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Pink Cthulhu

one more Cthulhu
soft, small, nice.
fimo, fabric fur. about 15 cm tall
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I need one. I shall name him Alonzo, and we will have adventures, and wherever we go I'll just yell "Allons-y Alonzo!" and he will respond with "PH'NGLUI MGLW'NAFH CTHULHU R'LYEH WGAH'NAGL FHTAGN... Nyah!" and we'll laugh and hug and eat souls...
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Baby Ood Cross Breed! KEWL! lol
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A Baby Ood Cross Breed!
Borekko's avatar
Haha amaizing, such an idea :-D
3arten's avatar
Doctor Zoidbergyou said guys? I was thinking about Cthulhu ;) Amazing work as ussual.
diokletan's avatar
More Lovecraft critters!
gabysopanoddles's avatar
It reminds me to Dr. Zoidberg!
Ran-Ichihara's avatar
for a moment I thought it was Zoidberg! it's amazing
generallolz's avatar
it looks like Zoidburg! XD awww
ozherelyeva's avatar
ктулху!!! ^^
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salmuchis3's avatar
hmmm really cute!! :DD
tought of :iconzoidbergplz:
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omg its so cute
for a minute there i thought it was an Ood from doctor who XD
GiNgErPaNdErZ's avatar
It looks like a baby Zoidburg! How cute! Where did you get the idea for this?!
Santani's avatar
from H P Lovecraft books)
GiNgErPaNdErZ's avatar
II will have to look that up.
Tomolan's avatar
Take away the wings and it could almost be a baby Zyberg.
yanikaRed's avatar
baby dr. Zoidberg
theclassymonter's avatar
I want to make dolls like this, but one thing stumps me. How do you attach the Fimo parts to the plush?
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