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Naruto is my favorite anime for quite a long time...I really love it.The story is so well made. It's almost impossible for me not to get into it.the drawing style is quite unique which makes the anime more interesting.
About the characters (I write in Family Name-Given Name order):
I like:
-Uzumaki Naruto: Though he seemed just a stupid kid, he really is an awesome character.His personality it's just amazing.
-Uchiha Sasuke: I know he turned out quite a jerk, but I still he has a lot in common with me when it comes to personality and attitude.
-Hatake Kakashi: Who wouldn't like the scarecrow teacher? (kakashi means scarecrow in japanese)
-Hyuuga Hinata: I know many people don't like her because of her very shy personality, but I don't mind that. I know that very shy people who have crushes on the hero are quite annoying and weak, but Hinata is different because she isn't that weak and she really wants to help the others.
-Nara Shikamaru: The lazy genius, I've always liked this type of characters.
-Miatarashi Anko: Just like her attitude
-Gaara: One of the most original characters I've ever seen. Plus, I have a weakness for dark characters with a sad past.
-Temari: Same as Anko
-Uchiha Itachi: The guy who sacrifices himself for the sake of his brother...sad, but this makes him such a nice person. Too bad he's dead...
-TenTen: Same as Anko and Temari, plus I really like her skills.

I hate:
-Haruno Sakura: Yeas, I don't like her because she was very annoying at first. Though she changed quite a lot and became more useful, I still don't like her personality.
-Yamanaka Ino: Still annoying.
-Karin: Though I started to like her a little, she really is a bitch!
-Uchiha Madara: Just who does he think he is? Though, my opinion might change if some new things will be revealed.
-Kakuzu: he only knows about money...

I don't mind the others.

Couples: I'm not so interested in them, but I have only two I like:
SasuHina: It's a weird one, but I think those 2 could get along very well if they talked more with each other.
ShikaTema: they get along quite well.

But I hate lots of pairings:
SasuSaku: What's so good about it? They have nothing in common!
SasuIno: Same as SasuSaku
ShikaIno: The stupid Ino with the genius Shikamaru...not a match!
SasuKarin: Same as SasuSaku and SasuIno.
Averything with Gaara: There's no girl who could make a good match with him! Maybe Hinata, but I don't think it's that good...
Anything with Itachi: Same as above.

I don't mind the others.

Openings and Endings: Some of them are wonderful, but others are really bad in my opinion. There are also some I don't mind.
The ones I like: 2nd op, 4th op, 8th op, 9th op, Shipp 1st op, Shipp 3rd op, Shipp 4th op, Shipp 6th op, ed 1, ed 3, ed 6, ed 11, Shipp ed 1, Shipp ed 7, Shipp ed 12
I don't mind: 1st op, 3rd op, 5th op, 7th op, Shipp 2nd op, Shipp 5th op, Shipp 7th op, ed 7 , ed 8, ed 9, ed 12, ed 13, Shipp ed 4,  Shipp ed 6, Shipp ed 8, Shipp ed 9, Shipp ed 11, Shipp ed 14.

Of course, I don't like the ones I didn't mention.

Phew...I wrote a lot...that's enough.
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Submitted on
September 4, 2010