The Switch (Part 1)

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At a motel in Florida, Dean is suddenly awakened to a high pitch scream. He's instantly alert, pulling out the gun under his pillow and looking around. He realizes the source is coming from under the nightstand Sam is sleeping at. First, he'll check on Sam, then he'll tease him mercilessly about how girlie his scream was after knowing he's ok. This thought is occuring as Dean pulls the books back, but his eyes widen when it's not Sam who is on the bed, "You're not Sam..."

Quickly covering her naked chest with the covers before Dean gets a look, the occupant on the bed looks equally wide eyed at Dean. Her mouse ear twitches at his words, Lira looking just as confused as Dean does, "No, I'm not..."

******************************** THE SWITCH **************************************  

Lira starts to blush when Dean is still staring at her in silent surprise. She is the first to speak again, "Will you stop staring you idiot!?" she says in embarrasment, chucking the first thing she can grab, Sam's journal, and nailing it right in Dean's left eye. Dean curses, lifting his head up and bumbing it under the nightstand, only to curse again, "Ow, son of a bitch!" he rubs his eye, putting his gun away, and trying to figure out how the mini mouse woman he encountered is in Sam's bed. Wait, Sam.

He makes the mistake of looking back under the nightstand to speak with Lira, "Where is Sam-hey!" this time he does dodge the mini item Lira chuck's at him, giving her a look, "Quit throwing things at me," he says in a stern tone, only for something else to hit him on the cheek, "I said-"

Lira quickly interrupts him, "In case you neglected to notice, I'm naked under these sheets Dean!" she retorts angrily, but also embarrased, "I don't know why I am here or where Sam is, so at least have the decency to give me some privacy so I can try to get something to wear!"

"Uh...right," Dean looks away, getting up and away from the nightstand and heading for the bathroom to get ready for the day. As much as he doesn't like it, hammering Lira for questions isn't going to get them anywhere and it doesn't appear like Sam is anywhere in the motel room. Dean made an entire sweep of the room on his way to the bathroom just to make sure. If Sam was around, he would have reacted to Lira's scream just like he did and would have made himself known.

Lira listens as Dean leaves towards the bathroom before finally getting out of the bed, looking around for some clothes. Ugh, why in the world did she end up in some other world again, and naked to top it all off? At least she kind of knows which world she's in, seeing as she's encountered Dean again. That leaves her with the same question that Dean asked her, where was Sam? From what she can gather, it seems she woke up in Sam's bed, so it's possible that Sam is...Lira pales at the thought.

Quickly wrapping the bedsheet around her body, she gets out from under the nightstand and heads towards the bathroom, "Dean! I need you to search your green jacket for a pin!"

"Eh?" Dean looks down, toothbrush halfway in his mouth and he replies something incomprehensible. Spitting out the toothpaste foam in his mouth, he repeats his reply, "What are you talking about? What pin?"

When Lira first met the brothers, she had planted one of her mouse pins on the inner bottom rim of Dean's jacket without the hunter knowing. Lira's mouse pin, she's actually has thousands of them made, and all of her friends, or those she sees as an ally, has one. In the brother's case, she descreetly planted one and didn't tell them about it just in case Dean might get rid of it out of spite. It's not as if she fully knows the brothers well enough to confirm whether or not they would have kept the pin if they knew about it. Unless either brother knew about and was looking for it they wouldn't know where the pin was.  The pin is very durable and waterproof, and it's used as a form of communication whenever Lira wants to reach them or vise versa. The charm of the necklace that Venom wears was actually a pin. Lira altered the pin a bit that it could be worn as a necklace charm since Venom doesn't actually wear clothes to be able to pin said pin onto. The only reason Lira knew about the dangers the brothers were in when dealing with the jorogumo is because of the pin she planted on Dean.

Lira shakes her head, "I'll give you the details later, but if you want to make sure Sam stays safe or, you know, alive, then hurry up and search the bottom of your green jacket for a pin shaped like a mouse!" she says in urgency, even though how she worded it makes it sound like a threat towards Sam.

Able to tell Lira seems to know something Dean doesn't, he steps over her and heads over to the chair where he has his jacket laid over. He pats down his jacket, still wondering what the tiny woman is talking about when he feels it. Near the bottom of his jacket, on the inside, is a blue pin the shape of a mouse head. Not like a normal looking mouse, but a childlike drawing of a mouse head. The head is an upside down triangle shape for the face and circles on the points of the triangle for ears. There is a dot for the nose on the bottom point of the triangle and whiskers protruding out of it. He takes the pin off his jacket, holding it and looking it over.

As Dean is searching for the pin, Lira is altering the bedsheet she has wrapped around herself to be more of a dress shape that she can actually move around in without having to hold it. She tears up the sheet into a few strips, tying one around her middle and tearing the bottom so the dress only goes to her knees. Testing the dress' stability by running towards Dean as he finally finds the pin and takes it off his jacket, she wastes no time jumping up and snatching the pin out of Dean's hand.

Dean is once again startled by Lira's jumping capability, but manages to not react too much to it as he watches Lira fiddling around with the pin, "Mind explaining what's going on?"

Lira only gives Dean a finger in a gesture of one moment, ignoring him mostly as she says into the pin, "Venom, don't you dare hurt Sam, you hear me!?"
This is for :iconnightmares06: Brother's Apart Contest

Here is part 1, but I am not sure how many parts will be to this story.

Plot: The trickster is up to some new tricks, but even his plan gets foiled when his attempts to switch the giant's partner with a different tiny doesn't go how he plans...

Note: There is a reason why Lira ended up without clothes when she ended up in Sam's bed, and no, she was not naked before she was switched. It will be explained in either the second or third part of the story.

For those who don't know who my OCs are, here:



Sam and Dean have met Lira and Venom before. Here are prior stories which I commissioned :iconnightmares06: to write:

Sam and Dean are part of the Supernatural series.

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