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Philosophy of Hayao Miyazaki Comic Page 2

For my visual narratives class we had to make a five page comic that told the story/a story of a famous person's life. I chose to do Hayao Miyazaki, and instead of doing a direct sroty about him, I chose to do a telling oh his philosophy about life- beliefs that he has gathered through his life and now incorporates into his movies.

The whole comic was done using ink- no pens, just nibs and brush, and all shaded was done with ink washes.

I had never used ink (besides micron pens) until now, so it was a bit daunting, but it turned out to be pretty fun!

*Aware of my spelling error

Page 1: [link]

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He's an inspiration! I adore him so much! he's like a role model for me! <3
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the world needs more people like Hayao Miyazaki
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Yes, I agree wholeheartedly! <3
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great XD I make year ago a paper about this fact that miyazaki don't have good or evil
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This is amazing! Miyazaki is great!
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Okay, just ignore that comment. //shot for being lazy and not reading description.
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Isn't it "controversial"? //shot for being a grammar freak
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I love this comic so much! It pictures so exactly the thing I love most about Miyazaki and his work. The inking is beautifully done. :3
Say, is the text made of actual Miyazaki quotes, or did you come up with the words and let "your Miyazaki" narrate them?
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Thank you!! :hug: The text is my paraphrasing from interviews and Q&A's that I watched of his. However, they were only paraphrased in order to fit the context of my narrative. The ideas behind them are all his! =)
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you portrait him very well! His expression is so soft and I think you truly understand the way how Miyazaki thinks
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