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The Bitterness In the Young Ones' Heart

By SapphireD
EDIT 2: DHFALKSDJFHLKASJDFHLKASJD!! It made to EqD!!? WOW! I feel acomplished!

EDIT: Can't believe I forgot to put my sig on this. Plus New logo! you like?

Late night upload.
Anyone else staying up for Season 4?

Princess Luna character by ©Hasbro
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Wow muy good  I like Calibri is overjoyed [icon] 

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Completely awesome.
this was made with pure epicness and a pinch of bada**ery!!!!
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Amazing pic! Clapping Pony icon: Nighty Moon Princess Luna princess Luna Luna 50X50 (icon smaller) Princess Luna Like a boss Emoticon Princess Luna Human Icon Free Nightmare Moon icon Nightmare moon icon ~ free to use~ Free Nightmare Moon icon (2) Nightmare Moon Emote 
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Whoa... I'm diggin' the style. Great drawing, dude.
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Fucking Floormasters...
Talon-the-Cyberfox's avatar
Talon: GET OFF OF LUNA, YOU FREAK! *tries pulling the black off of Luna*
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Mind blowinginly......its a word......awesome! loving your style!
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Screw S4E2, this is now my headcanon.
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Wow! Awesome art!
You captured very well how angry she was and how powerful the dark magic can be.
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Wowomfg  I corunpiendo Nightmore moon  omfg  Love Princess muy Good I like  
DeoxysEnderman's avatar
:iconnightmaremoonplz::iconsaysplz: Infinite despise and endless jealousy, bottled in my soul, has erupted as I'm tearing through the skies! :iconsaysendplz:
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Damn. And this is many reasons why Luna is badass.
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this is amazing
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"There can be only one Queen in Equestria, and that Queen... will... be... ME!"
...Err, wait. Wrong royal title. Am I going AU on us all...?
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god my life sucks right now
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Sorry..... Hey! I think it'll be on YouTube in a few days! Clapping Pony Icon - Rainbow Dash Clapping Pony Icon - Pinkie Pie Clapping Pony Icon - Rarity Clapping Pony Icon - Applejack Clapping Pony Icon - Fluttershy Clapping Pony Icon - Twilight Sparkle Clapping Pony Icon - Princess Cadence Clapping Pony Icon - Princess Celestia Clapping Pony Icon - Princess Luna Clapping Pony Icon - Nightmare Moon Clapping Pony Icon - Vinyl Scratch Clapping Pony Icon - Trixie Clapping Pony Icon - Spitfire - Wonderbolt Uniform Clapping Pony Icon - Soarin - Wonderbolt Uniform Clapping Pony Icon - Applebloom Clapping Pony Icon - Sweetie Belle Clapping Pony Icon - Babs Seed Clapping Pony Icon - Lightning Dust Clapping Pony Icon - Changeling Clapping Pony Icon - Queen Chrysalis 
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I know gonna try now!
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