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We like em distressed.
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Maid for the Job :iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 9 26
The Devil's Threesome
There’s something so incredibly sensual about having the attention of two attractive men fixed solely on you. You don’t notice it at first, too preoccupied in the conversation, but after a minute or so it hits you, and hits hard, and after that it’s impossible not to notice. After that, everything jumps sharply into focus; the cool smirks on their faces, the way their eyes linger on your body, the subtle hints they throw into the conversation. Finally they reach the tipping point, and before you know it your hands are behind your back, held in place by the one with blue eyes.
“Hold still,” he orders, and that’s that, even as you whimper, even as the other pulls the tie from your neck and wraps it around your wrists.
Green, laughing eyes.
It was his idea- tying you up, that is. Master had wanted to, certainly, but it was Sir who put it on the table, who finally escalated it past teasing and empty promises. His hands wander when he finally
:iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 8 26
Rockabilly Romance by SapphiraVolkov Rockabilly Romance :iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 14 12 Wrapped In A Bow by SapphiraVolkov
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Wrapped In A Bow :iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 12 24
Make Me by SapphiraVolkov Make Me :iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 7 10 Princess Bondage by SapphiraVolkov Princess Bondage :iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 17 15 My Love by SapphiraVolkov My Love :iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 4 10 Persistence by SapphiraVolkov Persistence :iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 12 17
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Insatiable :iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 6 2
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Possession :iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 8 27
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Acquisition :iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 15 18
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Incident 005 R: The Mist Woods :iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 13 6
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Mason's Mistake: Retribution :iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 12 14
Mature content
Mason's Mistake :iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 16 16
Mature content
Polaroid :iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 19 19
Sex? No, I don't do that. Genitalia never really seemed appealing to me, and if I'm being honest, it feels like cheating. Sure, it's the easy way to get someone off, but it's definitely not the only way.
He pushes me up against the wall the moment the door shuts, wrists pressed to the wall as he traces kisses down my neck. I struggle, not to push him away, but so I can run my fingers through his hair and my nails across his scalp, so I can hear him moan as deeply as I do now.
Yes, there's always another way to please a partner. Erogenous zones are spread across the body, and it's not difficult to stimulate them once you know where they are.
I manage to climb on top of him, straddling his hips triumphantly. From here it's easy to strip off his shirt and let my hands wander. His breath catches as I familiarize myself with his body, eyes and hands and lips exploring him with no small amount of satisfaction.
My interests are somewhat less quantifiable; that I can admit. It's difficult to d
:iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 27 42


Older Yang .Holiday pinup vr. by sakimichan
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Nightmare (Alt) [Horror] :icondistressed-mess:distressed-mess 6 5
Nightmare [Horror] by distressed-mess
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Nightmare [Horror] :icondistressed-mess:distressed-mess 16 29
Wild Hair 2 - 2018-12-8 by RoninDude
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Hoodie 2018-12-5 by RoninDude
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Hoodie 2018-12-5 :iconronindude:RoninDude 1,040 150
Elf in Brown Outfit by RoninDude Elf in Brown Outfit :iconronindude:RoninDude 1,253 119

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Oh, look, another recipe!

This one is one of my favorites, since it features most of my favorite foods. You can subsitute chicken for lamb if you want to be fancy (and holy shit it's so yummy when you do) but this works just as well.


5 chicken legs (thigh and drumstick)

2 tablespoons oil

3 cloves garlic, chopped

1 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

1 tsp turmeric

3 tbsp ketchup

~2 cups water

1 heaping tbsp onion soup mix

1 lb pasta

8 potatoes, french fried


Take a medium pot and set inside the chicken, oil, and garlic. Fry until golden at medium heat.

Dust the chicken with salt, pepper, and turmeric. Add ketchup and let sit for ten minutes.

Cover the chicken in water (estimated to be about 2 cups, use your discretion) and add onion soup mix. Bring to a boil, then lower the flame and let it cook for an hour.

Add pasta, bring to a boil, lower flame and stir until the pasta cooks. Add french fries, toss, and serve.

You should end up with chicken, fries, and pasta in a thin, golden-red gravy. Enjoy!


SapphiraVolkov's Profile Picture
Sapphira Volkov
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Your local tsundere/brat. I'm known for making food, flinging insults, writing stories, and getting myself into ridiculous situations with the ease of a practiced contortionist. I show affection with deadly insults and general grumpiness. My bark is almost always worse than my bite, so feel free to hit me up! I'm always down for a friendly chat!


Profile picture and avatar are courtesy of Goldyfishs-carrots, whom I love so very much


I'm not sure if I'm relieved or disappointed that SA1NT4NG3R finally convinced me to buy a maid outfit
So my baby nephew saw this makeup pallet and thought it was me

I'm not even mad. This guy's eyeshadow game is fire

embedded_item1544238384772 by SapphiraVolkov
A story featuring an original character of mine from a roleplay. Go read it!
A Shocking Touch
Well this is probably a first. An original piece based on the antics of characters by myself and :iconsapphiravolkov:. Didn't think I'd be bringing these two to light in this corner of the web, but here we are. Please enjoy :D
It's really amazing what you can do with $25 and a Rite Aid membership card

embedded_item1543850540830 by SapphiraVolkov
So my new leather cuffs finally arrived. They're small, so they'll fit my tiny wrists well XD Unfortunately, this may mean that I can't use them on other people. On the bright side, I got a ton of rope as well for just that purpose!

Side note, my mom was cleaning up the living room and found my schoolbag, inside which was the rope. She picked up the purple bundle, looked at it, and went "Sapph, come take your stuff." She knows me too well =p

embedded_item1543624030385 by SapphiraVolkov
Sometimes I wonder if my interest in BDSM invites the sort of people that, after hearing a rejection, would force a kiss on someone. It's a painful thing to think, and it's more painful to feel like you need to justify it to someone.

To anyone who might be feeling that way, no matter your circumstances: KINK IS NOT CONSENT. You owe no one the right to your body. Enjoying, reading, writing, and/or roleplaying non-consensual situations is not a signal that you consent to it. End of story.

Also, before you ask, I'm safe and okay
This call-out culture is getting out of hand
Some people will do anything just to have that one special someone in their life.

This came from a challenge by :iconsapphiravolkov:, who set a task to write something to her tastes. This was my second attempt at doing so, and I feel like it fared much better. As always, please enjoy :D

Now maybe I can take a break... until the next time someone decides to keep me busy :P
I had him pick a picture from HeartGear 's gallery and write a story. It went better than expected
On the Edge of the Blade
Sometimes all you need to keep someone at bay is a sharp wit and an even sharper weapon.

Written from a challenge from :iconsapphiravolkov: who seems intent on keeping me busy. This one takes inspiration from the image linked below…
So many things
Involuntary Admission
I could not think of a better title...

Another idea *ahem* generously supplied by :iconsapphiravolkov:
Many things are happening this week
Road Trip
One car, two travellers, an eager attitude and various bindings. What could go wrong?

Idea courtesy of :iconsapphiravolkov: who continues to be a good sport :P
Just sitting in the Jew club, sorting through the books, and found the screenplay for Brokeback Mountain

embedded_item1542209500770 by SapphiraVolkov
So I've got like seventeen works in progress, but most of them are going to be several parts long. The thing is, I tend to jumo back and forth between projects, so I'm never working on just one at a time. Would y'all prefer if I posted chapters as I finish them, or if I finish a story in its entirety, post it in chapters, and then attempt to do the same for the next one?
I got to tie up a cute boy today! He's interested in learning about BDSM, and I tied him up as a demonstration and then let him practice on me using diagrams for reference :)

embedded_item1540233933466 by SapphiraVolkov
Today I walked directly into a STOP sign. No slowing down, just a direct head-on collision. I screamed "MOTHERFUCKER" when I did. No one looked up.

I promise, whatever it is you're self-conscious about, it's not that noticeable.

Also please watch where you're going
Recently one of the boys in the Gaming Club celebrated his birthday. Having seen him interact with his girlfriend and taking note of how aggressive she is, I decided to get him a birthday present.

I hope they make good use of those handcuffs.
Today I learned that I have become known as the person to ask if anyone needs duct tape, rope, or handcuffs. Shenanigans ensued. I acquired a cute male submissive (or was it he who acquired me, since he declared himself my submissive? Who knows), found out that a cute girl I know is kinky, and was asked to tie a different girl up so she could see how good I was with ropes.

This was the calm part of my day.
So two different boys have confessed their feelings to me in the past week. Any ideas on how to stop people from developing crushes on me (that don't require me to sacrifice my dignity)?
I ordered a commission from Marmotap, and goddamn have they delivered. This is absolute gold, and worth every penny!
Xao Restrains Saffron
Xao found a new toy to play with when he discovered, Saffron, a newly recruited engineer aboard the ship. He fell instantly for the guy's sweet charm and his smooth, touchable body. It wasn't long before Saffron got pounced in the engine room and was tied up to enjoy Xao's toying and slow teasing. Xao was especially liberal with the restraints since he'd noticed that Saffron didn't like to hold still and the thought of making him squirm was irresistible....
" Ah, I knew I could make you blush. You're surprisingly stubborn. But don't worry, I'll tame you slowly."

 This was a commission for :iconsapphiravolkov: Saffron belongs to them. Xao belongs to me. (All characters are 18 years or older)

Thanks so much for your support, I hope you all enjoy!

(Let me know if you guys think this needs a "strictly mature" tag)
Found this on Twitter and asked my friends what would tip them off. One said to tweet my safeword, and the other said to vaguepost about a book.

What about y'all? What post would make you concerned about my safety?

embedded_item1539090483199 by SapphiraVolkov


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