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Welcome to :iconstopbsl: Bimonthly Atricle. We hope with everyone who reads this article more people will become aware if not already of Breed- Specific Legislation.

What is Breed-Specific Legislation? Breed-specific legislation is a law or ordinance passed by a legislative body pertaining to a specific breed or breeds of domesticated animals. In practice, it generally refers to laws or ordinances pertaining to a specific dog breed or breeds.This legislation ranges from outright bans on the possession of these dogs to restrictions and conditions on ownership, and often establishes a legal presumption that these dogs are "dangerous" or "vicious. (Wikipediaencyclopedia click here for more info on BSL [link])

stopBSL is a group solely for canine lovers & artists, a place where for canine enthusiasts can share dog related artwork in effort to raise awareness about breed-specific legislation, also known as BSL, to encourage responsible dog ownership and to demote the undeserved stereotypes among man's best friend, the dog.

We are for responsible dog ownership, responsible purebred breeding, we also wish to promote adoption and rescue instead of buying from irresponsible breeders and pet stores.

We believe that no dog is born bad and no breed should be discriminated against simply because of one dog's misunderstood actions.

All forms of artwork is welcome here, of purebred & mutt, no matter the breed because we do not discriminate.

:bulletred: The List of Targeted Breeds…

No B.S.L. by ZackLoup


:new: We will be featuring one of the many rare breeds of dogs, in hopes to introduce you to breeds that you may have never heard of. The following breed may be familiar to you, but I promise we will get rarer and rarer by the month. stopBSL administrators hope that you enjoy these rare breed features each month.

Breed of the Month - April
:star: XOLOITXCUINTLI :star:

The Xoloitzcuintli (pronounced show-low-eats-queen-tlee), or "Xolo," is an ancient, natural breed from Mexico. It comes in three sizes – toy, miniature and standard, and two varieties – hairless and coated. In the hairless variety, the skin is tough, protective, smooth and close fitting. The coated variety is covered by a short, flat coat. In both varieties, a dark, uniform color is preferred, ranging from black, gray black, slate, to red, liver or bronze, although white spots and markings are permitted. Today, this breed serves as a guard and companion.

A Look Back
One of the world’s oldest and rarest breeds, the Xolo can justly be called the first dog of the Americas. Archaeological evidence indicates that Xolos accompanied man on his first migrations across the Bering Straits. Their name is derived from the name of the Aztec Indian god Xolotl and Itzcuintli, the Aztec word for dog. With a reputation as a healer, the breed and its warm skin is often put to use in remote Mexican and Central American villages to ward off and cure ailments like rheumatism, asthma, toothache and insomnia. Xolos were also believed to safeguard the home from evil spirits and intruders.

Right Breed for You?
Typical Xolo temperament is calm, tranquil, aloof and attentive. They make excellent companion dogs with moderate exercise and grooming needs.

Come On by HiawathaPhoto Pavi by tavington Xolo Roya by Bipsan Give me my treat by Bipsan Xoloitzcuintle by SaNNaS Little pups by Xoloitzcuintle You are my Idol by Xoloitzcuintle Adela by Xoloitzcuintle Xoloitzcuintli - Standard by AmandaTolleson xolos happy destiny by kevsoul4ever

more information found here…

Breed of the Month - May
:star: Mudi :star:

ORIGIN: Hungary.


Herding dog. Because of his courageous disposition he is very popular with the shepherds for the use of herding large and difficult livestock. He is even used for the battue of wild boar. Excellent guard and companion dog. A dog used for searching out drugs. Watch and alarm dog. Excellent agility dog, lovable house pet. Because of his relatively short coat and his excellent adaptability, it is no problem to keep him in the house.

Group 1 Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs).
Section 1 Sheepdogs.
Without working trial.

The breed came into being during the 18th to the 19th century from cross breeding Hungarian herding dogs most probably with various prick eared German herding dogs.

Mudi by SaNNaS Mudi by Korrok Mudi the hungarian herder by SaNNaS :thumb198917527: :thumb197787144: :thumb197787225: :thumb182402842: I love Mudis by WishmasterAlchemist

more information found here…

:star: Featured Member- Each article I would like to bring to attention some of our very special members who go above and beyond for mans best friend, continue to share there inspiring work with us and are just generally awesome people :heart:

:icondreameyce: A wonderful person who is an advocate for animal adoption all here at stopBSL appreciate the work she does to help these dogs in need, thank you Emily :heart:

work found in DreamEyce 's Gallery

Me and my baby Roy by DreamEyce Tuggin' Roy Rogers by DreamEyce Strangely Posed by DreamEyce Heart on his bum bum by DreamEyce Cardi Proud by DreamEyce Hiking buddy by DreamEyce Miley Cute by DreamEyce Miley Divaspitz by DreamEyce RoRo on the Go 11 months by DreamEyce You are wonderful... by DreamEyce Sweet as Sugar's nose by DreamEyce Pretty Silly Nadia by DreamEyce Naked Meeka by DreamEyce Lucius for Adoption by DreamEyce Where to find happiness by DreamEyce Got a Dollar? by DreamEyce Trying out a new look.... by DreamEyce The ALMOST perfect Sugar pic by DreamEyce Paprika Rescue by DreamEyce

Work found is stopBSL gallery :gallery:

:star: Featured in our :+fav:'s

Portrait of a Sled dog by Wursu Animal Welfare Series: 2 by brindlegreyhound

Mature Content

BSL is wrong by Reike punish the deed not the breed by Tevy While Shelter Pups Die by carlylyn

:star: Featured

Forget the dog Beware of Kitty by DreamEyce

:star: Photography Target Breeds

Tyson by fotogrphr Little Wolf by ILTBY lupus by Maaira Epic Portrait by Dynamutt what are you doing o___O by WhiteSpiritWolf Just chillin' by SaNNaS Follow the leader by CutieInTheAltima Daphne by JennyAnneWelch Storm in the sky by SaNNaS Soft Leo by SaNNaS Im A Good Dog by Jaded-Night Monster Headshot II by KateIndeed Baby Blue by aloraAMAZING Sleepy Cheeks by deineBrightEyes Monster Headshot by KateIndeed Little Murdock by MiDulceLocura Berger Allemand by MorganeS-Photographe Shaman 2266 by DeingeL-Dog-Stock :thumb202056698: Bordeaux puppy up close by Feeferlump moose by stacie-w Snowy Bowser by jennalynnrichards My Beautiful Snow Princess by Ingalinn On the beach 01 by solina-tormas Muddy Nose by MiDulceLocura Happy Bully by KateIndeed Wonder Tongue by wokeuptopless Moose my boy by Tyler007 Old Wise Man by EarudienUndomiel Happy Pitbull Portrait by Feeferlump Fashion Statement by DreamEyce Striking a Pose by KonikPolski :thumb205955039:

:star: Digital + Traditional Art Target Breeds

:thumb205771065: :thumb205731909: Augustus Cousin Gus by monstarart German Shepherd Dog by SRussellart Pet Portrait - Staffy by balloonfactory commission shepherd dog by Isisnofret Dog Portrait by Articu :thumb200090369: A Faithful Friend by naomih91 Mr. Fu by psheesley Boxer Hutch by ArtsandDogs

:star: Photography Other Breeds

But I Wanna by RevieRevv baxter. by alais-photography Sunset with Las by hermio 047 by kaskaa96 Everyone's Best Friend by Life-ls-Beautiful :thumb205799669: Deux amies. by nelow-ow model by hermio Demain sera parfait. by nelow-ow Her BALL by 666vlcina Iron 1 by Pimpaloni Biski - agility by Pimpaloni Run by vadalein Archibald's Sand Pit by Gustiee I'm Coming to Get You by Caravela hippie by rounz :thumb203171662: The Black Lab II by Wordup playing by imp-girl grey on black by photofairy One of the Lucky Ones by ShesOnlyDreaming ... by Maaira Emma and  Lucy by vadalein .:Shiba Inu:. by WhiteSpiritWolf Siblings by fotogrphr Miley puppy got cleandid by DreamEyce ultimate tennis ball by sassawj  :thumb194030144: :thumb197471897: pugs by Maaira beauty by Wolfruede What's up? by feanutri

:star: Digital + Traditional Art Other Breeds

:thumb205743300: Westy with Stripes by Britan Golden Retriever by PaintedThoughts My Dog - Kormos by ZsofiaGyuker Dog heaven by MonsterMarika Irish Red Setter by SRussellart Memories of a Greyhound by FuzzyCreaturePainter Dog by CubistPanther Stalker by Ansheen Summer Dog by HeatherHorton Bagel the Beagle in Pencil by shilohs Mirabai by zalay poodle by spiritsart greyhound 2 by balloonfactory Golden Retriever Spence by ArtsandDogs Australian Shepherd Dog by ArtsandDogs Choco and Tosh by psheesley Golden Retriever by ArtsandDogs Chili by Wolfgang121 :thumb200892849: Jodie by PomPrint Natalie by airyfairyamy sakura by littlemotorcar

:star: Pet Adoption Promotion

Pretty Silly Nadia by DreamEyce Nadia is a Shepherd-mix rescue dog in the Dallas, Texas area, who is looking for her forever home. Nadia loves to sing, act goofy, and snuggle with her head on a lap, or shoulder. She adores children, is great with dogs and cats, but is very unsure about men.

If you think Nadia may be a good fit for your family, check out her page here:…

:thumb202661775: He's a very friendly and playful male, available for adoption. I don't know his name or anything much about him, unfortunately :/ But he's very very playful and *adores* people. He's some kind of gundog mix (perhaps Pointer or German Pointer mix)
The website of the Zadar Animal Shelter is a WIP, but here's the website of an animal welfare organization helping out.www.tierhilfe-benkovac-zadar.d…

:thumb202660980: This poor dog arrived at the shelter with mange, She has demodex (she's being treated)and she's available for adoption.

Have a rescue dog?
Do you have a rescue dog? A dog you picked up off the streets, adopted from a rescue organization, brought home from the local animal shelter or pulled from the city pound? Is it a shelter dog or a family dog that does not belong to you? Then please share their stories here!

:star: Proud to share with you again our rescue dogs of stopBSL

Half Past My Bedtime by deineBrightEyes From Rags to Riches by CutieInTheAltima Mama by x0unaverage0x Foster dog Nadia by DreamEyce Baker by caroro-stock Kooper by caroro-stock Beautifull and Alone.. by Angele-Mortis Penelope 1 by 8TwilightAngel8 I am not a Monster by RLindley Reba's Autumn Portrait by Bellayona Choco Labrador by DiveEleanorDive sadie girl by SpiritWolfSong Intruder by Hakkari backyard forest by annabananapeterpanna Proud Mommy by DamselStock Hanna II by t3hsilentone Contemplation by roamingtigress Juanito's BDay Portrait 2009 by BeautifulDragon322 :thumb167095581: Simply Gorgeous by KonikPolski :thumb166931991: Silly Girl by SaphoPhotographics   Yes, I was talking to you. by samrockk :thumb90187025: My Boy. by sassawj

:star: Literature + Miscellaneous Art

:thumb193189524: Your Husky... by alaska-is-a-husky Balto Was a Siberian Husky by alaska-is-a-husky Animal Abuse by WolvenRemorse Big Black Dogs - Stamp by BozMurphy Rottweiler Stamp 2 by KillerC :thumb73316743: :thumb76620690: :thumb94180933: :thumb106089580: :thumb106614313: Great Pyrenees Stamp by kittykat01 I love Rotties Stamp by Aish89 Adopt A Rescue Cat by OggsFML Adopt A Rescue Cat by OggsFML :Stamp: Anti Peta by Zilleniose :thumb201129320: Say NO to PETA by Kiboku :thumb192032920: :thumb192032920: :thumb201532552: Look me in the eyes.... by TehAlbi Animal Right vs Welfare by PaleoClipperArt American staff. terrier stamp by Tollerka Dogo argentino stamp by Tollerka Harrier stamp by Tollerka Beauty Beyond Breed Stamp by sabrelupe I Support ALL Dogs by p-o-c-k-e-t I love Dobermans by WishmasterAlchemist I love Weimaraners by WishmasterAlchemist banstupidpeople by angemuet :thumb70715476: Belgian Malinois Stamp by SinMisericordia21:thumb98537039: :thumb73738361: :thumb73316647: Kill The Beast? by Emo-Pirate-Riot Spay and Neuter Your Pets by Everywhen :thumb90569074: :thumb150426452: :thumb155128598:

:star: Behind Bars - Shelter Dogs, work found in our :+fav:'s

Work by :iconvisualmodality:

This was my life by VisualModality Three tails awaggin by VisualModality Oreo by VisualModality Big heart Small package by VisualModality Cute, cuter, cutest by VisualModality Bars are not my friend by VisualModality Hey I am down here by VisualModality

:star: Super Canines - Dogs at Work, work found in our :+fav:'s

Australian Kelpie_1 by celestriastars Australian Kelpie_2 by celestriastars :thumb193684031: :thumb201413790: Aussie by ANIMAxphoto .:Run For Your Life:. by WhiteSpiritWolf Dressage au mordant by MorganeS-Photographe WEAVE by JoyKodani My Flock by Mac-Wiz :thumb194980403: Todtmoos: Sled dog Race by Maaira wsds bullterrier weight pullin by filarska Run Sheep Run. by thefriestomyketchup Caesar by wyldephyre :thumb130631658: proud by Maaira Tocnik - huskies I. by Pawkeye Balu2 by Basenji-fan Australian Silky Terrier by IJuneI :thumb99545563: Meisha by rewston Aussie Herding Sheep by celestriastars Herding Trial 09 - Shepherd2 by SilverblueCat Greyhound race by star-11
Moment for the Sled Dogs featuring hazcookies image 19.0
For all the poor sled dogs that lost their lives this time last year. We will NEVER forget you.

For anyone who doesn't know this story, you can read it here:… Be warned its graphic.

CudaGoyle by WascawwyWabbit

Cuda is the sweetest thing ever. She is the victim of backyard breeding and is deformed and has many physical problems. Many people commented that she looks like a Gargoyle, so this is my tribute to this wonderful animal. The illustration was also used to help raise money to send Cuda to the World's Ugliest Dog Contest and to help get the word out about the horrors of these breeding practices.

Vote for Cuda:…

Read more about her here: cudathedeformedpitbull.blogspo…

Support her on facebook here:…


I would like to promote these beautiful greeting cards & calander by TeaPhotography & sassawj

Sparked by The Shelter Project by TeaPhotography The Shelter Project: II by TeaPhotography The Shelter ART Project by TeaPhotography

a portion of the proceeds will go toward the main animal shelter where TeaPhotography volunteers.

:thumb185319732: all proceeds will be going towards veterinary services for sassawj pets and towards the effort in rescuing/placing other homeless animals.

:star: Previous Articles



:star: Previous Articles- Pet Adoption in the Spotlight……

We are currently trying to raise points to help :iconstopbsl: become a SUPER GROUP to help spread the message and promote animal adoption and responsible pet ownership, if your feeling generous please go to my page SaphoPhotographics and donate at my poll :heart:

Thank you to all our supporters that continue to :+fav: our article your kindness does not go unnoticed :hug:

:star: I wanted to leave you all with this beautiful poem :star:

You,a poem for Man's Best Friend!

Your smile brings light into the darkness.
Your beauty brings happiness to the weary.
Your love touches everyones heart.
You love all unconditionally.
You walk by man each day.
Faithful as you know how.
You help us up when we fall down.
You play fetch till we tell you enough.
You pass no judgement against us.
You do not care what we look like.

All you want is a loving home.
That is your only requirement.
If we do wrong to you,you do not hold it against us.
You do not care if we look like a fool trying to
teach you how to play fetch.
You just say,"I Love her for being so crazy!"
There are many names that man
gives to you.
I like to call you,My Best Friend.

credit… by pittiegurl
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I love australian shepherd and I like dwarf schnauzer
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Such a beautiful collection of fantastic art and photography!
Just a quick question, although I guess he's not, would my dog be classed as a rescue? He dumped on us when he was 5 weeks old because his mother was hit by a car. He was the runt of the litter and no -one wanted him :') Unlucky for them! I am all for supporting rescue dogs! Hope to volunteer next year when I'm old enough. :)
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I'm a pitbull lover. What more can I say? :) They're sweet, charming, and really loyal if you don't abuse them.
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I agree with this, I knew a pit bull that was the sweetest thing you ever meant (to bad she died in a fire)

I have this dog I found roaming the streets named fang [link] he is so sweet but people are afraid of him because they think that he will attack. The worst he will do to you is lick you to death.
TheseKrimzonFlames Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2011  Professional Writer
Man's best friend is a cat. 'Cause cats tell it how it is. :B

That aside, I do agree with this, how dangerous ANY animal is is mostly due to it's environment and how it's raised and treated. There are some, isolated, instances of a dog or any other animal going insane and attacking, but how is this different from human beings? We're far more violent than they are, yet we put them to death for their sins while we allow humans to continue on.

Civilization my ass. :|

Fact: We're all animals. Dogs are people too, they often act far better than humans do.
PD-Black-Dragon Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
This was a great article and really true. We've got a female chow chow that is an absolute peach, but because of BSL, they raised our house insurance because Chows are apparently apart of the "black list."
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Shurakai-Zero Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2011
Can’t say that I agree with your stance on breed-specific legislation – while it may be statistically true that as many or more children have been bitten by collies as by pitbulls, no one to my knowledge has been killed by a collie.
DreamEyce Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2011  Professional Photographer
And with about 60% of all dogs believed by experts to be Pit Bull-type dogs, the bite ratio is SUPER low, and there are generally only 3-4 deaths a YEAR caused by Bully-type dogs, and generally these dogs are obvious mixes, not purebreds. Frankly, that's such a low statistic, I'm not even sure why it's touted so often!

Yes, there are aggressive dogs in the world, but behind those aggressive dogs is an irresponsible owner, who does not take the steps to prevent the problem(s) from escalating. Most the cases of any dogs biting, attacking, and even killing persons stem from either fear (fear aggression, which is a very obvious behavior problem, which a responsible owner would deal with) and a fearful dog being pushed to its limits, or severe neglect, to the point where the dog basically goes insane just as a severely neglected person would. Cases where a happy, well-cared for dog hurts someone in *any* breed, including Bully breeds is incredibly rare, because responsible owners work hard to be sure their dogs do not cause problems.

Sadly, the majority of Pit Bull owners are negligent owners, many of whom are abusive to the animals in their care. Frankly with all the Bully-breed dogs in terrible shape at just about all shelters, I'm shocked there's not MORE problems with aggression. I think it's great testament to the hardy, people loving nature of the breeds that even when faced with some of the worse neglect, and abuse, Pit Bulls rarely develop behavior problems, or aggression.
t3hsilentone Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
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photofairy Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2011   General Artist
they are all so adorable :love: i am keeping my :fingerscrossed: that the ones needing adoption find loving homes soon!
Xolos I knew nothing about, but I love chihuahuas, and they remind me of them a little :) very brave and a big personality :nod:
DogsArePeopleToo Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2011
Wow, thank you for featuring Spring Day 1 and for re-featuring Here's Looking At You Kid! I really appreciate it! And as of this day little man Jag is doing wonderfully in his forever home.
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Thank you for featuring Monster's headshot.. I appreciate it! Great article. :)
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