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Death Bringer

By SapphWolf
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Another TwoKinds character. This Trace when he's all evil. Yeah, nothing spontaneously getting red tipped hair to distinguish whether someone is good or not.
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Why do I often thought that he needs a Snickers to calm down whenever I saw this pic?
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I love the dark feel to this. Wonderful work
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I don't think of myself that way unless I can remember.
jo bro, whats up man, still dealing with death?
four the win ;D
furryE's avatar
misterous ?
VixieWolfLeo1990's avatar
thats friggin hot lol
great job <3
spacdud's avatar
SooOo Effing good...You have done well young one!!! XD
Damn this is spookky. I'd be scared if he came out of no where and attacked me. :(]
go trace, its your bithday, i mean "your evil", lol go trace, your evil gotta love the red tips on his teal hair, he is a colourful emo mwahahahahaha
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this is the best trace picture i have ever seen
MysteryEzekude's avatar
Wow...You sure know how to shade...
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Great picture I like how you used the shadow effect and the words in the background you capture the spirit of the former Trace very well.
Also I think I have a little something to compliment your awesome picture (not trying to steal the show or anything just feel artistic)

He walks around the country side marked with blood of both human and keidran alike; for anyone who stands in his way shall meet death. No force dares to defy his absolute power and live to tell the tale. He carries no objective other than total destruction. His revenge turning him into nothing but a souless beast whos smile only crosses his face while he's staring at his victems last moments.

Note: I'm not for dark trace in fact I hate when he becomes this killing machine (that desicion was made when he tried to kill Flora and after seeing all those flashbacks)
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Totally Cool.. nice picture :clap: :thumbsup:
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so so totally awesome :D
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Wow! Amazing job. :D Trace looks totally cool. XD
SapphWolf's avatar
Well, I do try.
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