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Quentyn Lannister

The personal standard of Ser Quentyn Lannister, cousin to Jaime, Cersei, and Tyrion, nephew of Tywin and a knight of the Seven Kingdoms. the standard is quartered with the lion of House Lannister and a black stallion in memory of his father, Ser Jon Lannister, after he risked his life to save the horse from drowning off the coast of Lannisport after the boat it was on capsized. For his courage, he received a knighthood from his uncle Tygett and was given the horse. From the tale of his father's bravery, he learned the most valuable lesson of his life: Nobility is not a matter of birth. It is defined by action.

Ser Quentyn Lannister is the only son of Ser Jon Lannister, fourth son of Jason Lannister and Marla Prester, and Lady Sheila Farman. His mother died when he is only three due to a fever following the birth of his sister Mara and he remembers little of her. He serves as the captain of the household guards at Casterly Rock after having been knighted by Lord Damon Marbrand of Ashemark after serving as his squire during the Greyjoy Rebellion. Born to the fourth son of Jason Lannister, his low standing on the family tree put him often out of the notice of some of his more prominent relations, such as his uncle Lord Tywin. Nevertheless, he proved himself a capable warrior and a competent leader which earned him his current posting. However, when the War of the Five Kings began, he joined the forces of his cousin Jamie in marching on the Riverlands and was given command of a cavalry detachment. At the Battle of the Golden Tooth, he earned himself renown by killing Lord Vance of Wayfarer's Rest in single combat. During the initial weeks of the war, he participated in the siege of Riverrun before the armies of the North and Riverlands attacked in the Battle of the Camps. Despite the initial shock, he joined his distant relation Ser Forley Prester in leading the survivors away from the battle and returning to the Golden Tooth. He then joined Lord Tywin's army which then moved to garrison the castle of Harrenhal.

"Game of Thrones: Tale of The Red Wolf" by London Kassidy can be found at
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Hmm, I have a feeling he'll definitely be noticed by his uncle now.
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Glad you think so. I plan for him to have a big part in later chapters.
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Excellent, set up new deviants of my own. Sona the Dragon, and Daena the Direwolf. The latter named after Daena Targaryen, the mother of House Blackfyre.
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Cool. I'm happy for you.