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Big mouth +Spyro x Cynder+

Edit: In legend of Spyro series, there's obviously no other female dragons seen in those games but Cynder, just males, so im going by that.

Looked at this and wanted to draw them again:…

Took me a while to think of some context for this. I can understand Dads on these situations though, especially when they got daughters to worry about being harmed most so they tend to be overprotective, from getting their feelings hurt by a boy, pregnant etc, but the lack of female dragons in Spyro's world is a thing.

Sparx has a big mouth anyway, we all know this. I did spyro with his ignited spines and horns instead.
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well yes we need more dragoness

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Only in the first game are there no female dragons.

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I know, but in the legend of Spyro world/series, I only seen Cynder as a female in that one, around a world of males only so there's that too.