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Each person who wants one can say a word, and that word will be written down, once I get ten words, I'll work like an art trade and used themes or literal version of the words to craft a story.

Using deviant art is by far a less than favourable alternative to using pay pal, only use if you can't use anything else but DA points, it's less money for you, and less hassle for me.
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Just a single scene where your characters love burns brightest, their diapers crinkle the loudest, or whatever you can think would make a good scene, can also be upgraded to a full story for the cost of the difference, (Eg 5 scene, 15 full story, 10 2 scenes 10 full story 15 3 scenes 5 full story 20 4 scenes, zero pull them together) or you could commission another scene from your intended story and combine them.

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Two single stories or one two-parter! Just like the single commission I'll try and be quick about it.

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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I'm just some random person who does some diaper related stories, most often assimilation stories, or transformation stores. If you see anything you like and want to make a story like it you can use any world or concept you want. Credit is nice but not required.……

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I was crious...
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The pale vixen waddling around in a mockery of both formal attire and baby clothes chuckled.

“Thanks for playing my little game, but I tink yuu wost~” She said, her speech once again regressing into toddler speak.

The leader of the group, looked around, they were surrounded by all the people affected by this demon’s spell, that's turned respectable people into giant babies. They all looked at the last adults alive in this City with hatred and hunger. The nurse broke through the center and ran towards the woman who’d started it all.

“Please stop this! What you’re doing… it’s wrong and-”

Without another word the woman grabbed the nurse by the neck a brought it to her mouth, the group recoiled as one. The nurse’s eyes went wide as the woman… or more the vampire started to drain her blood at an alarming rate. The nurse’s clothes turned red and underneath her short skirt there appeared some thickening padding. The nurse’s eyes turned pale then red as all pigment left then, and slowly they lost even that color.

The vampire dropped the nurse and wiped her mouth, smearing the blood across her face, “Yummy!” She said with a gleeful smile.

The nurse started to suck her own thumb laying on the ground like a confused toddler. Just the carpenter, the cop and the secretary remained, and there was no way out. Their hearts pounded in their chests, and the noise was clearly driving the vampire towards a frenzy.

The woman’s eye wandered to the secretary, “W-why are you doing this? W-why?!”

“It’s fun! Don’t you remember all the fun times my little game brought?”

As if to toy with the group one final time she snapped her fingers, to bring back the memories inside all their minds.

The first thing to go wrong was witnessed by the cop, who at the start of the day was just a rookie. Told to hang out in the car as they both worked on the security for a medieval fair. The cop remembered watching someone sneak around the back of the fair, but since they looked mostly in character he assumed nothing of it. Though he wasn’t quite sure that such an intricate bow was possible in medieval times.

Unfortunately for him, that person wasn’t there to be part of the act, they were an elite member of a cult, which revered vampires. Thought most vampires met their end in a large scale war with the holy knights, it was certain that one prop found was a vampire, sealed inside their coffin by a single rose.

There's been an article in the newspaper about how the rose remained alive and didn’t come off the coffin when it was tilted upside down. It only seemed to move when a living person touched it, though none had removed it.

So after taking aim and shooting the security with some arrows, she raced to the coffin, activating the magic in the bow to shroud her in darkness. She felt around and finally grabbed the rose as gunshots rang out from the rookie’s gun.

The ominous orb of darkness just stayed still for a good minute of time, and then, the sphere grew, till it eclipsed the entire City near the fair. The cop grabbed for his tactical light, and it shined through the darkness, showing the woman from before… only know she was wearing a diaper instead of a skirt. The rookie quickly started to rally the civilians out as the security formed a wally between the civilians.

The woman jumped at them as bullets flying through the woman as she kept moving as if nothing had happened. She stabbed an arrow into one guard's eye. She used the missile as a handhold to jump over him and threw him towards his friends. She then took out her arrow and shoot three arrows into the battles of the cops’ guns. This caused two to stop shooting and one to have a catastrophic misfire.

Two guards charged forth grabbing at the lady, she tripped on and grabbed the other by the neck. She then jumped backward, over the tripped on, landing diaper first onto his face as the other guard she took with her was brought to her mouth. In the light of several flashlights, the guards witnessed their co-worker being drained of all his blood.

Slowly his uniform shifted, his khakis turned soft and stretchy, his butt seemed to expand and leave an impressed on the pants and his top seemed to become a t-shirt recreation of what his uniform was, the pockets turning into mere pictures on it.

The woman babbled around the man’s neck as the guard under her started to panic. Which caused the woman to bounce a bit, in her bouncing she started to mess her diaper. The guard under her was soon incapacitated when the two new vampires got up.

As they rose a trail of blood-red lights, almost like the northern lights, trailed across the ground and surrounded the remaining guards. It slowly formed a plastic barrier and inside the very dirt turned into soft play area mats.

Breasts sprouted from each and shredded their uniforms before their bodies started to reshape. The released vampire waddled up, and held out an oaken staff. They lifted their guns as they turned into grey formless blobs. In a few more moments they turned into baby bottles, toys, and even dolls.

“Such a bounty of blood, shame to stuff our faces and waste it...” She said looking to the other vampire.

The other vampire nodded, and waddled towards a close building, placing down her bow and getting out a fresh diaper. The male vampire waddled aimlessly as the transformation of the guard continued.

“You know… this gives me an idea...”

The original vampire walked towards one of the abandoned vehicles. Snapping her fingers she floated up into it’s back, and she sat in it’s open bed and it roared to life and started to drive her towards the nearby City.

The vampire girl changed herself, thinking about the great time she just had.

The City was quite unnerved by the whole sudden darkness. Yet the street lights allowed for normal function of the world. So the city moved on with its business with only a little pause to ponder why the sun couldn't be seen.

The secretary was one of the first people in the building to notice, and once she’d found that to be the case she decided that she wasn’t going to stick around to find out why. She packed up her things and started walking out. She exited the building just in time for some of the returning lunch break employees to return.

The secretary desperately tried to get past them all as a pickup truck drove past with a woman sucking her thumb in the bed and no driver. The woman seemed to wave her hand in the vague direction of the employees.

The secretary didn’t have much time to really contemplate this as she collided with another woman.

“Oh sorry...” The other woman said holding a hand out a little off from where it needed to be. The woman’s face was blurred in one holographic projection from her tablet.

“I’m sure it’s o-” The woman shifted under the new weight of the secretary and a crinkling sound broke her trail of thought.

The secretary looked down at the girl’s clothes, her pants seemed to be growing thicker around her midsection… no something was growing out there. She’d seen enough of her niece to know that’s the tell-tale sign of a diaper, but… why and more importantly why was it getting bigger?

“It’s…?” The woman asked looking at the secretary now, waiting for an answer.

“O-okay?!” The secretary started to power walk around the woman.

“Hey, aren’t you supposed to be working?” The woman called out.

“I’m not working with all this weird darkness going on around us!”

“Okay then” The woman put her tablet into her pocket and adopted a cocky pose, “I’ll let the boss know you’d abandon ship for something so meaningless as a little less sun poking through.”

The secretary stopped dead in her tracks, “T-that’s not-”

“I get it you’re a shitty worker, and are probably terrible at your job.” The woman started to walk back into the building.

She was soon passed by the enraged secretary, and the girl locked the door, “Ha too easy...”

Down at the Theater the nurse was visiting the new art gallery opening, when she was approached by one of the staff there.

“Uh excuse me do you uh… Well, I was told you were a nurse by one of our staff… and uh...”

The nurse smiled, hoping to god someone wasn’t choking.

“Well, the mc for the event happening in the theaters n-needs a nurse...” He said looking very uncomfortable.

“Okay, lead me to them, are they choking or…?”

“N-no… they need a… diaper change?”

Just before entering the theater backstage entrance, miss Heather watched a very strange woman riding on the back of a pickup truck, Who waved in a very friendly manner towards Miss Heather.

Miss Heather returned the jester despite being rather modded out and walked inside. She felt a little strange like something wasn't right. She walked to her position wondering what it was, as her dress slowly showed more of an outline of her diaper.

Her queue was moments away and she tried to go through everything she needed to do.

“Oh right, my pre-show pee!” She said rather loud, thankfully she wasn’t near much sound equipment since the mic was already set up on stage. There were a few confused stagehands though who watched as the refined lady stretched out her legs as much as her dress would allow and sighed deeply.

Her face, one of complete relaxation, remained for a few moments, and the longer it went on, the bigger her breasts swelled up, to the point of casing two wet spots to form on her chest. Then her name was called to set up the stage for the show.

“Hewoo, everyone! And welcome to the… uh… show!” She said grabbing the mic and twirling around and walking down the walkway built for the show.

Everyone in the crowd seemed to be rather confused. Miss Heather turned around and tried to think of what was it she was to talk about. Not realizing that doing such a turn effectively trapped her in the mic’s wire, and what’s more, she started to mess her diaper, with the lump facing the entire audience.

She was ushered off stage and the nurse was called in. The MC was splayed out on the break room table and eagerly bounced seeing the nurse come in.

“Are you my nurse?” She asked with a hunger in her eyes.

The nurse nodded and the girl pointed her to a diaper bag nearby. The man behind her looked confused.

“That wasn’t there when she first entered… or when she was put in this room.”

“Well, perhaps she just got someone to get it from her dressing room?” The nurse offered.

The nurse got to work, cleaning the elegantly dress yet unwieldy acting Master of ceremony. No time in the nurse’s career, changing diapers of those who are rendered incontinent or children having trouble had anyone been so, eager and helpful during a change. The woman lifted her legs instantly when asked, looked the nurse in the eyes and smiled.

“So are you a wet nurse?” The woman asked as the new diaper’s panel was lifted up.

“Uh… Well that’s a fairly complicated thing to answer...” The nurse said, clearly uncomfortable by the conversation.

She tapes up the diaper onto the woman and the woman with an unnatural force jumped up, “I want a wet nurse!” And lunged off the table towards the Nurse, knocking her down.

The only thing saving the nurse was the man who’d called her in, who was now holding up the strange acting woman. She took one look at him and ripped the front of her dress, revealing her breasts, and with a little shove off the table, her nipples were in his mouth. The nurse backed away on the ground and looked at the strange event, just in time to see the man’s chest expand and form some wet spots.

The carpenter’s day started off like any other, putting some finishing touches on some fetish hardware, he was the go-to guy for an entire community of bondage-loving folks who every now and then would ask for something off the standard menu of a carpenter. He didn’t even notice the darkness surrounding the city, mostly due to the lack of eye level windows but also his single-mindedness when it came to his work.

The only hint of weirdness came when someone entered to pick up their gear. In this case, a bed which had some special attachments. The two came in already in gear, the dom being in her black get up only, she was also wearing a thick diaper around her middle, which the Carpenter thought was odd, her friend, a white-haired woman, was already bound and gagged.

“Guessing you two could hardly wait...” He said.

People arriving already in the act was rare but… it did happen. Though not usually during the daytime.

“Yes well you know, some people need to be put in their proper place.” The dominant woman said.

The carpenter thought he saw a look of fear from the submissive tied up but he ignored it. He usually wasn’t very observant, but now reliving the event he realized that he should have realized no one gets tied up in work clothes, the woman was wearing a jacket and skirt in formal business style.

The tied up woman was brought to the bed and thrown onto the bed, and the dominant got out a whip, a white, crinkling whip. The carpenter normally didn’t watch this sort of thing, but also, people tended to take it to their homes and not do it in front of him.

With a crack, the whip hit the woman on the bed hard, and a puff of white powder, or light… spread out, and the bed started to shift. It got lower and lower the more the woman whipped the other. The women's business attire also started to change, most notable was her skirt, collapsing in and forming a white diaper.

The bed transformed into some sort of playpen and the woman inside started to pout as her gag disappeared.

“Isn’t that much better? Good and padded just like mistress wants us to be!”

The carpenter backed away slowly, unsure what was going on but sure it didn’t mean anything good. The two then turned to him and their diapers both sagged and the one with a white diaper had it turn yellow.

“Hey, big boy come over here!” They called out in unison.

The carpenter bolted and outside, he noticed the darkness, as well as a bunch of people looking around at others, who’d either had diapers or their pants were growing imprints of diapers in them.

“Dispatch I… I’m not entirely sure what to say exactly...”

“Come again, which car is this?”

“This is car 268, coming back from an event at the fair, there, rookie Ellis reporting, all other officers are presumed down.”

The radio fell silent as the Cop drove the car towards the headquarters. Then the lady’s voice came back on in a cute chuckle.

“Okay then, come back here and we’ll figure out how to deal with this!”

The cop raised an eyebrow but drove towards the area. The four civilians who didn’t quite have a ride home trailing behind him.

Inside the area, he was greeted by the dispatch lady, who’s smiling across the room. She seemed to be experiencing some distress, blushing and holding her skirt down.

The four civilians walked past the cop who slowed down, something telling him that all was not right. He might of been a rookie but, he’d never seen this room so-

About five women in police… uniform tops and diapers jumped out at the civilians and grabbed hold of them. The woman who’d been waiting chuckled cutely again as she moved towards and presented the back of her diaper. The four pushed the group towards it, and as they were holding their pants started to fold upon themselves and turned into diapers.

The rookie booked it, getting back into his car. He floored the pedal and drove out into the darkness. The carpenter and nurse were just barely avoiding a crowd when the cop pulled up beside them.

“Get in!” he shouted.

They obliged and the cop drove towards a place he hoped would be safe his family’s estate.

Meanwhile, the secretary didn’t have such a great time, having known that trouble was brewing she’d managed to at least hide but right now that was getting harder and harder to do. Currently, in the last stall in a mostly transformed bathroom, that’d become the changing room for some screwed up adult daycare where the kids and characters were both diapered.

It all started when that first girl hugged one of her co-workers, whose pants quickly flopped around their waist, and formed into their skirt which all collapsed to form a lovely onesie. Then from there, their body changed, growing breasts and making a mess of their diaper.

From there the infantilized co-worker wanted nothing more than a lovely hug from everyone they met. What’s more is that the things she touched started to change, Cublicals became mesh playpens, and the walls became pastel's and were covered in some panels that’d tell the status of the changed co-worker's diapers and the status of other employees.

The secretary watched horrified as it stated that she’d be an infant, with a very messy diaper, that is what prompted her to get into the bathroom, but as some people felt and were hugged by the door guarding girl who’d started it all a few became caretakers who forced the fleeing people back, and some brought them into the bathroom where entire stalls turned into changing tables.

There wasn’t much to do but run. So as the last stall was touched by two caretakers clearly in need of changes she booked it ducking under the two. They gasped and called out. Everyone in the room who was changed raced for her but she’d managed to stay ahead, till the girl blocking the exit.

The secretary gulped, pulled back and smacked the girl right in the jaw, sending her to the floor.

“Oh god...” he said running over the body which reached up to touch her crotch.

She ran out of the building. Even though she escaped, her blood ran cold, as her panties thickened into training pants.

“No...” She said softly as the cop car drove near to her and a back door opened.

“Get in!”

The three left opened their eyes, recoiling at the gentle light coming in from a window. Light meant that the whole thing was…

“Gurgle” Came their tummies

They all grunted and filled their diapers, realizing that 1 they were in them, and 2 that whole memory thing was just a trick to make them easier to deal with. They seemed to be in some large daycare, the secretary knew all too well.

A few adventurous folks were toddling around, giggling and drooling all over themselves. The four started to tear up and cry and some caretakers came over and checked their diapers.

“Looks like we got some stinky babies!” The caretakers teased peeing their own diapers.

“Better change them, happy babies make the best blood for mistress!” The other caretaker said as the nurse whimpered and moved to try and get to their breasts. The carpenter felt like getting spanked, the secretary just felt like laying down and doing nothing, and the cop felt like making a bigger mess in his, or her diaper.

Owlcan Caption contest: try hard mode.
An entry for :icontheowlcan: 's caption contest. I knew I wanted to join in, but 1, I was in a bit of a funk and 2 I didn't quite know which picture to go with... so I took something I knew I could utilize, that being My requested then commissioned to colour picture of Alucina, the roleplay character of mine that's a baby vampire. Then it just went from there. To be honest, this is probably not going to be my best work writing-wise, because it's been so long since I've last written. Hopefully, the pictures will help with that, but I want to get back into writing, and not be in such a gad dom funk so Expect some more from me... hopefully soon.
Screenshot (1) by Sappyolhusky
So I now have an email address just for this persona, Kylie husky

You can email me for anything! I'll try and respond to you as quickly as I can which shouldn't be too hard because I don't expect many to be that interested. Above and beyond that School's going alright and though I'll have another summer semester I will be pretty free over the summer, so I want to try and be productive. so it's quite possible that I uh... did a thing...…

That's right, I'm now on patreon... mainly because of 1. The future is scary and the education system has taught me like... ten things at most and the rest is blocks of text which can be boiled down to "It depends" "Build relationships" Or even "FUCKING HELL THERE'S A LOT OF ACCOUNTING REGULATIONS!" That last one's less what it boils down to and more the reaction on exam day...

But don't think for a minute that I'm going to change my philosophy on patron, most if not all content will be posted here, or on Fur affinity, and if relevant tumblr or twitter, unlikely to be twitter because 120 characters is too short to even so much as introduce myself.

2. I want to expand what I can do with the community, not just writing more I want to do more, commission comics and pictures, do streams, talk to people on discord and skype... yes I have both.

3. Writing is like my one skill, mainly because I spent the most time on it, and that's great when it comes to having a skill it's not so great when you suddenly want to make money, while this obviously won't be my job forever it'll at least show me I have the talent to create value for other people. It'll also get me some good practice and if people actually get the higher tier rewards (The serious ones not the silly ones...) I'll get practice with things I don't tend to, such as character development over longer periods of time and planning (Not that I couldn't do that but it'd help.)

Now I know when I polled this was about 50/50, and odds are not even 50 of the first 50 will be able to donate/back/whatever let alone want to, I think most thought that someone else would. What I hope to do is not piss off the hard 50 that voted no. There's only one thing that's going to be exclusive to patreon supports, and that's cipher keys. When I get into a production skedule I'll put in some time for ciphering stories, of a darker or more philosophical nature, and will cipher them. They won't be impossible without the keys, but the keys take away the challenge of literally using linguistics to decipher a story.

Perhaps I'll also do some changes to the system if people actually comment on it, which I doubt they will.

Now that production skedule, it'll start around April, between my exams. I'm thinking that I'd be waking up, having a shower and breakfast, then be writing for two hours or so, if I have made the necessary parts to stream I might stream it, but since it's the morning I doubt people will be able to make much, then a break and possibly I'll swap to warhusky writing or do some more sappyol writing. If I have the streaming stuff set up, which isn't likely when I start I could do a mid-day game, and at night I could have more of a social stream, where I'm not terribly focused on the writing, and talk more with people, and get feedback on the whole two hours of writing. I should also put in some time to walk around my neighborhood and learn to dictate for my regular novel...

Okay, this journal is far too long and rambly so, TL:DR I have email, and patreon, I'll be making more things, and I hope you like them!


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