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The Burden Of The Sun



This piece is part of a tumblr art/writing collaboration with @Neligahn on Twitter.

"A side “what if?” story taking place in Hasbro’s 4th generation of My Little Pony, EoP tells the story of what might have happened if Twilight Sparkle failed to find the Crystal Heart in the Season 3 premiere.

Instead, she discovered a new power and begins to use and study it, possibly sending herself and her friends deeper into shadow."

The following was written by

"Celestia placed a fresh piece of paper before her. She dipped her quill into the bottle of ink for the hundredth time that night. The quill itself had a dim red glow to it, a lingering magic from the pet phoenix who had gifted it to her. Celestia put quill to parchment. This time she would get it right."

(want the rest? it can be found here:…
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she is wonderfull!