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Rainbow Rain

so so messy i know but I like it like that

had to do another rain mlp drawing because rainbow dash and rainbows and i'm babbling
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Music When you leave my colors fade to grayMusic  Vinyl Scratch The DJ PON-3
Sorry I love that song. I also love this artwork. Gorgeous, sad, and most of all, dashie's colors fading away. I seem to really enjoy artwork like this.
(She still is best pone of course)
Great job!
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Fuckin epic. Instant favorite. :typerhappy:  XD
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Taste the rainbow!!!!!
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And that's how skittles are made!
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Oh mai god I love how you drew this!!! -*
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Awh thank you!
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You are welcome!
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Great job! I love the concept of her color slipping away. Does is have something to do with Discord? Anyway, great job
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It's all up to your own interpretation. Thank you!
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Yami-Crying This is exactly what i feel like, thank you for drawing this, its amazing.
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Were you inspired by Colorless ? (it's an awesome fic)
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Never read it before :p
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Chuuplz (Fixed) it*!!
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This is beautiful...
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wow. she is beautiful. I will now go and see if you drew anything else with her at this level of awesome but without the sadness.
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