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baby is 22 cm tall, fimo and inks.
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It looks like an enemy from the binding of issac
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привет! A wonderful, bizarre creature... I love it!
You are a very talented and great artist. ^^
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It looks like a baby sload so much OuO Very adorable, and amazing work on the anatomy!
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Worst breastfeeding experience ever.
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Someone tell me this thing's a sculpture.... please....
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Whoever says this thing is cute, has some serious problems...
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:O It's hideous!!!
I :heart: it!
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His feets are gross nd his back cuz hes a bit boney lol but its cute tho :D
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Wow! It me remember the Nihilanth of the game Half-life!
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fell out of my chair
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Lol, if youre gonna censer hell, you might as well say heck XD
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that is ... interesting ...
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Hi! I went through Your gallery and the stuff You do is just stunning! Can You explain me please how do You paint it? Just with acrylic inks and brush? And how do You make eyes? Do You use glass balls? I was into painting miniatures some days so I find what You do quite similar :)

Best regards,
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it's so cute and gross at the same time :iconbangkillplz::
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wow, i want it as my pet! c:
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ewww, looks like something in a horror movie :S
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awwwww!!!!! <3 too cute
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