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KH2 :: Kairi in Atlantica

My scanner must hate me. Well, at least my colored pencils. I swear, this looks so much better in real life.

Anyway, ~CalypsoSilverhawk was showing me a picture she was doing and I was like, 'hey, that's really cool' :3 From that picture I decided to draw what Kairi may look like if she ever went to Atlantica. I just shortened up her dress in KH2 so it was a bra-like thing and gave her a tail. Sorry, I didn't feel like mixing her with some other sea creature, such as a mantis ray or something like taht. Just your generic mermaid.

Anyway, other than the scanner-killing, I really like how this picture turned out, especially the background. :3

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I'll bet her reaction to this would be "Omigosh, I'm a mermaid!" or something like that.
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Nice! ^_^ it looks really good.
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^_^ no problem!
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Nice work on the concept though there are a few niggles...shes a mermaid and when I think of mermaids I picture gracefull creatures of the sea..she looks like a board of wood just floating there..theres no dynamisim or movement hte picture is very static...thats just my opinion!!
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Yeah, I know. ._.;; I had no refs of mermaids with me at the moment, and when I tried to add some movement, it ended up looking really weird. I'll keep this in mind next time I draw a mermaid! ^^
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Thanks very much! ^^
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awwww she looks so cute! ^^
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Yeah, she does, doesn't she?
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hehehe yeah she is my fav KH girl character ^^
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