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:holly: Santa's Workshop is a virtual workshop, housing up to 99 hard-working elves. These elves selflessly grant the wishes of Deviants who write letters to Santa. So whether it's a fanart of your favorite character, a portrait of your OC, or perhaps an illustration for a dear friend, we will make every effort to grant that wish. :la:


:bulletred: This is not a Secret Santa! Our group mission is to truly embody the essence of giving; we give without receiving anything in return.

:bulletred: Elf applications are CLOSED.

:bulletgreen: Santa's mailbox is OPEN (Countdown till 20/12).

:bulletred: Due to the number of wishes we receive, there is no guarantee your request will be granted. But we will try our very best!

Hi Everyone!

Update: Last week to get your letters to santa! Mailbox will be closing on the 20th.

A few dedicated Elves wish to do a short Christmas dash this year, so we are open for letters for a short time to be able to get out some Christmas gifts!


Click >>Send a Note<< to go to the group's notes page. Your letter will be this note, with the subject DEAR SANTA. Here's a template that shows you an ideal letter:

Dear Santa,

I would like to have [a drawing of my character / a fanart of] _________ [from the show __________].

Here are a few references to this character: [links to two or three pictures that give us a reference of what the character looks like].

(P.S. I would like you to deliver this gift to my friend SomebodyElse for Christmas.)

I understand you may not have time to grant my wish, but I want to thank you for reading my letter and thank the elves for their hard work!


THE RULES (Letters not following the rules will be rejected.)
  1. You are limited to only ONE letter, whether it's for yourself or a friend.
  2. You MUST provide at least one picture reference. If you absolutely have none, provide a very detailed description.
    • If you are requesting a well known character, such as Naruto, no reference is needed unless requesting a specific outfit or version of the character.
    • If you are asking for fanart, include the name of the show/movie/game/comic/whatever.
  3. Elves are limited, so there's a good chance not everyone will have their wish granted. Please do not complain about not receiving a present. The elves are all volunteers and work very hard to fulfill wishes. You will not get a separate notification if your request is not granted.
  4. Any requests violating the deviantART Terms of Service will be automatically rejected.

:bulletred: We will accept requests for characters of ALL types, but please keep in mind there are fewer elves who are talented in certain areas such as animals, anthros, and fantasy creatures.
:bulletred: Single character requests are more likely to be fulfilled, because they are less time-consuming and more people can get gifts.
:bulletred: Because this is an international group, please do not ask for traditional art to be mailed to you. All art will be sent digitally. (Elves may offer, but do not ask.)
:bulletred: Copyright of all art belong to the individual elves and are not free for commercial use, even if the characters belong to you, unless you work things out with the elf.
:bulletred: Please remember to thank your elf if you get a gift!

:holly: :holly: Mailbox will close 9pm 20th December - Countdown timer so get those letters in quick!

:merry christmas: by luckylinx Want to be an Elf Instead?!

Elf Applications are now CLOSED.

A lot of our past elves are busy this year, and we're looking to take on new elves to help us fulfill requests right now! Please follow these instructions to apply for an elf position. If you are a new elf applying this year, please send a note to the group titled New Elf with the following information:
:bulletgreen: Why do you want to be an elf?
:bulletgreen: How many requests are you able to accept? (Keep in mind the holidays are a busy time, and please be realistic in the amount of time you would have.)
:bulletgreen: Link to one or two pieces from your gallery that would be the style you could make a gift in

Edit: Elves are not able to be gift recipients

If you were an elf in the past and are not currently on our roster, please send a note titled Returning Elf and include the last year you participated (if you remember) and any previous username you might have used.

If you're a Current Elf on our roster, please don't forget to chime in on the 2019 Elf Interest/Roll Call post in the Admin Area if Eclipse ate the notice!
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