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Cold Warrior

Seriously, I have totally a Skyrim flashback at this drawing! XD 

Well, that's a point commission for :iconhellcharm:
I drawn her character, she's a snow leopard, as you hopefully can see.
Because I make extremely rarely such cat anthros and snow leopard's I even never previously drawn.
What's actually surprising because snow leopards are my absolute favorite big cats. 
But probably I'm just recoiled before this characteristic leopard print.
And now, I regret almost a little, that I never dared it, 
because although it was challenging, it made a lot of fun! Meow :3 

As for the point commissions generally, I know that I spoke a while ago of introducing them firmly.
And it came out... well, not particularly much. Shrug 
However, I will create a journal in the near future, with the exact specifying and from then, 
I will officially accept point commissions! I am a dummy! 

Gouache, Acrylics, Colored Pencils and Ink on Bristol Paper. 

Here you come to my Point Commission Informations

Checkout some other of my drawings: :D (Big Grin) 

Beware of Killian by SaoirsaWinter Essence by SaoirsaRulers of the Forest by SaoirsaSuccessful Hunt by SaoirsaHis Silver Love by Saoirsa

Well, I hope you're satisfied with it! Aww 

Hell Charm © :iconhellcharm:
Art © :iconsaoirsa:
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catgirlwarrior's avatar
your artwork is incredible! I'd love to learn to draw something like this.
Saoirsa's avatar
Oh thank you very much, I appreciate you kind words! Meow :3 
Angel-Natavi's avatar
I adore this piece.  Such a nice work of art.
Saoirsa's avatar
Many, many thnanks, I'm glad you like it so much! Aww 
Angel-Natavi's avatar
I have long since adored snow leopards, and their anthromorphic versions.  This one, with all of the elements of the image?  Just takes the cake.
Saoirsa's avatar
Yay cake! I am a dummy!  
Thanks again^^
Angel-Natavi's avatar
You are welcome.  :)
Tintenklecks44's avatar
Wow, das ist wirklich beeindruckend O.o Wie lange sitzt du den an so was
Saoirsa's avatar
Aww, vielen dank! Hug 
Wie lange ich für dieses hier im speziellen gebraucht habe, weiß ich nicht mehr, aber es werde wohl um die 7-8 Stunden gewesen sein.
Aber das hier hat auch einen ziemlich simplen Hintergrund, bei  komplexeren Bilder dauert das dann schon 12-16 Stunden. :) (Smile) 
NastyGrin's avatar
Khajiit gut.... Khajiit hat nichts gestohlen... aber Khajiit erdolcht dich wenn du nicht hinschaust. XD
Ich mag das Bild sehr. Schön gezeichnet. :) :pat:
Saoirsa's avatar
Ach ja, die lieben, lieben Khajiits, gib ihnen ihren Mondzucker und sie lassen dich schon am leben. XD 
Danke schön, freut mich, dass es dir gefällt! Meow :3 
NastyGrin's avatar
Oder stechen dich doch ab um zu sehen ob du mehr hast. :D
Bitte sehr. ^^
HEYLLER's avatar
WOW NIC3 work ^^ Clap Clap
Saoirsa's avatar
Thank you! Aww 
HaidarTheKnight54's avatar
She's B-E-A-UTIFUL, but what's her name?
Saoirsa's avatar
Thank you, I'm glad you like her! Aww 
Hmm, the only thing I can say to her name is 'Hell Charm' but this can also be just a kind of nickname.
HaidarTheKnight54's avatar
Your welcome, and I can temporarily take Hell Charm as her name or as her permanent/temporary nickname.
Saoirsa's avatar
Um, your answer makes me a little thoughtful, do you want to use her for roleplays or something?
If so, I need to point out to you that she isn't my character and you should ask the owner, if you may use her.
nikoskap's avatar
Saoirsa's avatar
Thank you! La la la la 
nikoskap's avatar
You're welcome!
Deuce777's avatar
Ok, this is the most awesome thing I've seen all day! By the way, if someone out there knows how to mod Skyrim well, PLEASE MAKE THAT HAIR A THING! I've never put hair on my Khajiit characters because they don't look all that good to me... this would fix that... immediately! All i can say is WOW! And this is just me rambling about hairstyles! And the blade! That blade looks like it could drop Alduin in one hit, and that's assuming he didn't drop dead at the sight of the thing! As MasterofNintendo said, "Majestic and badass. A perfect combination." I have to say, this is absolutely stunning! And don't think I'm kidding, just alter the outfit to look even more 'Tamriel-like' than it already does (which the current outfit would still be fitting of a TES game), and you've got something that could easily pass as TES: VI concept/preview art. I'm not kidding, this is professional-level stuff here man!
Back to the modding- LET ME MAKE HER IN SKYRIM PLEASE! (Don't worry, I'll wait if it's for TES: V SE, because this is AWESOME!)
Saoirsa's avatar
Oh wow, thank you for such kind words, I appreciate it very much! Meow :3 
And yes, if I could make the Khajiits such hair, I would make that also immediately,
but let's see, perhaps something will come out in this direction. :D (Big Grin) 
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