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Jolteon and Eevee

By sapphireluna
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Jolteon teaching its young how to run. Because you need to run fast if you're going to become a Jolteon.

Learning how to use Paint Tool SAI...I'm open to criticism. It's fun to use but so loooong to paint everything.

Sorry about the watermark, but people steal art and reupload art everywhere.

Espeon: [link]
Flareon: [link]
Vaporeon-> [link]
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 C'mon little Eevees! Fast like lightning! 
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Hi there; I need some Jolteon fan art for an upcoming entry on this blog thing that I do [link] and this is too adorable for words - would you mind if I used it (with credit and a link, naturally)?
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Sure. thanks for asking.
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Never really thought about what an Eeveelution's offspring would be like. Would they be Eevees because it itself was born an eevee? Or does the evolution by thunderstone (or whatever) change its genetic makeup entirely so it gives birth to little Jolteons? Probably overthinking it, and as adorable as baby jolteons would be, I like that you went with Eevee :3
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babies are always born as their first stage, regardless of the species.
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I love jolteon *o* Great pic
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Very cute. Zeph, the brother of my fic's main character, always wanted to be a Jolteon and would taunt him about his slowness when they were Eevees in quite similar ways to this.
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it's so cute!!! i love the feel it shows and the cuteness of it! :love: :love: :love:
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haha that second eevee is totally going to be an umbreon the night eeveelution lil lazy cutie
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Very cool! You did an excellent job with the poses of them running. I like how the other Jolteon is just sitting there watching.
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Awww! Cute! Eevee FTW!
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So cute, I love the coloring!
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i LOVE this, really!Eevees are very cutes! I like Jolteon spiky hair, awesome! Can I fave it?
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Of course! Thanks.
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Wow, this is so cute, and beautiful! :heart: I like how you drew the motions of running - it looks like the Eevees are really trying hard! :aww:

And the background is lovely, especially the grasses! :clap: Well done!!!
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How cute and precious! :love:

Im not experienced in drawing programs, but this seems to be very good! Your drawing looks like a photo somehow, and thats really noble. I love it.
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that's precious :heart:
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