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The wandering mage, the Great and Powerful Trixie, Lulamoon
Alignment: CN
Domains: Magic, Trickery, Travel
Portfolio: Journeymen and women, wanderers, actors, performers, misdirection.
Symbol: as cutie mark.

Trixie is the patron of the arts. Performances blessed by her are always memorable, though do not necessarily go as planned. Trixie often attempts to mislead her followers and worshippers, mainly as a test of their acuity. Her main flaw is an inability to admit wrongdoing, hardly unique among deities.

Twilight Sparkle
The Lady of Magic, the Balance Between, the Sorceress.
Intermediate deity
Alignment: LG
Domains: Magic, Protection, Law, Good, Knowledge, Purification
Portfolio: Magic and magic users, leaders, archivists, diplomacy, time, students.
Symbol: as cutie mark.

Twilight is the most powerful of the gods besides the six Greater Deities. She represents the balance between the gods of good, and harmonious work in general. She is also the emblem of hard work and knowledge, though not necessarily wisdom. A popular deity, she is found on the mortal plane surprisingly often - usually in libraries.

Pinkie Pie
The Lady of Laughter, Sanity's test, Pinkamena.
Intermediate deity
Alignment: CN
Domains: Chaos, Luck, Liberation, Madness, Oracle
Portfolio: Cooks, bakers, humour, parties, unusual events, trust, insanity, divination.
Symbol: as cutie mark.

Pinkie, or Pinkamena, is a deity of dichotomy. Her usual portrayal is energetic, and her invocation at a party will lead to a memorable party (and often her personal appearance, with attendant weakening of the laws of physics). She is also called upon for oaths, and is merciless against those who break them. Her Pinkamena aspect is both the dark side of laughter and its' absence.
Rumored to travel the earth as a yellow-maned, pure white pegasus.

The Lady of Honesty, the Farmer.
Intermediate deity
Alignment: LN
Domains: Law, Strength, Protection, Plant
Portfolio: Truth, farmers, crops, agriculture, fresh fruit, defenders.
Symbol: as cutie mark. (unless otherwise stated, assume this)

Applejack is the principle deity of crops and farmers. Her blessing is sought regularly at the commencement of growing season in agricultural communities. She is invoked at trials, and will also aid those defending their own lands.

Rarity Belle, the Lady of Generosity, the Dressmaker.
Intermediate Deity
Alignment: LN
Domains: Law, Nobility, Earth, Creation, Artifice
Portfolio: Creativity, clothing, merchants, jewelery, charity.

Rarity is considered to bring prosperity and inspiration, making her especially popular amongst those who design things for a living. Her own creations are works of art without peer. She is also associated with gemstones and prospectors, and it is a rare charity that does not at least include her among their patron deities.

Rainbow Dash
The Lady of Loyalty, the Weathersmith
Intermediate deity
Alignment: CG
Domains: Celerity, Competition, Weather, Good, War, Air
Portfolio: Camaraderie, sport, speed, warfare

Rainbow Dash is honoured by many a competitive individual. Her blessing is sought on races and other tests of prowess, and also on partnerships. Brash and quick to assume, her relations with other deities are strained regularly.

The Lady of Kindness
Intermediate deity
Alignment: NG
Domains: Animal, Healing, Good, Protection, Charm
Portfolio: Care, animals, veterinarians, diplomacy, druids

Fluttershy has a deep affinity with life and values it strongly, in whatever form. She encourages non-violent solutions to problems, but not necessarily passive behaviour. Her clergy run temples which work for free in many major towns, and most druids pay her homage.

The Princess of the Day, the Sun Ascendant
Greater Deity
Alignment: LG
Domains: Good, Law, Glory, Sun, Fire, Purification
Portfolio: Day, civilization, rulers, peace, work

Celestia is the light of the universe. The pillar of civilization, she is the focus of worship from the dwellers of cities and the inhabitants of farms alike. She can be critical at times, but understands that others can find themselves led astray.

The Princess of the Night, the Full Moon
Greater Deity
Alignment: CG
Domains: Good, Chaos, Dreams, Cold, Community, Repose
Portfolio: Night, the night sky, inspiration, freedom, enjoyment

Luna is all that is good about darkness and quiet. A place to relax from the day's work, a wondrous dream, a night spent in fun - all are hers. She provides the counterbalance to the order of her sister Celestia.

Nightmare Moon, the New Moon
Greater Deity
Alignment: LE
Domains: Law, Evil, Cold, Death, Destruction, Hunger
Portfolio: Entropy, darkness, decay
Symbol: A field of darkness, with faint stars

Usually only known as Nightmare Moon, Hecate is a former opposed aspect of Luna that has separated from her. She has a void at the centre of her being that seeks to make the world a cold, dead, unchanging place.

Oh Buck It's Him, the end of reason
GreatEST deity, baby!
Alignment: Chaotic Evil Sausage.
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Domination, Madness, Pact, Trickery, and a side order of fries.
Portfolio: utter havoc
Symbol: A herring on a stick.

Thankfully mostly imprisoned, Discord is elemental chaos in protean form. His worshippers meet in secret, and aim to release him to bring about the end of the universe. Why is not known, often even by the worshippers themselves.

The shadow
Intermediate Deity
Alignment: NE
Domains: Domination, Dragon, Evil, Scalykind
Portfolio: Conquest, subversion, control, corruption, evil dragons
Symbol: A monochromatic rainbow

Tirek's fortress holds reptilian monsters of many kinds, especially warped draconic parodies created from other beings. He seeks to rule, and bides his time creating an army until he can sweep across the world. Any implication to a "normal" dragon that they are connected with him will be met with angry refusal, possibly even violence.

The Dragon Child, the Messenger, Spykoranuvellitar the Old
Lesser Deity
Alignment: NG
Domains: Dragon, Fire, Earth, Travel
Portfolio: Dragonkind, fire, communication, clerks, scribes
Symbol: A fire opal

Spike usually appears in the form of a young dragon, though he can also be ancient beyond words. He acts as the messenger of the pantheon, and his fire is able to transmit objects across space. Normally found in the presence of the Sorceress, the two have a close partnership. The story of his infatuation with the Dressmaker is a popular one, though the conclusion is different every time.

Ditzy Doo
Derpy, Bright Eyes, the Muffin Mare
Lesser Deity
Alignment: N
Domains: Community, Liberation, Luck, Protection
Portfolio: Mothers, parents, uniqueness
Symbol:As cutie mark, or a baked muffin

Ditzy most represents - and prizes - that which makes everyone unique. The way that every person is at the heart of their own life story, no matter that it may be less exciting than that of others. She has a particular affinity with parents, and single parents among them. The muffins that are almost a second symbol to her are provided from temple stockpiles in times of poor harvest. If invoked before setting off on an adventure, the adventurer may find themselves involved in an utterly illogical sequence of events - that leads them exactly where they need to go.

The Doctor, the Oncoming Storm
Demigod (apparently)
Alignment: NG
Domains: Protection, Travel, Time
Portfolio: Survivors, Wanderers, those in danger, the past and the future

The Doctor is among the most erratic of deities, never in one place or time for very long. He and his avatars intervene recklessly in disasters both natural and artificial, and it is said that he is the thing most feared by the forces of evil. While he knows the future, this future can often be rewritten and is not prophecy.

The graceful cellist
Alignment: LN
Domains: Creation, Law, Artifice
Portfolio: Dancers, classical music, ensemble musicians, orchestrae, professional musicians

Of the deities of music, Octavia's approach is the grandest. She enjoys and promotes music where the performer's skills set them apart, whether as part of a grand orchestra, a chamber ensemble or a solo. Professional musicians revere her, and her symbol has become incorporated into the notation of conventional music.

Vinyl Scratch
DJ P0N-3
Alignment: CN
Domains: Creation, Chaos, Trickery, Charm
Portfolio: Modern and electronic music, arrangers, DJs, nightclubs, sound recorders and edited sound

Vinyl's take on music is that it should be a background to events, not the centre of attention - at least not for their music. Her worshippers cultivate a stage image that enhances the experience, but are content to let the music do the talking. They rarely make the music themselves, but often arrange it for consumption or otherwise provide it.

Lyra Heartstrings
The Harper
Alignment: N
Domains: Creation, Community, Dreams, Travel
Portfolio: Folk music, collaborative music, amateur and casual musicians, bards, minstrels

Lyra is the deity of those for whom music is a hobby and a pastime. When a village meets for a festival, she will be invoked - and the same for a small group of friends wanting to make music for fun. The few professional musicians who follow her are bards and minstrels, who travel the land carrying their songs and organizational expertise to new places. They can often get a whole town singing along to their latest tune. This wanderlust also makes her the patron of explorers who discover new lands and peoples. An old story tells of her love for a mortal, but the end is missing.

The Gryphon, the Wilful Exile, the Loner
Lesser Deity
Alignment: CN
Domains: Air, Chaos, War, Strength, Fire
Portfolio: Those who feel out of place, revenge, pride, anger, lone wolves, elite soldiers
Symbol: A burning feather, a bare mountain peak

Gilda does not sit well with the pantheon. Not evil, she has no place with the outcasts such as Discord, but her fierce pride and incompatible personality make it hard for her to incorporate with her nominal allies. To reduce this strain, she has declared herself to not require the others. She has a following among those whose talents set them apart, and who tend to work alone - especially warriors of many stripes, and a surprising number of the best law enforcement personnel.

Sweetie Belle
The Child of Water, the unfated unicorn
Alignment: LN
Domains: Dreams, Luck, Water
Portfolio: Children, young magic users, young musicians, destiny, fate, discovery, potential
Symbol: A blank coin, a red cape

Sweetie Belle is one of a trio of deities who collectively represent the young. They are filled with boundless energy and forever quest to discover what they are skilled at - missing that their true talents are obvious. They can be found on the mortal plane for brief periods at a time, always seeking something new. The three are far more potent when invoked together for serious matters, but their individual benediction is suited to children of their respective types.
The Child of Water also represents the seas of the world, their depths a metaphor for untapped (often magical) potential.

The Child of the Earth, the unfated earth pony
Alignment: N
Domains: Dreams, Luck, Earth
Portfolio: Children, young artisans, destiny, fate, discovery, potential
Symbol: A blank shield, a red cape

Applebloom is one of a trio of deities who collectively represent the young. They are filled with boundless energy and forever quest to discover what they are skilled at - missing that their true talents are obvious. They can be found on the mortal plane for brief periods at a time, always seeking something new. The three are far more potent when invoked together for serious matters, but their individual benediction is suited to children of their respective types.
The Child of the Earth also represents the world's land, the solidity a metaphor for lurking strength.

The Child of the Sky, the unfated pegasus
Alignment: CN
Domains: Dreams, Luck, Air
Portfolio: Children, young athletes, destiny, fate, discovery, potential
Symbol: A blank flag, a red cape

Scootaloo is one of a trio of deities who collectively represent the young. They are filled with boundless energy and forever quest to discover what they are skilled at - missing that their true talents are obvious. They can be found on the mortal plane for brief periods at a time, always seeking something new. The three are far more potent when invoked together for serious matters, but their individual benediction is suited to children of their respective types.
The Child of the Sky also represents the atmosphere, with its' boundless blue a metaphor for limitless freedom.

Interestingly, when found or otherwise considered as a group, the unfated trio rank as an Intermediate Deity.

The Alchemist.
Alignment: N
Domains: Rune, Healing, Plant
Portfolio: Alchemists and alchemy, potions, herb lore, ritual magic
Symbol: as cutie mark.

Zecora is a deity with an origin outside Equestria. She is the patron of potions both magical and mundane, and of chemists. Her territory contains plants found nowhere else, many with strange effects. She also represents that magic that does not fall into the more conventional categories and that may be cast through preparation rather than power.

Mi Amore Cadenza, Cadance, The Princess of the Heart
Greater Deity
Alignment: NG
Domains: Mind, Good, Liberation, Community
Portfolio: Love, marriage, caretakers, family, music
Symbol: As cutie mark

Cadence (or Cadance) is the goddess of affection and love - romantic, platonic, family, and even unrequited. She is seen as the model of a married mare and the guardian of children, as well as representing the process of maturity, and she fosters strong ties between individuals. Her specific focus amongst music is that which is remembered fondly for the memories it evokes. Her consort was originally the mortal brother of the Sorceress, though he has since ascended himself. (This was merely rumour until the Order of Shining Armor was established recently).

The Queen of Darkness, the emotionless one
Greater Deity
Alignment: NE
Domains: Mind, Evil, Hunger, Domination, Madness
Portfolio: Apathy, despair, loveless relationships, the Fae
Symbol: A crystal heart in a cage

Queen Chrysalis rules the Fae, the most commonly seen of which are the Changelings. She and they feed off strong emotion, drawing it from their targets. While this is necessary for them, they have no concept of how others may feel about it. She has a longstanding feud with Cadence, as the two are effectively opposites.
It is interesting to note that neither Chrysalis nor her Fae are "immoral", as they do not comprehend morality - however, they are still generally evil. Some foolhardy and lucky individuals have made deals with her to recieve assistance in return for emotional food. It is vitally important to define the terms beforehand, for obvious reasons.

Shining Armor
The Defender, The Knight of Honour
Lesser deity
Alignment LG
Domains: Protection, War, Strength, Glory
Portfolio: Chivalry, knightly orders, paladins, those who combine strength at arms with magic

Shining Armor is the emblem of chivalry and honour. His especial focus is warriors or soldiers who defend those who cannot defend themselves, and he tends to attract martial worshippers - from warrior-priests to paladins to arcane knights.
He is the gatekeeper and champion of the pantheon.
He is related to two of the goddesses, one by marriage and one by blood. He shares his wife Cadance' deep dislike of Chrysalis, but maintains firmly that he will only react to attacks rather than taking the offensive.

Berry Punch
The Merry Vinter, the Mare of the Aching Head
Alignment: CN
Domains: Chaos, Plant, Water, Madness
Portfolio: Reverly, alcohol, ripening, fruits

Berry is one of the farming deities, and her specific focus is the process of ripening - and fermentation. Her worship is unusual, in that she has a perpetual headache, and the process of imbibing alcoholic drinks transfers some of this pain to her worshippers. This allows her to perform her duties.
For this reason, farming communities make sure to have plenty of alcohol on hand, and many farmers piously drink themselves into a stupor at the end of the week.

The Teacher, the Guide of the Young
Alignment N
Domains: Mind, Knowledge, Community
Portfolio: Education, the dissemination of knowledge, independent thought

Cheerilee is perhaps one of the more specialized deities, as her focus is entirely on education of the young - though not merely in "book" subjects, since civic responsibility and physical education are also part of her remit.
She and the three deities of childhood are rivals, but not enemies - their mutual exasperation is as much a private game as anything.
For her, the ability to think is as important as knowledge. The greatest question to hear in the classroom is "Why?".

Fauna Luster, the Beginning, Lauren
Alignment: N
Domains: Creation, Dreams
Portfolio: Creation, beginnings, inspiration
Symbol: A quill, writing on a scroll

Creator of the universe. Faust no longer has an active hand in the world she has created, preferring to give it the freedom to grow and evolve without her interference. She treasures everything, good or evil, and those few of her direct worshippers are considered to be above conflict - able to travel unmolested in any land.

King Sombra, the Creeping Rot
Greater Deity
Alignment: NE
Domains: Domination, Evil, Mind, Magic
Portfolio: Corruption, enervation, gradual infiltration, subtlety, fear

Sombra, styled as King by his followers and himself, is the most insiduous kind of evil. Rather than open confrontation, his method is to patiently spread a web of influence throughout the land until he can drain the life from his targets without their ever realizing it. Cults dedicated to him often look to influence the line of succession or transfer of power in mortal domains, hoping to ensure that a ruler friendly to them will take the throne.
He is a bitter foe of Shining Armour and Cadence, since their domains counter his, and he often focuses his corruptive influence on them and their followers to the point of distraction.

Wild Fire
Wildfire, the Morning Fire
Lesser deity
Alignment: CN
Domains: Fire, Air, Chaos
Portfolio: Hobbies, amateurs, enjoyment

Wild Fire is not a deity with many followers, but one who is worshipped often. Her focus is on that which you do for fun - not practising for a living, not to survive, but just because you enjoy it. The term "Amateur" is often misused, but Wild Fire is the true meaning: Someone who loves what they do, whatever that might be.

Bonnie, the Old and the New
Alignment: N
Domains: Destruction, Artifice
Portfolio: Cycles of nature, ending and renewal
Symbol: A silhouette beneath a rainbow

While Faust is the deity of origins, Iris is the deity of endings. All things have a time to end, and this is when Iris becomes involved - but, like winter, this destruction is only to clear the way for creation anew and has a beauty of its' own. The vast majority of representations of her are in sculpture, as sculpture and artifice involve removing material to reveal new beauty. The rainbow in her symbol is tied to the new and clean beauty which follows even the worst storm.
An idea that got out of hand, as usual. This is a partial conversion of the characters of Friendship is Magic into a pantheon. The format used is that from D&D 3.x, with the lines being:

Other titles
Divine class
Symbol (As cutie mark unless otherwise indicated)


(The Alignment system in D&D works as follows: the first letter is the position on the "Ethical" axis, which goes Lawful-Neutral-Chaotic, the second is the position on the "Moral" axis, Good-Neutral-Evil.)

If anyone has suggestions for additional deities, titles for them or other details, let me know. I've tried to maintain balance and make the pantheon interesting.

Thanks to ~BloodyFatalis for help on some of the lore, as well as the CMC and Gilda.
And now the two deity-level characters from the season finale are up. I decided to go with Chrysalis being "amoral" rather than "immoral" - but for that to still count as evil. It fits in with her "fae" theme.
Shining Armor is also up, after some prodding from ~ragnad
The concept behind Berry is partially inspired by the Dice Make Bonk podcast, now sadly discontinued.

I'm perfectly happy for anyone to use sections from this as part of the description field for the appropriate alicorn (or otherwise "divine" portrayal, in the case of characters like Spike), so long as there's a link back here.
And now I've added the creator deity. And a second, as the 'destroyer aspect'.
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alexwarlorn's avatar
Trickery? Yeah, since she told Almost-Alicorn Twilight she ATE IT from Morning Star (the original concept of Trickery, while leaving his other concepts intact), and has done a much better job of BEING that concept (and more constructive to the universe too).

Her Alicorn name is Anasi for the record in Dark World. 
Tiger610's avatar
:33< so, if apple bloom is the child of earth, scootaloo the child of sky and sweetie bell the child of water, babs seed is the child of fire?
morion87's avatar
I think I've found my patron goddes: Twilight.  We have a few things in common, mostly that we both can be found in librarys a lot.  And most of my friends think i spend way to much time reading.
AlicornHybrid88's avatar
I like this. I really, really do. And it's not even a picture!!!
I'm thinking, though, that since you have Applejack and Applebloom...why not Big Machintosh? He could be Shining Armor's fellow defender since he's all about quiet strength and be the patron of mathematicians given it's said he's good at numbers. Just a thought!!!
So, how do I properly express how well-thought-out, how fascinating, I find this?  Well, when I read it, I find myself wishing I knew people I could learn D&D with, just so I could USE it.  I certainly hope someone does, at some point!  Thank you for it.
BrutalityInc's avatar
Hey, I have an idea - what do you think the Founders of Equestria, plus Starswirl the Bearded, would represent if they ascended to godhood?
Saphroneth's avatar
I don't know... part of me suspects it'd be based off their respective positions in (my head-canon of) how Equestria's government works.
Unicameral legislature, four ways to get in.
Way one: election. Earth pony organizational method before the founding, about 30% of maximum permitted seats.
Way two: hereditary seat. Unicorn organizational method before the founding, 20% of seats.
Way three: life seat appointed by the legislature as a whole, usually on merit or as recognition for a major achievement. Not inherited. Pegasus method of organization before the founding - promotion on merit, the military ideal. 30% of seats.
Way four: life seat appointed by the crown (i.e. the ruling princess/es.) 20% of seats. Essentially how the alicorn/s have a say.
In practice, the legislature is below the maximum at all times, and it's impossible for any one bloc to exercise absolute power - indeed, it would take the elected representatives and the life seats to gain a majority rather than just an exact split, if it came down to it, and those are both the most ephemeral seats and the ones which more closely represent what the people want.

Anyway. Puddinghead: acting according to the will of the people, no matter what that may be. Platinum: Acting on personal convictions, refusing to be swayed. And... the general guy whose name I don't remember is doing your job, no matter what it may be, to the best of your ability.
Saphroneth's avatar
Well, my original concept behind the Pony Pantheon was more or less "hey, the MLP cast tend to fit into crossovers and situations fairly well-" (since I'd done a mil sci fi fic with them and it worked out quite well) "-I wonder if they'd make a sensible D&D pantheon?"
And since the idea is that, rather than the events of the show having taken place, the MLP cast are deities...
BrutalityInc's avatar
Really? Well, sounds like there's potential for pretty epic mythology stuff...
Saphroneth's avatar
My conclusion was more or less "yes, this does work", it is true.
sax709's avatar
I really love this. Like sooo much. I'm fanboying all over myself at the D&D crossover. JUST ONE ISSUE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hecate cannot have "entropy" as an aspect if she is both Lawful and "seeks to make the world a cold, dead, unchanging place" because entropy means change or chaos.... so I guess that's it. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG!!!!!!
Saphroneth's avatar
Actually, while entropy does mean the effects of what is known as chaos theory, it also results in the heat death of the universe - which is an ordered state where there's no energy for anything to be different. It's a paradox, really, that chaos theory produces an ordered state.
Doesn't Whooves have 'The Lonely God' as one of his titles?
Saphroneth's avatar
I'd say yes, but Derpy DOES exist here, and he's usually portrayed as going steady with her. So he does have a home to come back to...
barney-nedward's avatar
I bet Rarity would also be associated with the generosity of Hearth's Warming much like Santa.
AmrasFelagund's avatar
Very nice! I really like all of the descriptions that you've given of how each of these characters would be as deities. I will have to keep checking back for further additions...!
Saphroneth's avatar
Feel free to suggest characters to be added, of course. Whether you give suggestions on what their nature should be or just a name that's not on there yet which you'd like to see.
AgiStar's avatar
I am quite inspired. I may have to draw these up later, if that's okay. ^_^
Saphroneth's avatar
Very much okay. Feel free to take the relevant profile to put in the description field - just link to this deviation and let me know you've posted one. (I'd love to see some!)
AgiStar's avatar
Emperordaniel's avatar

Just imagining all the work that must have gone into :iconwowplz:

Looking forward to ponies like King Sombra entering the pantheon come Season Three. :D

Also, any idea as to when Cheerilee will be added to the list? I noticed you already statted her out in the comments below...just wondering.
Saphroneth's avatar
I kinda forgot about her, actually. I'd replied to the guy who suggested her to check if it worked, but I must not have got a reply and forgot about it. She look okay as is?
Emperordaniel's avatar
I think so; just include that bit about "independent thought" being part of her portfolio and what her favorite classroom question is and all, and I'd say it's just about perfect. :)
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