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8 inches
fimo+wood frame

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This is just awesome
omg if you sell this message me!!!!!!!!
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как же мне нравятся ваши работы D: И техника, и сами создания. Завидую и пускаю слюни XD
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спасибо. но завидовать не надо, каждый КРУТит по-своему =)
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'A face only a mother could love' x] it's beautiful and so original, i absolutely adore all of your dolls.
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Rarely has an artist inspired me so much. Your work is superbly detailed. Not only is technique wonderful, but you also exhibit a beautiful level of creativity and clarity in you work.
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uuuu so dramatic!
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this is beautiful :)
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god damm it. It is more beautiful than "unborn" :)
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That is totally weird, totally creepy, and totally AWESOME!!! :thumbsup:
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Holy crap... Вы потрясающи. У меня просто слов нет, насколько это живо..
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wow!!! XD I realy like :D
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it reminds of Aliens:)
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Awwwww. -huggle- It's so kyoot.
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