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epic squirrels

I made this in 2012 and uploaded it to It took me a month or so, but it was very funny to do. Now some of them are all over the internet. I put them all together so that you can enjoy it :)
I must say that one of them isn't mine, It was made by a friend. Catwoman, or catsquirrel, was made by Eva Ortega. This was her first photoshop drawing and I think that the result is pretty cool.
Also, check this videos where you can see how I did some of them:

from top to bot and from left to right:

Captain America, Hawkey, Neo, Wonder Woman
Batman, Black Widow, squirrelgirl, Cat Woman
Iron Man, Yoda, Hulk, lock armor (Halo)
Thor, Link (the legend of Zelda), Loki, Ezio(assassin's creed)
Spideman, Terminator, Pikachu, Kratos (God of War)

Which one is your favourite???
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This is amazing!
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This is AMAZING artwork!!  Do you plan to create more?  If you need ideas, I got some . . . . Superman, Green Lantern, Indiana Jones, The Ninja Turtles, Robin, Wolverine, Daredevil, the Flash.  I know there are tons more, hope you continue making more of theses.  You're EXTREMELY talented.
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Than you ^^
Not by now. This is my most successful work, and I think thah people would like it if I made more... But I got tired and want to do something a little bit different. Maybe in the future I'll come back to this topic, but not right now. Anyway, I'm glad you like it and any idea is wellcome!
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best one? Pikachu XD
just kidding it's Loki, Thor, and Stark XD
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To be honest, I made pikachu in a few minuts. It was more an experiment than something I actualy wanted to draw. But when I was putting all of them together I realised that I needed it to fill all the gaps xD.
 And Thor and Ironman are the first two I painted, but it seems that the results were good because many people like them
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Do you have them in really high resolution that we could download or purchase?  My girlfriend really loves these wants to print them to hang in our hallway.

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No, sorry, it's the original size of the image, they were small images. You can download it, and if you want you can make it bigger, but it will lose quality
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Is it a plane, is it a bird? no it is a SQUIRREL!!
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Armor lock squirrel is a noob. 
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These are amazingly awesome!
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Yoda-Squirrel!!!! :squee:
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These look amazing! Just love them. :D
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This is SO AWESOME!! Great work! :D
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Brilliant! love it!
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Candace Flynn does not like this shit xD
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how funny xD
when you looke one secound at this, you can't stop to giggle xD
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Incredible. For once I can't even pick a favourite
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