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Using The GIMP :: Cell-shading




Updated with a cleaner look and with my current style of cell-shading (which although it's a longer tutorial, it's actually easier IMO). I'll start trying to answer questions now that I'm frequenting DevART more often, so feel free to ask away!

For those of you who may prefer the older version (which I understand if you do) I've uploaded it to my photobucket for your pleasure. :) [link]


Aha! Finally I have gotten off my lazy, procrastinating butt and made a Cell-shading tutorial! Fear my cell-shading!


Anyway.... this is a tutorial that was kinda requested by Calypso, since she so wants to learn how to cell shade. So I searched for cell-shading tutorials, and found very few (AKA NONE) that went into detail on how they cell-shade. So I made this. I don't know if it's any better, but I hope it helps all the GIMP-users out there!

Examples - where I've used this technique


Other Tutorials - Learn more!

Layers *Very Important* -> [link]
Soft-Shading -> [link]
Lineart -> [link]
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This helped a ton! It was easy to follow and I ended up with some great results. Thanks!