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Some of the drawings I uploaded are recent, others I drew a while back. I also updated my Pearl's information a bit.

Btw despite my arm, I'm still able to draw somewhat. If you want commissions, it's 10 dollars flat for a single character, +5 dollars per character. Basic shading free. SFW only. If you give me a pose to draw, i'll do my best! Note me with details.
I had carpal tunnel surgery done today. I will be slowly returning to art, although I can't do much until my cast is off.
BTW if people want to use my art for any non-commerical purpose (say, as a reference for a roleplay account, or the cover of a fanfic) - unless I specifically state in the picture otherwise - they can, just give credit to me and don't claim it as your own -and link it to me in a note or comment. I wanna see what people come up with because my art inspired them, or fit their story or AU or RP account.

I've heard from people my art gets around a bit, but I'm not sure where. I'm not going to hunt down people like some anti art thief people do, I'm actually genuinely glad people like my art. As I said though, as long as you don't claim it's yours and you link back to me somehow I'm going to be fine with it.

If you do want something to use for commercial purposes, hit me up and we'll work on something. Or if you want a commission specifically tailored to your thing, hit me up.

Thanks to all the people who favorited my work and watched me. I'll be doing more art.
Well the day's fucked. *bangs head* real smooth Sanya
I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving-Christmas season, and I hope everyone has a Happy New Year.

Here's some updates on what's been going on.

You may notice I've not been submitting nearly as much art, if any at all. It's because a couple months ago I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel. My art block was amplified by this.

I have drawn a few things, mainly for a game prototype as well as a few art pieces but overall I've been having to take frequent breaks with any computer activity. I need to clean up my apartment and make my workstation more ergonomic. Right now it's a bit haphazard. A new years resolution, on top of continuing to lose weight. I do see a specialist for the carpal tunnel next month to hopefully address this and give me treatment options.

It's admittedly because I've been doing hardcore computing for years now and thought stuff like taking breaks and ergonomic workstation decisions were snake oil. Things like "correct posture" and positioning of equipment and such. I should have listened.

There's also been some developments on the mental health front. Mainly I've been uncovering some things about myself. I talk to my therapist again about it next week or so. I don't wanna get too much into it, but it's been kind of rocky.

However, I am considering, once my carpal tunnel is managed, starting commissions for the public. Right now it's mainly limited to close friends and colleagues.

I have ideas for what I want to do in 2019, but it requires me to play my cards right. Unfortunately it's a very volatile time in the world of content creation, as my colleagues and I have found out after Tumblr, Paypal and Patreon started cracking down on shit they don't like and making life difficult for content creators of all sorts, all because they hate a few bad apples or have this moral crusade going for them.

I'd rather stay out of it, but as someone wanting to get into some sort of content creation, it's a bit worrying to see how authoritarian things have gotten.

I'll keep everyone posted.

BTW, welcome fellow peeps from CubedCoconut's server and fellow Tumblrian refugees.


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Just a hobbyist doing her thing.
  • I don't do requests unless for a special occasion I specifiy otherwise.
  • Art trades are for FRIENDS ONLY
  • I am considering commissions. No points unless we can negotiate.
  • Don't try to be sly and say 'free commission'. There is no such thing.


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