle.

Of course being someone in a medieval era he wasn’t familiar with a disposable diaper. The crinkly material poked out from the top of his pants, and forced his legs open.

“What fresh hell is that spell?!” Christopher growled, hating whenever a new spell was used on him. The Eidolon stuck him down and stepped onto his chest, keeping him immobile.

The summoner chuckled, “That is what I’m going to be calling Diaper strike, shame no one knows what a proper diaper looks like in this time period, but that’s nothing magic can’t help. Now what’s your name?”

“Christopher, and might I say you’re looking lovely.” Chris gave his best winning smile to the girl who just rolled her eyes.

“I’m Katelyn, the summoner of infantylizm” The girl, Katelyn Said giving a bit of a pose.

“Infan-na-what?” Christopher asked, reaching for some smoke bombs.

Katelyn sighed, “Why can’t anyone in this godforsaken plane know what these things are?” She growled, and pulled out a piece of cloth from a material component pouch sewn into her robes, she held it up and once again drew power from arcana.

The cloth floated towards Christopher, and started to expand, shredding the clothes he already had, including the storage of smoke bombs.

“Hey! My style!” He growled, more angry about that than the chance of escape.

The cloth had transformed into a modern style onesie with the standard metal snapps, in Christopher’s standard red colour.

“Oh I’m going to do a lot more than ruin your style...” Katelyn said, a mischievous smile spreading over her face.

She grabbed the discarded cloak of her Eidolon and put it back on the creature, hiding it’s identity, then she ordered it to pick Christopher up.

“First, I’m going to show you off to the town, show them the baby I’ve made you.”

“C-come again?” Christopher had an air of both confusion as this wasn’t what a baby looked like in the plane her grew up, and worry, something he never liked to have an air of.

“The humiliation ought to make the next part all the more easy. There’s just one thing I gotta do first...” Katelyn grabbed something from her component pouch, only this time it seemed like a normal spell component, some dried sheep intestine.

This spell’s colour, to Christopher's chagrin was brown, and as soon as it hit, he clenched his buttocks.

“Laxative spell, I’m sure you feel it already and because you’re particularly weak We better get to somewhere… populated.”

The wench of the tavern, who’d been clutching her chest for the past few moments watched as everyone walked out of the tavern.

Christopher was quite capable of escape artistry, but that was for when the creature holding you didn’t have four hands that it could use intelligently to reposition you in the first two. The beast growled, as if trying to intimidate him out of doing this further. It worked.

Katelyn cast a spell, which caused a loud attention grabbing sound, “Greetings everyone, I have a bit of a show for you to watch!” She said, straining her voice to get over the crowd’s murmurs.

Wild dear 17's commission Summoner pt.1
Okay so I've never had a problem with how many words I can put into stash but for some reason this 2800 word story just coudln't fit all into one part so... this is two parts despite the fact that it's a one part story commision, if anyone knows what the hell went wrong or how my words were suddenly so much more data please comment.


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