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I happened to throw a look at my statistics at the top of my dA page and

exactly 300 deviations with over 3000 comments and 7000 pageviews
damn that is a lot
I mean wow.

So I guess I want to thank everyone who looks at my art, and especially those who take the time to comment, it is always appreciated!

Sometimes I post art over at my tumblr blog  that I don't post here, but there is also a lot of other things going on over there so enter at your own risk (->
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I figured that an avatar for an art site might as well show the art you've made.

Thanks goes to CurCur who suggested I use my pencil drawing of Spock as an avatar aaaaages ago.

Looks pretty dashing, even if I say so myself :D
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I finally got my ass into gear and wrote a friggin' journal update and my internet decided to be a bastard and disconnect just as I hit the post button AND EVERYTHING WAS LOST

not that this was that bad, seeing as my journal was like three sentences long.

But speaking of shoddy internet connection, I'll be moving out to the archipelago on Friday and I'll be staying give or take a month - so I'll have lots of time to make art, but no opportunity to post it anywhere. I just thought you should know.

I think the biggest thing to happen to me since I posted my last journal was that I saw the Avengers movie, died a bit inside and has been consumed with lust for more ever since.

Good times, good times...
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And I won NaNoWriMo with a day to spare, so that I could catch up on all my deadlines -_-'

Anyways, with the National Novel Writing Month out of the way, you can expect more art! University is keeping me busy though, so there won't be any mass posting.

Except for on my tumblr, but that's another matter entirely :D
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A while ago, I was asked to join the site Artflakes , which is a bit like deviantArt, with the difference that it concentrates on the selling of prints.…

Now, I'm not asking you to go buy my pictures (although that would be awesome if you are interested!) but rather tell me which of my pictures you could picture (pun fully intended) having on you wall or send as a card. This would really help me a lot.

(I seriously have very little idea what people would like on their walls, any comments would be appreciated)

Thank you. :)

PS: While on the subject of selling art; if anyone would like to commission me, I am very interested. I would draw basically anything and the price is negotiable. Please send me a not if you are interested.
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I'll be heading out to the archipelago for the summer again tomorrow.

The good news?
I'll have lots of free time to read, write and draw.

The bad news?
No scanner or regular internet connection.

But never fear, I will return at some point, bringing many drawings and stuff! :D

I'd like to thank my new watchers, I'm glad you like my art :lol:
And I'd also like to thank you all for the almost 5000 pageviews. Wow, you guys :love:

I hope you all have a lovely summer :)
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A journal update? Yes, I think so!

As you've probably noticed, I'm back from Edinburgh* and I've been drawing a lot since then, mostly on my art diploma-thing, which I have now uploaded. (FINALLY FINISHED! WOOOHOOO *joy* )

I don't think I'll want anything to do with that particular work of mine for a while, but having finished it, I find myself very art-inspired. So expect a little more inbox-spamming soon :lol:

* I loved Edinburgh to bits, but my camera battery died and the sucker wouldn't recharge. So most of the pictures were taken by loanndra and CurCur, go nag them if you want to see pictures :)
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Guys, I'm going to Scotland!

Tomorrow and to Edinburgh, to be exact. One week in a foreign country to celebrate getting my white cap :lol: (which I should buy soon, by the way O.o)
In Finland, when we graduate from upper secondary school we get a white "student cap" - probably the only reason anyone graduates XD

Who knows, maybe I'll submit some photos when I get back :)
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And I do draw other things than fanart, still!

The thing is, the OC-drawing time is pretty much taken up by my draw-webcomics-time, so the finished things that are not comics are fanart. Did that make sense? Anyway, if you for some inexplicable reason want to see more of my art, I do have three webcomics:
Aeroplanes and a Coffee Machine:

And since I am terrible at updating my dA-blog, I can tell you that I have another blog. It write mostly about books. There:

Like I mentioned before, the comic-drawing time and the OC-drawing time sort of overlap, and since I spent the whole day yesterday finishing a couple of OC-pictures (that I will upload here now), I probably won't update Anarchy tomorrow. (I also have no script, so that's a bit of a problem. Ooops)

It's my mom's birthday today, so I have to make the most of my internet-time before the guests arrive to give her presents :D

PS: I know I'm late, but my New Year's resolution is to learn how to juggle. So far, I'm failing miserably.
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Yup, I'm a NaNo-winner again! :D
Although it was great fun (and an excellent excuse for not doing unpleasant things like starting to take driving lessons) I'm sort of relieved it's over. I get to draw again!
And watch TV! And read! :lol:

It's going to take a while before I'm ready to start editing that novel, so I'm going to move on to other projects in the meantime. And of course, there's the matriculation exams to read to and all that. Joy.

But yeah, you'll have me around more now that December is here :D
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:iconcurcur: gave me an excuse to procrastinate, so hereby I give you:

The Two Things Meme!

Two Names You Go By

1. Santtu
2. Nörd <--- Swedish for "nerd"

Two Parts of Your Heritage

1. Uh... Runeberg?
2. All my ancestors were engineers
(wait, you mean like, ethnicity? Oh, well, I'm a Fenno-Swede, but I'm mostly Finnish. Of course, there's some ancestors from Sweden and all that, but I'm not sure who and how many)

Two Things That Scare You

1. The stupidity of humans
2. The metro (The London Underground of Finland)

Two of Your Everyday Essentials

1. Coffee
2. Toothbrush

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now

1. Clothes
2. Glasses

Two of Your Favorite Bands or Musical Artists (at the moment)

1. Queen
2. U2

Two Things You Want in a Relationship (other than Real Love)

1. Lots of cuddling
2. Nerd talk

Two Truths

1. People are stupid.
2. Books are wonderful.

Two Physical Things that Appeal to You About the Opposite Sex.

1. Big noses
2. Body hair
(I know it's the same that CurCur wrote, but it goes for me, too!)

Two of Your Favorite Hobbies

1. Drawing
2. Writing

Two Things You Want Really Badly

1. Doctor Who Season Boxes
2. Time to do more things

Two Places You Want to go on Vacation

1. The British Isles
2. Norway

Two Things You Want to Do Before You Die

1. Get a boyfriend
2. Become a real, published author

Two Ways That You are Stereotyped

1. Intellectual (just because I read books doesn't mean I'm smart! I'm really quite stupid, you know)
2. Uhhh... Nerd? (But it's so true...)

Two Things You Are Thinking About Now

1. My NaNo-word count ain't gonna write itself
2. coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee

Two Stores You Shop At

1. Stadin Pelikauppa (I just bought Firefly <3)
2. Akademiska bokhandeln (Bookstores FTW)

Two people you haven't talked to in a while

1. My oldest sister, who currently resides in France
2. Um. My uncle?

Two favorite web sites

1. (duh)

Two pets you have

1. Demi (dalmatian)
2. Mitzi (curly-coated retriever)
I love them both :)

Two Favorite Sports

1. Writing is totally a sport!
2. And so is movie marathons, right?

That's all for this time. If you want to follow my NaNo-progress (or just check up on my life in general), I suggest you go here:
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That's what the following thirty days will hold for me.
Because I shall, once again, participate in this beautiful thing that is National Novel Writing Month

To prepare  myself I have nailed up character sheets for nine important characters on my board on the wall, together with a map of the world my novel will take place in as well as a plot line which soon will be littered with plot points in the form of post-it notes,but consists mostly of plot holes at the moment. Plot-it notes, I shall call them! :D
I also spent this weekend being the laziest bum possibly, watching some Disney movies and having a Star Trek marathon (I thank you, yrpa and Inryoku-chan for making this possible :heart:)

I shall say this of my novel: It's a fantasy story about a pointless war. Not a war between good and evil, it's a war between two sides who thinks the other side is wrong.
It will have dragons and magic. It will also have conjuring tricks and camels.

Right, well, you know the drill (I think?). I will come to dA to procrastinate, I will leave comments and reply to comments and I'll probably even submit some odd procrastination-sketches, but don't expect anything elaborate.

This is going to be so great! :D
(and if you think I'm crazy: Hey, I've done this before. Twice. It's awesome!)
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This week I have:
1) turned eighteen
2) become a published author
3) written matriculation exams in Civics and Finnish

Yeah, you heard me.

I have shook hands with Don Rosa. The greatest Donald Duck-comic artist, or, why not the greatest comic artist of all time!

I'm still so excited that I'm not sure it the proper form of "shake" is supposed to be "shook" or "shaken" in this particular instance.
I have shaken hands with Don Rosa.
I have shook hands with Don Rosa.

I'm going to have to go with "I have shook hands with Don Rosa", because it sounds better.

Anyway, I have his autograph and a couple of photos to prove it! I'm going to high five loanndra and CurCur now.


It's not half as interesting that I'm now a legal adult and have become published in an anthology with twelve other students (I high five loanndra again). I have seen Don Friggin' Rosa. It's like seeing Bono live all over again: I can't get over it!

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can hear all Mac-persons out there laughing at me, but as it turned out, there was something wrong with the laptop I got. No worries, I got it exchanged without any extra cost, and I pray to any god that this one will work.
I call it Bertram, so the same nicknames still apply :D

I need to get my darn scanner working now, because it is frustrating not to be able to scan.

Toodles ~
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  • Watching: Doctor Who (and it's brilliant!)
Bertolt, or Bert for short (Bertie if I feel like it) is my new laptop! He's a bit weird (Windows 7, wtf?), but he sort of looks like the interior of the Death Star and I love him for it :D

Now, I have no idea how to get my scanner to work again (printing works just fine, but scanning seems to be a no-no, which bugs me to no end since I have some comic pages and pictures I'd like to show the internet), and I don't know how to transfer my bookmarks from my old laptop either. Goodness, sometimes it just hits me right in the face that I'm still such a computer rookie... Sigh.
If anyone has a tip or know what to do, I'd love to hear suggestions :)

Still, I'm very happy for Bertie and I'm very happy that I got to attend the U2-concert here in Helsinki a week ago (thank you so much, sushinam!) and I'm happy that I still seem to be able to write and draw, and I'm generally a happy person anyway. So I'm quite happy! :D

Now the word "happy" looks all silly, doesn't it?
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I'll keep it brief, just because I have so much other things to write.

Like most of you gathered, I'm back from the archipelago after attending an art course in Hangö. It was fun (even though all course members were over 50 years of age, except from loanndra) I learned some things regarding warm and cold colours, for example, and I produced a fair amount of watercolour paintings. But seeing as most of them are too big for scanning, I probably won't submit them. Maybe one or two, though, when I get around to it.

In other news: I've drawn some other things during the summer and I'll submit them with a day's interval or something. I still have three webcomics to maintain, and I'm also drawing a fourth one and I'll be scripting a fifth one soon... So there's lots of things I'm drawing that don't end up on dA.

Check out some of my webcomics, will you? You never know, one of them might catch your fancy :D

Aeroplanes and a Coffee Machine

PS: I watched Sin City yesterday, and I loved it! The cinematography really tickled my art senses and made me want to draw comics again. So that's an excellent movie choice if you ever look for art inspiration. Much gore and violence, though, but what else is expected when Quentin Tarantino is in on the production?
Also, Elijah Wood as a creepy serial killer cannibal? Priceless.
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I'm off to the Finnish archipelago for some time now, so don't expect any submissions before August.

I believe that is all.

Darn, I am bad at writing journals.

Oh, well. I'll see you in August :)

(Good gods I will have a lot of deviations to go through then -_-')
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I haven't updated my journal in ages, I'm really bad at it, apparently..

So, test weeks are over (again. We have a lot of those) and now there's only one week of school left!
That should mean that I have time for more art, but since I apparently work this weird way that I draw like crazy when I really don't have time for it, you're going to get a little art dump now. I've been trying to throw it at you one by one, but just now I went: Naaah, I'll just throw the shitload at 'em! :D OK, it's not that many pictures, but still.

It will include a little dump of art for our school-paper Flingan and an art assignment I did like two months ago... and then a picture of random violence!

The real shitload of art is what I dragged home from school today, but most of it ain't that pretty, plus it's too big for my scanner, so you will probably never get to see it. But I think you'll be all right :)

Hmm. I should probably start writing again. I haven't done that in a long time.

Yeah, that was probably it. Live long and prosper, all you art nerds out there! :D
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I have recently returned home from a very productive art session at a friend's place (thanks for letting me use your Copics, kookoskuusi! As a result, I have a bunch of pictures to submit, and when I say a bunch, I mean a lot, so I'm sorry to say that I will spam your deviation inboxes now! :evillaugh:

In other news, I have just survived another gruesome set of test weeks (and I think I even passed all tests!) so I can now set most of my time away for art, writing and, oh yes, Script Frenzy!

If you don't know what Script Frenzy is, go look at their site:

It is awesome. loanndra and I have set out to write 100 pages of script in 30 days, and we're about halfway now, so it's looking good so far :D
We're writing a comic script, a comic based on a novel we're currently writing, and I will draw this whenever we get the script finished, and loanndra will colour it and it will be pretty, so you can probably expect nifty previews and teaser art in the future :D

Sanwall out for now. I must go submit art.
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I have a 103 deviations?
Over a hundred?

Oh my goodness o_O

Well, sorry to bother you with this useless journal. I just had to express my bafflement.
And I might as well take the opportunity to thank all my wonderful watchers (hugs to you all!) and everyone else out there who has viewed my artwork.
The possibility of feedback is always a great motivator, and I'm happy for every comment I get :)

Also, over 2000 pageviews? You're smothering me! :D

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