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Summer Vacation is coming :D (Big Grin)

Open Free Commission for my boring summer

Follow the rule to join the commission :) (Smile)

Grereeg by cutiepoppony
OC owner : :iconyuki-artyt: :iconcutiepoppony:


1: You have to send your OC design to my Deviantart / Tumblr account
2: Tell me theme and the posture ,and all detail about it (If have pic that will be good)
  • Need send complete of your OC design (The Base Pony won't be acceptable)
3: Wait and let me choice your OC :) (Smile)
  • (The coolest or cutest OC will be choose :) (Smile) )
Warning: This is practice for me, if some problem in the art, I might not fix it, Sorry First

There is you will or not have Question----

Character: Must less (inculding) than only two Character 
  • (Add one character need 500+ points, Sorry I don't have any credit card for now :( (Sad) )
  • So that mean 1,2 ponies is free, 3 ponies must add 500 points, 4 ponies must add 1000 points 
Theme: The Theme for SFW & NSFW are OK, but bloody or something..strange? will be reject.
Date: Between Summer Vacation (Taiwan time zone, GMT+8)
(lucky guy will be chosen every week :) (Smile) )

Other Question----

Every week must have at least 5 people to start choose and painting, so share out if you want to been chosen :) (Smile)


If you have any other Question please tell me...

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Submitted on
July 9, 2017