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COMMISSION PRICES AND SAMPLES (See below for basic commission process)

$50- Black and white line drawing, single character/design, no background.

Commission: Wufei Tattoo


$65- 1 cel shaded character, no background

Brooklyn Singing

$70-  2 characters, simple color, simple/no background.

Decibelle and Sapphire: Music Buddies


Mytho and Fakir sketch


$75-   4 characters, simple style/color, simple/no background.


$75- 1 character, simple shading, simple color wash, simple background.

Fakir Dancing


Black Rabbit of Inle


$90- 1 subject animal portrait, simple background.


$90- 5 cartoon characters, half-body, no/minimal shading, simple background.

Glove Exchange

$90- 1 person caricature, color, simple background.

Cooking Is My Passion


$90- 1 ponysona design, 5 poses

Ihha Ponysona- Jewel Wing

Sweet Potato


$90- complex tattoo design, full color.

Wufei Dragon Tattoo


$95- 2 characters, fully-body, cartoon style, medium background

Rarity and Sweetie Belle Titanic Dresses

$95- 1 character, portrait-quality, half-body, monochrome, simple background.

Fakir Wishes You A Happy Birthday

$95- 2 characters, cel-shading, full-body, simple background.

Heero and Trowa- Gamers

$105-  6 characters, cel-shading with minimal shading, full-color, simple background.

The Elements of Harmony


$105- 1 human/humanoid character design, comic-book style, full-body, color, simple/no background. Note: full robotic/non-robotic armor and extras (like the jacket and crossbow pistol) will cost more.

Commission: Bobby Hunter

$105- 5 characters, half-body, medium background, cel-shading, full-color.

Group Photo


$110- 2 animal subjects, animal portrait, full-color, simple background.

Sallah and Indy

$110-  2 characters, shaded cartoon, simple background, full-color, full-body.

Bath Day

$110- 3 characters, cartoon shading, full color, half-body, simple background.

Teach Me To Read

$110- Poster design, full color, 5 subjects, no background.  

The Little Humpbacked Horse

$120- 2 characters, portrait-quality, full color, half-body, simple/no background.

Commission- A Moment

$125-  1 anthro character, color, full-body, simple clothing, simple/no background.


$130-  3 subjects, animal portrait, full color, simple background.

Rachelle, Fuzzy and Travis

$130- 3 subjects, black and white/single color wash, portrait quality

Chang Family Portrait

$130- 5-panel cartoon comic, simple background, 3 characters

Commission: Makeover Time!

$150- 8-panel comic, full-color, cel-shading of characters, simple painted backgrounds.

Brooklyn Comic 1- Weather Problems


$150-  1 armored/robotic character, or 1 character with complex armor, full-body, color, simple/no background.



Kuro Armor final 2

$160- 13 ponysonas, full color, simple background.

My Class 2015

$160-  8 characters, simple color, complex background.

Meeting the Cutie Mark Crusaders

$160- single-subject still-life

Cittern on Blue for Lady-Kaeru

$160-  6 characters, cel-shaded, medium painted background.

Commission: Ryoga and the Gundam Boys
Wufei and Ayame: Reunion

$160- 2 characters, comic-book style, full color, medium background.

Piano Lesson


$185- 1 character, portrait-quality, full color, medium background.


$185- 6 characters, cel-shaded, simple background.

Commission: X-Men Family Portrait


$200- 2 characters, cel-shaded, somewhat complex background.

Quatre and Lista Christmas


$250- 5 animals, portrait, simple background

HaroGirl Clowder

$250- complex painted poster

Phantom of the Opera poster

$250- portrait, 2 subjects, full color, simple background.

Annelise and Ryan


$270-  scene, 1 full character, 2 or 3 minor background characters

Status: Complete

$280-  6 characters, full-body, color, comic/anime shaded style, medium background.

Gundam Wing Fallout Crossover


$300- 2 characters, full-body, color, comic/anime shaded style, multiple background characters.

GW Fallout Crossover- Duo and Quatre

$300- 2 characters, portrait-quality, complex background.

Squirrel Girl and Yotsuba

$550- 6 characters, realistic, full color, complex background.

GW Fantasy Group


$600- 10 characters, full color, simple/no background.



$800- 10 characters, portrait-quality, full color, medium background, complex armor/costumes

Zayel Retinue Briefing

Basic Commission Process: Step 1: Decide what kind of a commission you want. The easiest way to determine what style you desire and the cost is to look at the samples below. The samples are not limited to what I can do, but they'll give you a rough idea. Subjects include, but are not necessarily limited to:  Existing characters, original characters (yours or my own), comics, fantasy, storyboards, bromance, friendship, still-life, portraits (human, animal, anthro, other) , photo-restoration /manipulation. Not sure I can or will do it? Don't hesitate to ask!

I WON'T do:  Pornography, explicitly Yaoi/Yuri/bi-relationships, anything too sexually charged or violent (If you're not sure, discuss your ideas with me, and I'll tell you where the line is.)

Step 2: Discussion of concept and commission price.  This may be done in notes through Deviant Art, by email, or other method of private messaging (I use the first two the most, but whatever you're most comfortable with. ) Once the basic concept is agreed upon, I will give you an initial price estimate. Note: I've had to re-tool some of my prices, which will be reflected below in the sample list. Individual prices will vary, but the samples will give you a rough idea. (These sample prices do not affect past commissions where a price has already been discussed and fixed upon) . 

Step 3: Concept Sketches. I will send preliminary sketches via email to you, at which time you will pay half the commission price in advance. Payment may be sent via Paypal or regular mail. I will give you my information privately at that time. Any change in price will also be finalized then, since preliminary concept work helps me to better gauge the time and effort that will go into the finished product. However, the initial estimate and final price will probably not vary too much, if at all, so don't worry!

Step 4: Final Draft. Once I have the final draft completed I will send you a low-resolution file via email so you can approve it, or request changes. If your changes are minor, or the result of a fault on my part, there is no extra charge. However, major revisions will otherwise cost extra. 

Step 5: Payment and Finished Product. Once the commission is completed to everyone's satisfaction, you will send the other half of the payment. Once I have been paid in full, I will send you the high-resolution file via email, as well as an invoice. Payment in installments is an option and can be discussed on a commission-by-commission basis. Note: A physical copy of your commission can be printed and framed and sent to you, but you must cover the cost, as well as shipping and handling. Let me know if this is something you want and we can discuss the details.

More examples are in my Commissions Gallery

Feel free to contact me by sending a private message! :D

Favourite Visual Artist
in no particular order: Norman Rockwell, Alphonse Mucha, Rembrandt Van Rijn (and pretty much all the Dutch Masters), Edgar Degas, Georges Seurat, John Howe, Alan Lee.... I could go on.
Favourite Movies
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Favourite TV Shows
also in no particular order: Gundam Wing, Princess Tutu, Spongebob Squarepants, Dave the Barbarian, Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, Freakazoid, The Muppet Show, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Looney Tunes, classic Disney shorts...
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Aaron Copland, John Williams, P.D.Q. Bach, The King's Singers, John Rutter, Vocal Point, Ella Fitzgerald, Tom Lehrer, Weird Al Yankovic, Handel, J.S. Bach, David Newman, Thomas Newman, Mel Torme, Patrick Doyle...
Favourite Books
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, FTW!
Favourite Writers
J.R.R. Tolkien...obviously...Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, J.K. Rowling, Frances Hodgson can pretty much give me a book and I'll read it and love it XD
Favourite Games
Quelf, Trivial Pursuit, Balderdash, It Came To Pass, Upwords, Probe, Masterpiece...
Favourite Gaming Platform
See above. Yeah.
Tools of the Trade
Huion tablet, Photoshop, Manga Studio
Other Interests
Exploding Jello!.......and drawing.



There are several massive wildfires currently going on in my area, and though I am currently safe I may have to evacuate at any time. I don't expect to have to evacuate, this is just in case (because the Santa Ana winds have decided to rear their unwanted heads. ) Those of you waiting on commissions: if you suddenly don't hear from me it means I've had to get to a safe place. I'll be in contact as soon as I can.

December Commission Slots Closed

December Commission Slots Closed

That was fast! You guys are keeping me busy the rest of the year, which is awesome! As for next year, I will start filling 2021 commission slots this November, so please be patient until then. Also, a note on comic commissions: I will still be doing them if commissioned, but I'm raising my prices for comics in future, so don't say I didn't warn you. Thank you, everyone, for all your support, even in such a tough time! Stay safe and healthy!

Commission Slots Full Until December

Commission Slots Full Until December

And those are going fast! Thanks everyone for supporting me during this difficult time for us all. We can make it through! PLUS ULTRA!

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I love all your art, but especially the Gundam Wing ^.^ <3

Duo is my favorite. XD

SapphireGamgeeProfessional Digital Artist

GW is a classic! Duo's my second-fave (tied with Heero) . Quatre's #1 for me. I love these kids!


what i could do bases with your art please ?

SapphireGamgeeProfessional Digital Artist

You're asking to use my art for bases, is that right?

yes and I will credit you

SapphireGamgeeProfessional Digital Artist

As long as you credit me I'm fine with it. Thanks for asking permission!

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