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Merc with The Moth

Yet another cover art for another fanfic of the wonderful author :icontatsurou-san: , fanfic that you can find  Over here! Staring the best 4th-wall-breaker before the birth of Pinkamena Diane Pie AKA Best Pony Every, and your favourite changeling tyrant/mother queen, now in Adowwable-size ! Go check it out!

As always! ENJOY!!!!
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And there goes my heart. HNNNG!
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And Chrysalis will wholeheartedly accept it and eat it as a snack!
Well, there are worse ways to go.
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This is the most crazy fanfic I've ever read XD
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Is this the aftermath of thatime when Hulk and Ironman almost beat each other to death, in South Africa?
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.... Yes? I do not now, I took one of the backgrounds from the internet and added it here XD
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Well it kind of looked like that in the background..... But still great job!
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Cuteness overload
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...This is awesome.

One question, though. Why is Chrysalis' crown-thingy floating off her head? And why does Johnny Blaze have it?
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It's a selfie like Deadpool always do, in the worst possible moment, but Chrysalis jumped on his shoulder in the last moment, that's why the crown-thingy is "floating" XDDD
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Chrysalis looks so cute here ^^
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Yesssss all will join our Cute Overlord of Adorwwableness XDDDD
I bet Deadpool would enjoy himself a lot in the MLP Universe.
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Yep XDDD Killing changelings, ponies, Tirek or whatever he was hired to kill XDDDDD
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Oh my god, this is perfect!
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Glad to hear!! X3
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Aww ^^ Little filly/nymph Chrissy looks ADORABLE here! :love: I especially love the way you've given her that green blush, as a nice touch :3
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Thank you!! X333
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You're welcome ^^
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