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The Mouse and the Spider (7)

Several days pass, and a heavy storm showers in Drider Woods. Lira sits on her knees as she looks out the exit of Venom's cave...with his web still intact. She sighs a little as she watches the rain, slightly hoping that the webs wouldn't be water proof. Then again, normal spider webs she's seen seem rather rain resistant thanks to their structure. She doesn't even react when she can hear the tapping of Venom's feet approaching her, not turning around either.
"I don't know what you were hoping for mouse. My webs are water proof and magic proof," Venom says in a matter of fact tone.
"Yeah, I already figure that out when...wait, what?" Lira turns to look at him, "What do you mean magic proof?" She isn't sure she heard him right, and slightly worried about what that information, if true, means. Last thing she needs to know is that magic is real and her captor knows it.
Venom only scoffs at her question, crossing his arms, "You telling me you don't know
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Drunk and Sober by sapphirelink Drunk and Sober :iconsapphirelink:sapphirelink 20 7 Are You Scared Yet? by sapphirelink
Mature content
Are You Scared Yet? :iconsapphirelink:sapphirelink 4 14
The Mouse and the Spider (6)
Lira notices some slight of movement to her right, checking to see where Venom left his hand. She blinks when she sees the fingers slowly going into the, that isn't it, his claws were dissolving the surface. She uncrosses her legs, her tone losing the little smugness from before, "You have poisonous claws??"
"There is more poison than just that, which you're certain to learn what they are," Venom replies darkly.
"I'll admit that I went a little overboard," she starts only for him to cut her off.
"A little?"
"Ok fine, I went way too overboard in taunting you, and for that, I'm sorry," she sighs, looking back up at him as she runs her hand through her hair, "I was trying to be playful is all. I know very well your comment before meant that you would put me down without giving me any additional injuries, there's no need to bring poison into this." Whatever type of poison it is, it is dissolving the stone like a hot knife through butter. She really didn't want something like that
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The Mouse and the Spider (5)
"Any time now," Venom says irritably, losing his patience of Lira getting out of stupor of what the berry did to her arm. His eye stung, and it is only pissing him off more the longer she waits. He feels tempted to just break her arm again, or threaten to, to get her moving.
Lira's ears perk up at the tension in the air, and the large eye near her attempting to glare at her. Attempting, because it is teary eye and red from the object still in his. She swallows a little, carefully reaching for his eye, "Just...don't move it then. I won't touch the color portion of your eye, and uh, warn me if you have to blink." She isn't really nervous about his glare, she's just nervous about sticking her hand in someone's, if not, the most sensitive part on the out body.
She touches the fibrous layer, it feeling wet and soft to the touch, and making sure she isn't pressing too hard on it to cause further irriation. This felt wrong and weird to her in so many different ways, feeling like she
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The Mouse and the Spider (4)
After wiping the tears from her eyes, Lira finds a better covering inside Venom's cave. She isn't one to give up, and she certainly isn't going to now as she plans to escape. There aren't spider threads, or drider threads in this case, all around the cave, just the thread that was used for her bed last night, the web blocking the door, and the large web which Lira can guess is where Venom sleeps. Near the large web there looks something like a hole, or a least a covering Lira can stay under. She holds her damaged arm carefully as she walks towards the covering, ignoring the pain going through her body with every step she takes.
Making it to the spot, it isn't a hole, but some of the rock jutting out of the wall that extends a few feet across the wall. Lira shakes her head, realizing she's comparing feet to her current size, not the actual size that it would be to someone like Venom or a human. Regardless, it sticks out far enough and wide enough that Venom couldn't easily reach her. Sh
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Romance by sapphirelink Romance :iconsapphirelink:sapphirelink 43 3 Where My Demon Hides (story up) by sapphirelink Where My Demon Hides (story up) :iconsapphirelink:sapphirelink 30 11 Embrace by sapphirelink Embrace :iconsapphirelink:sapphirelink 21 1 Charlie Unvealed by sapphirelink Charlie Unvealed :iconsapphirelink:sapphirelink 7 16
The Mouse and the Spider (3)
Lira squirms some in her bed, enjoying the feeling of silk against her skin. That thought alone makes her open her eyes, "" she whispers quietly to herself, slowly sitting up to see what she is laying on. As far as she knows, there are only two animals that she has seen make silk. One are silkworms, and the other, "Spiders. This is spider silk, or should I say..." she looks around again and sees large webs nearby, "Drider," she groans covering the silk like cover over herself again, "Oh great, not again."
She stays under the silk cover for only a moment before sighing and revealing herself again, sitting up and getting a better look at where she is. She does notice that the silk surrounding her is not sticky, so there is at least one plus there. Where the silk like bed is placed is on some large rock in the center of the cave? den? Lira isn't too sure. The webs covering the walls of the area makes it hard to determine if the walls are rock or dirt, though she can see roc
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The Mouse and the Spider (2)
He shouldn't pursue her, it's not his business anymore. Venom let the little mouse woman go, so whatever trouble she gets into is none of his concern. Yet...he couldn't help his curiosity. Not to mention, he is still hungry. Lira may not have looked appetizing to him, but he's sure other driders in the woods will be interested in such a unique creature. Smirking some, he decides to follow where she ran off to.
While Lira did get a head start of Venom, Venom knows the surrounding area much better than the little woman and eventually sees slight struggling on a nearby drider web. Funny enough, to Venom, Lira is once again caught on one of his own weds. He silently stalks towards the web, but goes into the bushes instead when he hears her talking to herself.
“I don’t believe this…” Lira says in complete frustration. She is once again caught in a drider’s web. She is certain it is a drider’s web, because she never made it out of the woods. The only thing
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The Mouse and the Spider (1)
“UGH! HOW DO I ALWAYS MANAGE TO GET MYSELF INTO THESE SITUATIONS!?!” Lira yells as she struggles to get free of the spider web she is stuck least she thinks it's a spider web. She knows the web she is stuck on was not made by an ordinary spider. Heck, no spider she has ever read about made webs this big. She always claims that she can never get caught by others; now she got caught in a web of all things!  To be fair, this is a giant spider web, since the normal ones she sees now are big, but not so big that she could get stuck on.
How did she manage to get stuck in the web? She was traveling in a forest that she didn't recognize, or it could be because of her new perspective in her smaller form, she's not sure. While jumping from tree to tree, this massive web was set up between the two trees she was jumping across. Considering she couldn't change direction while in mid-air, she landed dead center of the web.
“THIS IS SO STUPID!” she yells once more
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The Demon's Slave 23
Alex flies over to where Ace and Clara are, only to see Clara passed out in Ace’s arms. Ace looks up at Alex, smiling some, “She’ll be alright. Her wrist is sprained, but other than that she’s just exhausted. She’ll recover with some rest.”
Alex is relieved to hear that, seeing Robbie and Beth flying over after him to check on Clara. Beth gently grasps Clara’s wrist, wanting to heal her but Ace grasps Martha’s hand in return, “No, sometimes you just need to let things heal on their own. As I told Clara during her trial, sometimes you need to deal with the pain. While I know Clara can rely on you to heal her when she needs it, I don’t want her to depend on you and think every injury she sustains will get healed. Let her wrist heal on its own.”
“But that means that we will have to stay here a few weeks for her wrist to recover,” Martha replies in concern, knowing that the group needs to keep going on their jour
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The Darker Side of Venom by sapphirelink The Darker Side of Venom :iconsapphirelink:sapphirelink 20 38
Home (Part 1)
It is late in the night; Charlie is ready to go to bed. He is currently reading a book, tired from the exorcisms he had to perform earlier. Listening to the rain outside, something seems off. Some of the tapping on his window didn't match the speed of how the rain is following. In his profession, Charlie always follows his instincts and sixth sense. Closing the book, he glances out his window. He did not expect to see someone pounding on his window.
“Lira??” he quickly gets out of his bed, still in his green robes since he did not change into his night clothes yet. Opening the window, he allows Lira to scramble in and shuts the window behind her. The poor mouse woman is drenched, who knows how long she has been out there. He scoops her up, wrapping her up in his grey scarf as he feels her trembling from cold, “Lira, what are you doing here?”
She shrugs, trying to brush off her condition like nothing’s wrong, “O-Oh, you know. I j-just got l-lost as us
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I want a romance picture with my OCs Venom and Lira. Anyone interested, please show me your commission details and artwork. Thanks ^_^


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