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So...I'm a bit bored, that's why I decided to make a "questions and answers" thing...though, I kinda doubt it's really necessary. It's not only about my work...there are also some things people don't really understand about it.

1. Why I only upload digital work?
Simply, because I really really suck at drawing. Even if I have a tutorial right before my eyes, I can't do anything right. I only edit. I know it's hard for some of you to believe this (last time I told this to someone, that person said that if I am good at editing I am good at drawing too. Well, that's not true!!! Editing is a totally different thing than drawing!Try and see it for yourself that in editing you don't need to posses drawing skills!!!)

2. Why I made a DA account?
Though I'm not so into art, I have a huge imagination, so I decided to use it.

3. Will I ever upload something else?
I might upload fan-fiction, though I'm not really sure about this...

4. Why my English seems so bad sometimes?
English it's not my mother language. I study it for a long time and I got used to it, but sometimes I make mistakes. It's normal for a human.

5. Why I rarely submit something?
I prefer doing something else rather than creating, like watching some anime episodes, reading some manga chapters and making AMVs.

6. Why I give the impression that I'm cold and unfriendly?
I'm not really like that. I'm just quiet and a bit shy, so I'm not that good at making friends. I only have a few, but I get along very well with them.

7. DeviantWATCH and friend  requests?
I deviantWatch only those whom I really like they're work. I accept friend requests, but I don't request.

8. What I think about art?
I hate this word! It just doesn't sound good to me, that's why I use "work" instead. Like I mentioned before, I'm not so into this thing. It's boring (at least for me).But I appreciate that people give their best to create, but this doesn't mean I might love what they do.

9. Why did I chose this username?
Aki is short from Akihara, my nickname for a very long time, only known by anime fans (and I'm not gonnna ever change it). Sapphire is one of my favorite pokemon games, one of my favorite Pokemon Special Characters and one of my favorite gems. I also like how it sounds.

10.What programs I use?
For making my digital stuff I use Gimp2 (only once I used Paint.Net). For my avatar, I use Photoscape. I use Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.0 for making videos and for editing in general Paint.Net.
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Submitted on
August 13, 2010