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Seasons- Summer

Todoroki is happy to help a couple of his friends cool off during the heat of Summer. (I need Todoroki in my life Firelite-photo Hot ) 

I'll be doing a Winter version later on with a few different characters. Basically, I just wanted to unwind and do friendship drawings because I ship the friendships in this show SO HARD.
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*kind of dies of cuteness* cuddles.....

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Heck yes!

This is so cute. My weakness is seeing these children actually being kids. That and cuddles. So this is like a double whammy of heartwarming.

great job.

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Omigosh- me too! I adore the Cuddles of Purest Friendship... like, it's one of my favorite things EVER! And letting kids just be kids, especially after they work so hard... I'm with you on both counts (which is why I drew this in the first place :D )

Thanks for watching!

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Aw! This is so cute!

SapphireGamgee's avatar

Thank you! I absolutely adore the friendships in this show, and I had the biggest grin on my face while drawing this :D

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You're very welcome! Thank you for drawing and sharing this with everyone!

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Ahh so soft!! I love seeing the hero kids just like...hanging out together. They're very skilled, but they deserve the opportunity to just be kids, too!

Must be real convenient to have a pal with built-in air conditioning (and heating). I just sit in the basement rather than my room when the summer heat kicks in, haha.

SapphireGamgee's avatar

I feel the same way! I love these kinds of pictures, where the kids can just be pals and enjoy one another's company outside of training/school/villain drama. That's why I drew it :D I'm glad you like what I drew!

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In the anime world, kids aren't allowed to be kids. Case in point: Naruto. You can graduate the ninja academy and maybe even an assassin of sorts at the age of 6. 6!

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It's true! I guess that's sort of youth lit/cartoons in general.

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Awwww sweet bois
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I do love me some platonic cuddling!

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this is just adorable ;;

you drew them so nicely! ♥

SapphireGamgee's avatar

Thank you very much! I do have a weakness for cuddle pics :D

Pxste-I's avatar

me too! q^q

tbh this must be one of my favourite BNHA Fanarts so far, like, HONESTL

you drew them so well and the scene is adorably casual! ♥

keep it up

SapphireGamgee's avatar

Really? One of your favorites?

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yes! undoubtedly ♥

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I love your art style it’s really detailed and well drawn keep it up 👍
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