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Sexy Keidran Trace

By SapphWolf
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Another character from Two Kinds. He's normally a human, but I much prefer him this way. Mrrrrrr....
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Brilliant, absolutely brilliant (:
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Wowz! Amazing!!! I'm not sure what i could say that would totally encompass the utter brilliance of this!
He's sooo hhhoootttt!!
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GAH! That was my sister. I'm not gay.
good pic though
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Wow, that comment was over two years old???? Wow.
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hi Im from the future 2016 <:  THATS 3 YEARS
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see, is it odd that this is the only really sexy pic of Trace that i could find? lol.

maybe i've been looking at too many furry pics. Gotta maintain a balance, ya'know. XD
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I really like this :3 There aren't many pictures of "Keidran Trace" out there, but at least what they don't have in quantity they have in quality.

I approve of this picture! I'm sure so would Flora xD
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Wow... I believe there are no adjectives to describe how awesome this is!
Hehe Trace seems to be enjoying himself as much as we're enjoying the pic :)
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sory, gotta post the love
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has a keidran fetish....mrrrrrrrrrrr.......
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hehe, well that's novel, haven't seen this in fan art before :P lol
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I really like the lighting in this one. It is amazing!
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Thank you... It's nice to know the hours of work are appreciated.
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Your Welcome :) ! Keep it up!
Wow, really well done. I definitely have to say that the title of this one is spot on.

Sorry, I suck at critiquing art, I just tend to say "Wow, that's amazing." I hope that everyone who enjoys twokinds sees this, because it does Tom's work great justice.
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Thank you. I do try.
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