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Skullgirls OC: 'Echo'
Name: Leonardo Valerius
Age: 21
Alias: "Echo"
Bio: Leonardo previously worked as a laboratory technician in Lab 8's ASG Division. One day during an experiment using sonic amplification technology, the generator malfunctioned with a critical meltdown. Leo stayed behind to attempt to contain the explosion, and succeeded. He saved the rest of Lab 8 from destruction, but at an incredible cost; losing his hearing as well as both of his arms. A few weeks after recovery his employer, Dr. Avian, contacts him with a proposition. Avian tells Leonardo that he's developed a new kind of synthetic parasite, and feels that he would make an ideal host.Soon afterwards, Leonardo is fitted with the experimental "Sonus Drive" parasite; fashioned into a pair of prosthetic arms. An extraoridnary success, The Sonus Drive peices(Codename: Bass and Treble) bond seamlessly with Leonardo, granting him with extraordinary abilities and restoring his hearing. Now he works Under the alias of "Echo" as an agent of AS
:iconsapphirefox64:SapphireFox64 1 1
Retribution: Chapter 1
Hurried voices and hushed whispers had been heard echoing throughout the spacious hallways. The conference chamber of the Fire Nation Royal Palace was buzzing with activity, as four figures stepped forth into the great room. With the warm, ambient glow of orange fire surrounding them, the four figures took their respective places around the table.
"So has all been coming along according to plan?" The first asked in a high, youthful voice.
"The Northern Water Tribe has been reconnecting with our sister tribe at the South Pole. We are also planning on dispatching some of our benders to assist in the reconstruction efforts." Chief Arnook replied sternly.
"Good, good," the Earth King continued. "And you, young one. Have you learned anything from your travels so far?" He said, looking at the young monk expectantly.
"I have found no evidence of my people yet. I know that they are out there, somewhere. There are no bodies at any of the air temples, they must have left when danger was on their
:iconsapphirefox64:SapphireFox64 4 3
Tokka - TW4 - Alone
The sun began to set on the horizon, lighting the ocean a brilliant sapphire blazoned with orange. The trip Aang decided to take everybody on really felt like old times again. Tents, camping, emotional talks by the fire. As night approached, everyone began to settle into their tents. Toph, as always, sit out on the ordinary pitching. When she felt ready, she stamped her foot as two slabs of earth shot out of the ground, creating the perfect tent.
She settled into her stony home, and summoned two more earth slabs as doors for privacy. She lay down on the familiar earth, and closed her eyes. As she began to sleep, she felt the vibrations of two people approaching. She recognized the soft footsteps as they passed her tent and made their way to the beach.
Sokka and Suki
They started to talk, at first incoherently. Toph pressed her ear to the wall as the words became clear.
"I know you must feel upset, but I really have to do this. I can't just stay away from them forever, and you
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Tokka - Boomerangs
The distant sound of barking Tiger-Seals awoke Sokka. He slowly sat up in his bed, and stretched, exhausted from the activities of yesterday. He rose to his feat when he suddenly realized.
Today's the day.
He pulled on his tunic and bolted out the door. Though it was still early in the morning, the entire Southern Water tribe was preparing for the arrival of the Avatar, as well as the chief's sister. He gazed at the scene of the villagers working diligently, sweeping igloos and washing tents, as well as bringing in every imaginable creature from the South Pole for a feast.
The hours went by as what Sokka presumed to be three O' Clock by the sun. The festival was complete, the only thing missing were the honored guests. He looked to the sky when he let his eyes rest upon a tiny black speck on the horizon. He knew he could recognize that fluffy-snot-monster from anywhere, anytime.
The sky bison touched down gently on the fragile ice. Age had not seemed to affect Appa, looking as
:iconsapphirefox64:SapphireFox64 19 18
Tokka - When You Leave
The words on the letter just didn't seem to register in Sokka's mind. This must have been the seventeenth time he ran his tired eyes over the letter. He managed a sigh as he placed the letter in his travel bag, and threw it on his bed. He flopped down on the bed and buried his face in his hands.
He heard a soft knock at the door that startled him.
"Come in," He called out, sitting up.
The door slid open and Toph stepped through, wearing her usual attire. The deep green and terra-cotta yellow brought back so many memories.
"Are you alright? I could feel you pacing all the way from my room," She asked with an edge of genuine concern.
Sokka managed an unusually large smile, "I'm fine, really! You don't have to worry about me!" He said with a nervous laugh.
"You're lying," Toph replied in her sarcastic, sing-song voice.
Sokka retreated to his bed, while Toph took a seat next to him. "I know, I know. So I'm under a little-,"
Toph's knowing eyes bore into him with a hint of humor.
:iconsapphirefox64:SapphireFox64 16 12
Tokka - Nightmares
"Looks like this is it," shouted Sokka, "I don't think Boomerang is coming back this time!!"
Toph couldn't hold it any longer; the tears she was keeping dammed up began to roll freely. She gasped as she began to slip; managing to latch on to Sokka's outstretched fingers. They were hot and sweaty, but through his arm she felt several soldiers approach.
Sokka turned his head to look down at Toph. Even through her sightless eyes, he could tell she was pleading for help. A single tear cascaded down his cheek.
"I'm sorry, Toph. For everything." He choked out.
Even though he whispered it, Toph heard every word, and her heart began to race as their fingers began to slip. She felt her arm strain to hold on, then nothing. She fell through the sky, listening to the wind in her ears, muffling her screams into silence. She crashed to the ground, and a horrible surge of pain shot through her body. But as quickly as it came, it was replaced with cold numbness. For once, she was happy, even delighted
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Tokka - My Lullaby
The never ending rainstorm pounded endlessly on the four helpless tents in the clearing. The patter of rain on the tarp of his tent was somewhat soothing to Sokka. For some odd reason, it was the closest thing to being home as he ever felt. He listened tentatively to the melody of monotone drops just outside, and was beginning to drift into sleep.
A tremendous crack shattered the silence as Sokka bolted up, unnerved by the sudden thunder.
He lay down once more, and began to close his eyes when a new sound entered the air.
It sounded soft and almost unnoticeable, but it was there. Silent, muffled sobs wisped through the air as Sokka pulled on his tunic, and peeked out of his tent to find out what was going on.
To his surprise, the sight that greeted him was the same sight he left when he went to bed: Nothing but his companions' tents and a terrible storm awaited him outside. He was just about to return to sleep when thunder rolled through the valley once more, and the sobbing started ag
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These are my fan-fics. I won't have any art though! =)

Random Favourites

Tokka - now THAT is a hug by Devfrost2000 Tokka - now THAT is a hug :icondevfrost2000:Devfrost2000 848 313 Through the rain... by D0omKitty Through the rain... :icond0omkitty:D0omKitty 44 77 tokka by ChiyoLight tokka :iconchiyolight:ChiyoLight 16 2 Toph Bei Fong by hiperion-sama Toph Bei Fong :iconhiperion-sama:hiperion-sama 486 31 Sokka by lucygoosey13 Sokka :iconlucygoosey13:lucygoosey13 532 190 Paopu by KL-chan Paopu :iconkl-chan:KL-chan 11,824 1,241
Heart of the Warrior - Chap. 1
The two figures moved among the shadows of the night, seen by none but the moon and the stars.
The taller one led, silently picking his way through the trees, looking for the best place to see, yet not be seen.  The shorter one followed, barefoot, waiting for his signal.
The leader put his back against a tree and gave a soft whistle to the other.  She crouched low, almost crawling to meet him.  He looked over his shoulder into the clearing beyond.  There was a small group of men there, quietly mulling around a cluster of tents.  They all seemed to be settling down for the night.
“How many?” he whispered to her.
She tapped her foot on the ground twice.  “Thirteen.”
He nodded.  “Hardly seems fair, does it?”
“When is it ever fair?” she asked, grinning.  “So what’s the plan, plan guy?”
He was silent for a moment.  “Zuko’s troops should b
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TW3 - When I'm With You
When I'm With You
Toph shut the door without a sound and leaned back against the wall.
Nine months she'd been gone.  In that time, she'd managed to convince herself that she was over Sokka.  Everything she had ever felt for him was nothing more than a young girl's first crush.  
She shook her head.  She wasn't feeling anything but concern.  After all, he was still her best friend.  He was wounded; he was close to death.  She was only worried about his health.  There was nothing else to it.
She was engaged to Lin.  She was going to spend her life with him.  Sokka was going to be fine, and he was going to spend his life with Suki.  She was happy for him.
Toph sighed.  She wasn't fooling anyone, least of all herself.
She had spent nine months without him and erased all the feelings and emotions she'd ever had for him.
She had spent nine minutes with him and he'd b
:iconleona629:Leona629 21 36
Avatar tLAB+Elemental Dragons+ by slifertheskydragon Avatar tLAB+Elemental Dragons+ :iconslifertheskydragon:slifertheskydragon 6,325 868 Last Airbender - Samurai Momo by Miki- Last Airbender - Samurai Momo :iconmiki-:Miki- 1,358 291 Random Avatar Thing Part III by AnimantX Random Avatar Thing Part III :iconanimantx:AnimantX 2,672 361 You are mine by caroll-in You are mine :iconcaroll-in:caroll-in 108 25 8 Elements by DrAlpha 8 Elements :icondralpha:DrAlpha 757 99 ATLA: Shadows ...Bookmarks XD by Neurosylum ATLA: Shadows ...Bookmarks XD :iconneurosylum:Neurosylum 1,521 0 Avatar -  the last air bender by B-neoZEN Avatar - the last air bender :iconb-neozen:B-neoZEN 409 54 Bending Blues by Fangwei Bending Blues :iconfangwei:Fangwei 626 50
I like Avatar: The Last Airbender, Code Lyoko, VG Cats, and Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as abstract art.




Austin Adams
United States
Im a simple person, but lets get one thing straight. I CANT DRAW! So no artwork will be posted here. Although I DO know what to look for in artwork so I will criticize and tell people what they need to work on. I can be a great friend and really fun to discuss art with so just drop me a note and lets chat!

Current Residence: Milton
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Favourite style of art: Water color, airbrush, and digital.
MP3 player of choice: Sansa
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Personal Quote: I reject your reality, and substitute my own.

Journal History

Whew! Sorry guys! I know I've been dormant for a while, but my drama troupe really hit the ground running this year!

I know, I still have the second chapter of "Retribution" In the works, but I promise I'll try to get it done ASAP!! XD

Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know that, Yes, I AM still alive.
And sorry for the delays.

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