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Legend of Korra, reading session, pencil

The pencil version...
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Awwww! This is so sweet :)
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i was listening to belle's lullaby when i saw this and couldn't help but feel as calm as if i'd just woken up from the deepest sleep of my lifeand had just had the best dream an LoK fan could have, in short looking at this paired with belle's lullaby = calm and fangirl serenity. (sorry for random babble :P)
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this is probably the cutest LoK pic i have ever seen
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Love this so much! They all look so happy together. I hope it does happen in LoK world.
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wow - i've been admiring people's group arts recently, it's so great that a show with such an engaging ensemble cast gets so much fantastic fanart. loving how everyone looks contented and connected. my favourite thing right now is naga's grin.
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I'm gonna call this... the Korralation... *waits for applause*... *Crickets Chirping*
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*that one person clapping in the audience*
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*cries happily* Y-y-your starting the slow clap for me! *Huge watery eyes*
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*continues to clap*
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We need to spread this around! It's no longer the Gaang it's... KORRALATION!!! WE HAVE TO DO THIS!!! FOR FRODO!
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definitely. for frodo.
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He would be proud.
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:iconitsbeautifulplz: It's the Korra Krew!!!!! :la:
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I love this :D , and also this new gaang :love: !!!
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I love the whole thing so much!!!! you're really talented....

Also, Naga's expression is wonderful XD just so happy and flopped!
Mako looks like he's got a little more than he can handle also.
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yesss Tahno is part of the family
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So... I'm not the only one that wants Tahno to do a Zuko and go from 'enemy' to a member of the Avatar gang? :D He would be such an awesome addition, I think he has potencial to be a really good friend to Korra and the brothers.

Not sure about Asami, I don't dislike her, but she hasn't warmed to me yet... funny, she's so nice and lovely, and Tahno was a complete ass, but I prefer Tahno? Makes no sense lol

I love your style, it's so elegant! Not too simplistic or too sketchy detailed! x x x This is a brilliant composition too, sort of could be titled 'The New Gaang' except it wouldn't be Gaang... it would be like Klub or something like that...
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Actually, there's already a name: Korra's Krew! :dummy:
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Ahah, Klub ! I like that ! Actually, I put Asami because I still don't know how to feel about her... for the time being she's pretty inconsistent but I hope there's more behind her than the "gorgeous-girl-that-brings-money-and-stands-as-korra's-only-rival-in-love-matters". And I didn't want to imply any pairing, so I just took everyone :)

As for Tahno, I love how caricatural he is and I was delighted to see in the sixth episode that he was indeed the biggest douchebag ever and not some sort of a hidden sick lover boy as all the fangirls wanted him to be :D I really hope that he's gonna join the Klub (already adopted !) even if he can't bend, and treat them reaaaally harshly because we need that kind of character ! He could be stuck with them in one way or another, I don't care if he's not willing to join, he has to !

And thanks for yours nice comments about my style btw :)
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Yeah, I think Tahno can really develop- from the total douche to a humble(ish, lets not go overboard here!I still want a bit of the douchebag!Tahno XD) ex-bender. It would be an interesting arc to see in the series, him learning how to live without bending and learn that he can still be awesome without water (Like Sokka was! Hell yeah). I love the idea that Tahno is an unwilling member of the Klub (must spread that name!) and the Klub doesn't want him, but somehow they always get put in situations together and realise mutually that 'Oh shi... we're friends!?!?!' XD That would make the series for me! xD

I couldn't not put nice comments about your style! It's so lovely ! x
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He could try to take revenge on Amon (exactly for the same reasons Amon wants to take revenge on all the benders, because he got mutilated) so he would end up crossing the path of the Klub more and more often... But he would have to go through a little period of depression first... And then he would be a jerk again ! :D That would be fun, the Klub stuck with a depressive Tahno, trying to cheer him up by pulling his jerkness out of him !

As for my style, I'm sorry to say that the next one will be a bit different, almost no pencil... But Tahno will be present (does it feel like i'm selling my drawing :D ?)... well... kinda present... Hope you'll still like it !
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