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[150+ Watchers Gift] Sato Sasara Fancy - Download

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EDIT 2 : WHAT?! Over 1000+ downloads already? *faints* :dummy:

EDIT: Woah......over 800 downloads in just a few days :jawdrop: Thanks guys~ :glomp:
Changed the download pic, 'cause I didn't like the old one :dummy:

This model even got featured on this blog:
I feel so honored :la:

Thank you for 150+ watchers everyone :wave: Now, here's a gift :dummy:

I love how this model turned out :D Isn't it purty? :meow:
Sato Sasara is a mascot for a program called CeVIO Studio.

More information can be found at CeVIO's official website:
For more information on Sato Sasara, please visit CeVIO's official website:

Download to the right....under the :+fav: button....somewhere over there XD ----->

Kisaragi Attention - Sato Sasara…
Tell Your World - Sato Sasara…

Model edit by SapphireRose-chan

COPYRIGHT: Sato Sasara (c) CeVIO

~~~Model Parts / Credits~~~

- DO NOT claim model as your own
- NO editing and redistributing (Link back only, no reuploading)
- NO taking parts (All of these parts are easily found on dA)
- DO NOT abuse model (Adult content, R-18, gore...etc)
- Always remember to credit Tda, Piron, Nakao and me, SapphireRose-chan

Model edit by SapphireRose-chan
Stage: stage71 by stngP
Pose by Aisuchuu
Effects: Diffusion

Alrighty~ Thanks for downloading! And also, thank you for 150+ watchers :iconpikalaplz: I hope you like the model and please take very good care of her. I worked hard on her :D
Have a nice day now :la:

This model was released on: July 18, 2013

Comment if you download! Optional back if you use~

© 2013 - 2021 SapphireRose-chan
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Downloaded thanks

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DL! so cute! thx

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thank you my friend, i love that

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sasara-chan kawaii!!
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I downloaded a lot of your models XD they're great, thanks!

Keep it up!! :D
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Downloaded xd
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Hey, hello there :) just downloaded the model. I know it says no editing allowed, but does it include high polying and removing the SPAs/SPHs from the model so I can use it with the NCHL Shader? Or no edits allowed no matter what?
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Yes, you may remove SPAs if you'd like to use shaders on the model
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Awesome model! Thanks for releasing her. :)
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Thanks~ and no problem~
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Such beauty. X3
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DL thank you ^^
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I've heard of Sato Sasara and I was curious as to who she is, I'll definitely check her out. But for now, I'll be downloading this amazing model by Sapphire-chan~
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Looks nice! I've heard her "Rainbow Colors" lately, and she had got my attention :D
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