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Published: June 6, 2005
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Tiger and it's baby
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CyotheLionHobbyist General Artist
Awwwww. Im working on saving tigers
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JacobChildsStudent Traditional Artist
 aww so sweet 
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DominiqueLGHobbyist Artist
I love this so much !!!

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Do you mind if I use this as a profile picture on
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oh thats soooo sweet =)
Imaginedrawer's avatar
Aww!!! It's so cute!!
Batmanfankid's avatar
This is such a lovely photograph. :)
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WolfLover1909Hobbyist Traditional Artist
THANK YOU EVE! For eating that fruit and not letting live in harmony and peace with all animals. I mean seriously we could have been riding Lions if she didnt eat that fruit
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THANK YOU CATTLE-SACRIFICING CHILD-SACRIFICING CHILD-RAPING SAVAGE PRIMITIVES IN THE BRONZE AGE WHO THOUGHT THE WORLD WAS FLAT, THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE, SET FIXED IN PLACE IN A GIANT COSMOS-HOLDING BRONZE FIRMAMENT AND THAT THE ALL THE STARS IN THE SKY TOOK FEWER DAYS TO MAKE THAN THE EARTH BECAUSE YOU HAD NO IDEA WHAT THEY ACTUALLY WERE OR HOW BIG THEY WERE. For writing down your ridiculously stupid fictional products of VERY limited imaginations and scientifically illiterate ignorant minds. I mean seriously we could be living on a planet without people like this one if they hadn't written down their tall tales. Well, probably not. I suppose the more recent ones like scientology prove they can come into existence in modern times too. Literally created by a science fiction writing con artist, that one. I wonder if in 10000 years, there will be a religion that is waiting for the triumphant *return* of Paul Bunyan and his big blue ox or maybe Wolverine and his mighty claws of divine justice.

One question. Do you suppose the tigers had their long, sharp teeth and claws, optimal for KILLING prey and EATING meat, back in the days when all beasts and man lived in harmony and peace and they were ostensibly all vegetarians, or you you think they EVOLVED those features later? Over the course of 6000 years too. That's some fast evolution you must believe in right there. Or do you suppose god was planning on kicking everyone out of the garden from the beginning and gave them those features right from the beginning, knowing they would need them when he kicked them out? (and don't think for a moment that eating meat for them is a lifestyle choice, they would get sick and die if they tried to be vegetarians)
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WolfLover1909Hobbyist Traditional Artist
God you have no respect take your hate somewhere else
shedevil3636's avatar
a photo like this shows you how kind tigers can be
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ShinyZorua120Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awwww that's adorable.
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MBloodriverStudent Traditional Artist
so cute
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essencestudios Traditional Artist
THIS HAS BEEN FEATURED HERE: [link] :iconnew-nomcat:
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WerewolfLHT65Hobbyist Writer
Awwww, so cute!
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SaberrexHobbyist General Artist
AAAAAAaaaaaaaaawwwwwww! this sight always gives me a reason to support protection for the tiger. no one should ever kill them. why can't we ever leave our greatest predators in peace?
Serene1Whitewolf's avatar
Serene1WhitewolfHobbyist Digital Artist
I agree completely.Also,i am ageinest ALL predator hunting.They are all important to the ecosystem,as well...too many reasons.Not like any of you guys actually CARE,but i intend to speak my opinion.
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SaberrexHobbyist General Artist
that's something else i agree with.
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