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SapphicNeko's Profile Picture
Sapphic Neko
Just a lonely catgirl out in the lonely world! :)
Its finally finished. I commissioned Ganassa to viasualize my little idea.
You can see the result here.

I'll upload it on my DA once he put it on his first.
Many people have asked me if I will play City of Titan when it comes.
And while I hate to be a negative nancy I think the question is if, not when. I've seen so many ambitious fan projects fail simply because they work on it on their spare time, and spare time is a precious commodity.
And I also hope they will modernize the game somewhat, because lets be honest. If you were to sit down with City of Heroes today instead of in april 2004. I think our experiences would be terribly diffrent now from then. Nearly ten years have passed, but if they manage to make it feel fresh, yet keep the three things which made CoH the great game that it was. I'll be sure to be there.
What three things you ask?
The Community. This is the big one. Game can be kinda poo if you have a great community to back it up. CoH had this, by far the best community in any online game i've ever seen.
The Freeform Grouping. Not having to have 1-2 tanks 1-2 healers and rest dps. You could play whayever with whomever and you could accomplish what you set out for. Sure some setups were better than others (Hi all defender teams), but you could make everything work, Never had to sit for 3 hours waiting for a tank to do a taskforce.
 The customization. I know I'm not alone in this, I spend half my playtime in ICON, designing new costumes and characters. Sometimes characters were brought to life by some happy accidents in ICON. I actually still use the creator tool just to play around with making designs. Its not as pleasing as when I could take them out in game and play them, but its still fun.

I wish the Titan team the very best of luck with the project to revive CoH into City of Titans. However I cannot help being skeptical at fan projects since i've never seen one finish.

As for myself.
Horribly overworked atm, what spare time i find i usually end up playing some Star Trek Online. A game i used to loathe when i played it in beta, but they've shaped it up to be rather good now. I love the space combat.
And some games i tried which i found to be disappointing:
Defiance - Decent story and gameplay, but lack of progress makes it feel dull after a short time.
Neverwinter - Oh boy this turned out to suck, it was fun to play to 60 once, but that took a few days at most and the end game experience is god awful. They promised new stuff regularly, but it took over 6 months for em to increase classes from 5 to 6, and the new class looks pretty much like a rogue with some bow attacks. Disappointing.
Final Fantasy 14 - Biggest let down of them all, while they managed to improve it from 1.0 its still feels horribly outdated. Combat is the dullest i've played (2.5 second global cooldown, yawn), the game is horribly prone to lag. And features some of the worst design decisions i've ever seen. (For example, updating player location every 0.3 secs, and then put in location based one shot mechanics you have 1 second to evade, toss in a little lag and its down to chance not skill). The only redeeming quality was the Miqo'te catgirls, but even they couldn't rescue it.

Got my fingers crossed for Wildstar, it looks great. Sci-fi setting and some firefly-ish humor.
Elder scrolls Online, not gotten a chance to play it. People say its awesome, but thats also same people who liked FF14, so i'm dubious. I cannot help but get stuck on the retard decision to make 3 factions and limit races to the factions and exploration.

Nekobutt out!
  • Listening to: Soundbooks.
  • Reading: nothing.
  • Watching: Porn
  • Playing: Star Trek Online
  • Eating: Quim.
  • Drinking: girl nectar



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