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my style is going through a BIG change right now and im getting adjusted to my school schedule, so these will b closed for awhile!

⚬ these all come in flat color with very little shading! i may add alternative options in the future.
⚬ i do accept customs! all prices stay the same. feel free to specify anything you want
⚬ the character(s) i am drawing has to have a reference image unless it is a custom
⚬ feel free to specify poses/expressions, or give a prompt

Bullet; Green i will draw Bullet; Green
⚬ humans
⚬ anthros
⚬ pre-existing characters
⚬ ferals/monsters/animals/etc
⚬ 1-3 characters in an image

Bullet; Red i wont draw Bullet; Red
⚬ heavy gore

♡ prices 

🌼 chibis: 100 Points 🌼
🌼 +50 Points per extra character in an image 🌼
why did i register your name as jacob by saphour  SURF SURF SAND by saphour

🌹 busts: 150 Points 🌹
🌹 +100 Points per extra character in an image 🌹
:3 by saphour  my love for you is like a truck by saphour

🌸 colored sketches: 200 Points 🌸
🌸 +150 Points per extra character in an image 🌸
character design is my passion by saphour  [commentary voice] FUSION FUCKER FRIDAY by saphour  you have six hours by saphour

🌺 fullbodies: 400 Points 🌺
🌺 +250 Points per extra character in an image 🌺
sword bi by saphour  sorry we never told you, your middle name is todd by saphour  weirdos on the internet are calling him ralph by saphour  i saw a boy with no eyebrows today by saphour
saphour Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2018
xmilkiix you asked me to ping you when these opened!!
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August 2, 2018


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