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How long has it been? 13 years? I must admit 13 years is a long time ever since I joined here during my teenage years. I am an adult now, an adult person with more responsibilities than the person I was 13 years ago.
Drawing isn't a thing I do for a living so most of my time now has been occupied with other things except drawing. Even though drawing has been just a small hobby now, I must admit I'm slowly stopping to draw, I feel like my interest in drawing is getting lower and lower, mostly because of my job which takes a lot of my time, and also because of my faith. I don't really know how I can explain about the faith reason, but it's why I put my gallery into storage (and probably will delete them forever later) just in case anyone noticed my empty gallery.

Also, my other reason for leaving this message; for anyone who knows me stumble upon this page, I just want to say, it's been a pleasure meeting you.
  • If there's a time I made you angry, annoyed, uncomfortable, sad, that I might not notice about it, please forgive me. 
  • If there's a time I promised you something / I owe you something especially money, please let me know. Because owing money is a big matter in my faith so I don't want to owe people when it comes to money. 
I want to be forgiven for any bad things I might have done to those who know me, me realizing it or not of what I did. I want to cleanse myself. I want to be a better person.

With this, I wish all the best in life for everyone.
Be safe and take care.

April 2017