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Pink Elephant

it's a present for my mother
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Look out! Look out!
Pink elephants on parade
Here they come!
Hippety hoppety
They're here and there
Pink elephants ev'rywhere

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Wo u can work in a specail effects artist
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По синему морю, к далекой земле
Плыву я на белом своем корабле...
На белом своем кораблее, на белом своем кораблее...
Куда б не занесло меня, я прорвусь...
Мама, ты сделала аборт, но я вернусь!
хаха. darkside
flashtuchka's avatar
слонопотамчик = )
The glasses are an amaizing touch! CHEERS!
Nabana's avatar
I love it
specialy the glasses :)
vampire-monkey-333's avatar
ew.that is not a real elephant ..........that is so ew and if your mother loved it she must have been lying to you
Rinshugai-o3o's avatar
haters be hate'n but they dont have to show it, im sure his mother really DID like it, i know if i got something like that i would appreciate it because of its fine detail and all the work put into it!
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Makes me think of the original Dune movie.
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:clap: What a great imagination :D
aingealliath's avatar
Fearless--Vampire's avatar
haha, what an intelligent pink elephant! Even with glasses!
Of what it is made?
squiglemonster's avatar
What a wonderful gift! His face is absolutely fabulous... with all the many wrinkles- and I love those glasses. :D
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The pink elephant is wonderfull!!
thoughtdisorder's avatar
That's incredibly awesome.
Bees-In-The-Caramel's avatar
whoa, thats intense.

idosyncratic-romana's avatar
ahahaha what did she say?
kikkums's avatar
haha how delightfully odd
ArokFearien's avatar
if i gift one to my mother, she launched it in my head XD

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my mother was happy)
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very very cool!
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