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Did this bit by bit after work. I just really wanted Deku to kick Bakugo in the face, so I drew it. (No, I don't hate Bakugo, but he has had it coming for awhile. ) Go Deku!
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Hah yeah Bakugo certainly had it coming. Nice landing there, Deku :)

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Someday Deku will defeat Bakugo in the anime (maybe the manga? I haven't read the manga yet, so I don't know if he does )

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Oh dang! The effects are just *mwah*, perfect. I really like this.

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Thank you for the new word! XD

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Poor Baku!!!! But he does have it coming to him, always teasing our cinnamon bun!!

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Bakugo can take it, or Deku wouldn't be dishing it ut!

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Well.... KICK YOU, BAKUGO!!!!!!

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I keep telling people who are new, HE GETS BETTER!

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He does! He's still not my favorite, but he does get better, and I'm glad. I love when people change for teh better; even fictional characters.

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You're confusing personal opinion for lack of character development

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He objectively gets better over time. Hes still an arrogant ass but hes not really a bully anymore.

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that's only a tiny improvement as far as i'm concerned

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That's your opinion, and it's not a matter of whether he's improved in your opinion it's whether or not he's changed.

You don't have to like a character to acknowledge character growth.

Bakugo is supposed to be Deku's foil.

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just because he's supposed to be an ass doesn't make him less annoying

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Maybe, but as I recall, homeboy getting his ass kicked helped that along nicely. X)

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I never got very far in MHA. But you know what, Bakugo made me white knuckle so I'm proud of Deku.

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Bakugo became more interesting later on- I mean, he's had an interesting arc, but I still want to see him taken down several more notches. Deku is definitely growing and becoming better able to stand up for himself, which makes me smile!

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SO much power and SO much OUCH.

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