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Hachiko wallpaper


Hachiko wallpaper for everyone!
If you want to download the image, just need to press the download button XD

Here is group too, If u wanna join! :) :iconhachikogroup:

I don't own this pick. copyright Hachiko: The Dog's stroty

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I've been watched this movie and....I got really cries a lots...Cry emote 

I got feeling so very bad for him Sad fayse. 

I really need to get some hugs with me....:petting2: 
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I cried too :( I think that deep down, Hachi did know his owner died but could not accept it. He spent the rest of his life waiting for someone who could never come back and everyone knew it but him and that's what makes his story so tragic. Ten years is a long time to a dog, practically their entire lifetime. It would be like a human waiting 30+ years for someone they loved...
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:iconcryforeverplz: I always cry when I saw the movie
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<3 auto favorite<3 i love dogs!<3 and hachiko is amazing T-T
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This is an amazing movie. its horrible that i can truthfully relate to this, but i see this and it reminds me of my dad. He passed away and i still just can't really get it through that he's gone. and i just kinda feel like damn... and i wont lie i cry ever time i watch it... hell i just watched it on netflix and my eyes are watering... i'm pathetic lol.
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This was definitely one of my favorite movies:)
So touching, sad, yet very dignifying:)
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anyone who walks from the station notice how sad he is?
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he looks so sad (of course he is but...) :icondragonyell:
I bet people want him back and his owner :icondragoncryingplz:
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Oh my gosh this movie made me cry, it was so beautiful yet so sad, I must say this is just as sad as Marley and Me, if not sadder. :(
Great wallpaper ^^
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"I will wait for you" (Connie Francis)
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This was the saddest movie I have ever watched in my life.
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i totally agree with you.
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do they have hachi plush i sooo want want
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He Really didn't deserve to die like that i mean you can even see he's sad just by looking in his eyes
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he never deserved to die
i'll never forget that true hero
and screw my friends cuz thinking it stupid to be sad cuz that poor Hachi's story
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Poor little thing. I would love to have a dog like Hachiko, but sometimes I don't want it to end up like this sweetheart has done. What a loyal dog it was, and a real legend to all canines! :heart:
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I want to have a dog like hachiko
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This is so beautiful.... Just like the movie :heart:
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ya there adorable and don't bark much ^ ^ ah a peaceful dog
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