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We like em distressed.
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The Ransom
“Come on. I really need the money.”
“I dunno, man. I don’t want my face associated with that.”
“It won’t be, I promise. I’ll take care of everything. It’s just the one, and then you’ll never have to think about it again.”
The camera was shaky on purpose, to give the impression of an amateur. It was having some trouble focusing, but then the image finally sharpened, throwing the room into sharp relief. Sitting in front of the camera in a sturdy wooden chair was a young man in his early twenties. He was fairly attractive, with neatly trimmed dark hair and the first shadow of a beard across his jaw, but that wasn’t what drew the eye to him. It was, instead, the tape wound tightly around his chest, arms, legs, and holding him down to the seat. He seemed disoriented, and every few moments he would look around, squinting at the room around him like he wasn’t quite sure what he was doing there. Finally he seemed to
:iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 26 12
I Don't Care Mug by SapphiraVolkov I Don't Care Mug :iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 6 17 Ceramic Pitcher by SapphiraVolkov Ceramic Pitcher :iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 3 17
Mature content
Monster Mash :iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 17 15
Mature content
Eternity :iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 17 21
Experiment by SapphiraVolkov Experiment :iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 13 19
Mature content
Maid for the Job :iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 13 43
The Devil's Threesome
There’s something so incredibly sensual about having the attention of two attractive men fixed solely on you. You don’t notice it at first, too preoccupied in the conversation, but after a minute or so it hits you, and hits hard, and after that it’s impossible not to notice. After that, everything jumps sharply into focus; the cool smirks on their faces, the way their eyes linger on your body, the subtle hints they throw into the conversation. Finally they reach the tipping point, and before you know it your hands are behind your back, held in place by the one with blue eyes.
“Hold still,” he orders, and that’s that, even as you whimper, even as the other pulls the tie from your neck and wraps it around your wrists.
Green, laughing eyes.
It was his idea- tying you up, that is. Master had wanted to, certainly, but it was Sir who put it on the table, who finally escalated it past teasing and empty promises. His hands wander when he finally
:iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 13 26
Rockabilly Romance by SapphiraVolkov Rockabilly Romance :iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 18 12 Wrapped In A Bow by SapphiraVolkov
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Wrapped In A Bow :iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 14 24
Make Me by SapphiraVolkov Make Me :iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 8 10 Princess Bondage by SapphiraVolkov Princess Bondage :iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 23 15 My Love by SapphiraVolkov My Love :iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 10 10 Persistence by SapphiraVolkov Persistence :iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 17 17
Mature content
Insatiable :iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 6 2
Mature content
Possession :iconsapphiravolkov:SapphiraVolkov 8 27


Calling NSFW BDSM Writers!
Do you have a unique or interesting scene you've written that you'd like illustrated for free? A creative predicament or cruel and unusual bondage scenario?Get in touch!(Also, feel free to share this around and/or tag your writer friends!)I've been feeling a bit creatively drained lately, and not been producing much art. I've got back into the flow of actually drawing again and am working on a style I like, but the actual creativity and interesting ideas still needs a kickstart with something weird and interesting, and nothing gets me fired up like innovative NSFWness!Rather than just coming up with random ideas or searching for arbitrary inspiration, I thought it might be nice to help out the local writers and offer help to some of our favourite writers who might have some scenes that they'd like to see illustrated :)If you get in touch with your cool ideas, I'll see what I can do about bringing some of them to life!(Some notes on that)I'm not promising to get everything done, I will only be able to get so many done, so please don't take it personally if yours isn't chosen to be done soon, or at all.No comics or scenes that require multiple panels to explain; this is only going to be a single illustration, but I am happy to add some supplementary text if it helps.
:iconpixeljail:PixelJail 4 8
Cinder Shark by JumpinJammies Cinder Shark :iconjumpinjammies:JumpinJammies 191 34 Scarletfish joke entry by Quadpen Scarletfish joke entry :iconquadpen:Quadpen 22 15 Morning by eiqe
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Morning :iconeiqe:eiqe 69 2
GND 331 - Hot and Bothered by Pika-la-Cynique
Mature content
GND 331 - Hot and Bothered :iconpika-la-cynique:Pika-la-Cynique 131 42
Mature content
There's Nothing I Do Better Than Revenge... (?/f) :icontakemydreams:takemydreams 8 8
Aladdina by Axsens Aladdina :iconaxsens:Axsens 2,705 78 Fairy by KenryChu Fairy :iconkenrychu:KenryChu 456 63
Organ Trail: Well That Escalated Quickly

Eyyyy we're back

If Jason Bateman isn't trying to angel invest me into some money laundering scheme I'll riot

Well shoot, I guess that's even worse in the zombie apocalypse, isn't it?

Yeah no shit Sapph, you were bitten by a zombie.

See I know I should steal the part but am I morally capable of doing that?

I was not, but she completely fixed up our station wagon for free so uhhhh worth it

"The rest of the passengers gag her with some duct tape, which has unintended and unwanted consequences."

Oh my God yes

Okay yeah this one was totally my fau
:iconsushi4427:sushi4427 2 21
New Iron Man by DuckLordEthan New Iron Man :iconducklordethan:DuckLordEthan 1,692 67 Hanging under the sakura tree by otomihs Hanging under the sakura tree :iconotomihs:otomihs 36 2 Hero vs Villain by larienne Hero vs Villain :iconlarienne:larienne 2,018 51 Game, Set and Snatched, Pauline! by falseAlias
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Game, Set and Snatched, Pauline! :iconfalsealias:falseAlias 425 7
Feral by Lhuin Feral :iconlhuin:Lhuin 1,353 19 you're pretty too. by kanapy-art you're pretty too. :iconkanapy-art:kanapy-art 410 11 Skye by Bear-hybrid Skye :iconbear-hybrid:Bear-hybrid 100 4

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It's about time I figured this out.

Right, so, as of now, commissions are officially open! I'm currently writing short stories, or, if you have a serialized plot in mind, chapter stories. Regardless, you, the commissioner, get to choose the characters, settings, kinks, genre, and whatever else you may want! Keep in mind that I'll need references for your characters' personalities, looks, clothes, et cetera, which can be in the form of art or just a descriptive paragraph.

Now, your commission will be priced based on the length of the entire story- chapter breaks don't matter. Starting price is $10 for 1,000 to 2,000 words, plus $10 for every additional 1,000 words. By that token, 3,000 words would cost $20, 4,000 would cost $30, and so on. I accept Paypal and Points, however, paying in Points means that you need to pay 150%. This is because I absolutely despise the Points system, and it's a huge hassle to transfer them to Paypal.

I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason, including, but not limited to, content, the time necessary to complete it, and/or the kinks involved.

Yes, I do write vanilla stories.
No, I will not write graphic sex.
Yes, I will try to work with you if you want something changed.
No, I will not rewrite the whole story.

If you're interested, please bloop me a note, and I'd be happy to work with you!

Cheers from Brooklyn,


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Sapphira Volkov
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Your local tsundere/brat. I'm known for making food, flinging insults, writing stories, and getting myself into ridiculous situations with the ease of a practiced contortionist. I show affection with deadly insults and general grumpiness. My bark is almost always worse than my bite, so feel free to hit me up! I'm always down for a friendly chat!

Commissions are open!


Profile picture and avatar are courtesy of Goldyfishs-carrots, whom I love so very much

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Bachelorette parties are so goddamn stressful. Why didn't I just hire a fucking stripper?
Let's play "how many websites can I use to boost Rory Thomassen?" He's an amazing content creator and deserves more love!

Read his book, described as being "about early civilization finding liberation from the gods with weapons that sing" and is absolutely AMAZING: or…

Watch his videos, featuring custom themed shibari ties, D&D jokes, memes, and snippets of lore from his book:

Follow his work on Facebook for updates on the book:

Follow his twitter, since he's a cool guy and it's fun to support people like that: @ author_rory
My tomato plants are growing almost as tall as me!

embedded_item1559598972562 by SapphiraVolkov
I just got lost trying to get home on this fucking hell of a subway system and a girl I know from school stopped me and went "you look like you don't know where you're going, do you need help?" and offered to pay for my fare and honestly I appreciate her so much
So I was talking to my dad today, and I mentioned that I wanted a pet snake. My father, without missing a beat, immediately said "but why don't you get a pet man instead?"
Hey, look, it's Grace and Jay! Funny, I never had them illustrated until now. This is their part of an art trade, and I love how it came out!
art trade with SapphiraVolkov! based on this:  Kinktober 2017- Foodplay“I never knew you were such a fucking cookie nazi.”
“I’m not a cookie nazi, you just don’t know how to keep your hands off what’s not  yours.”
I squirmed a little in my chair, trying to loosen the tape that wound around my body like a serpent, holding me still. She’d bound my wrists, arms, chest, and legs, and then, for good measure, taped me to the chair to make sure I couldn’t caterpillar-crawl away. Still, I didn’t regret the cookie I’d scarfed down before she could stop me. Chocolate chip is my favorite. Then she climbed into my lap, arms wrapped around my neck, and smiled sweetly.
“So… you want cookies, do you?” I didn’t answer, and, still smiling, she reached over to the table and took a cookie. “If you want one so badly, then take it. Go on, sweet thing. Take the cookie.”
I didn’t trust her, but I knew she wouldn’t stop until I played along, so, after a m

their part of the art trade is here: EternityThe forest was freezing, colder even than the night she’d left him out here for hours, tied to a tree. Thomas wished he had something to keep him warm, but he knew better than to ask. Lavender was furious, and as she dragged him deeper into the woods, he scrambled for purchase in the dirt, trying to find something he could use to pull himself upright. His arms were taped to his sides using half a roll of duct tape, and his right leg was bent at the knee and taped shut. He might have yelled for help, but Lavender had thought of that as well; she’d stuffed half a washcloth into his mouth and wrapped his head in the rest of the duct tape before grabbing him by the hair and forcing him out the door. The further they went, the more his clothes started to shred against the jagged stones and twigs littering the forest floor. He could feel the skin on his arms and legs getting scraped until it stung and bled, but Lavender didn’t seem to care much. Finally, she stopped,
go read all their stuff, it's gr8 :la:
Throwback to that time I realized that not one of my friends is vanilla

embedded_item1558082930181 by SapphiraVolkov
How many of y'all have requests? I'll probably only do one, but if yours catches my eye then it might be your lucky day
So my little brother tried to talk to me today, and my nephew interrupted him by saying, "No, she's mine!"

I'm not sure where he's learning this from, but... I'm a little concerned XD
I'm entering a new phase in my life. I'm working, trying to make some spending money between semesters. I've been accepted into three different schools, and I'm going to start on my bachelor's degree in the fall. I'm living my best life, and the only way forward is up. I hope y'all are able to experience something similar
This guy is fucking great. Go show him some love!
Not sure if anyone's interested, but I just published my first self-published story on amazon! Many are calling it “Something [I] wrote” and “Certainly contains words”. It's literally the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me!

So nugs drew a cute thing. Go check it out!
heres a little sketch for SapphiraVolkov  my dear friend haha i always told her id draw her tied up and i got busy and forgot but hopefully this makes up for it also i could only do one because my sai shut down rip 
Apparently the Army and Navy surplus store also sells handcuffs, knives, bullwhips, cat-o-nine-tails, riding crops, zip ties, and rope. I think I've found my new favorite shop
So I was playing Quiplash with a bunch of vanilla people the other day. The prompt that I got was "Give me one good reason I shouldn't spank you right now."

It keeps happening XD
If you had to punish a sub, how would you do it? Asking for myself, because I'm running out of ideas
Amusing, and not inaccurate
Fantasy vs Reality
I was bored and didnt really know what to draw, so I played around with the amusing concept of how my alter ego is portrayed ( Reece) by… and how our interactions are more like.

I didnt have all my traditional art art stuff just a brush pen, ballpoint pen and red pencil ( the usual sketching stuff that I carry around with me) but I always find it relaxing to work with a limited colour pallet and do some looser drawings.

Also, I do own that outfit in the first panel, but I am not that suave, and I am significantly shorter then Saff, which always amuses me.


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