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Celestia - Radiant

Celestia and Luna deserve an episode for themselves.
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Aaah beautiful princess muy good :squee:
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AGREED. We need that Celly and Moonbutt time.
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At least with the Mane 6 in a minor role, like in Adventure Time. That's how these side-stories happen...
KillerTeddyBear94's avatar
I'd like that too but i'll bet the writers won't do it
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Love Princess truly is muy beautiful I like :D
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Hay just a moment ago I was watching Luna pics xP
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Her troll sense is tingling...
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Best fucking avatar ever, bro.
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very beautiful
MLP-Silver-Quill's avatar
I used this in my comic. Thanks so much for making it available! Special congrats on her mane. That's a nightmare to draw.
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Used here as a transition bumper in my video. Thank you!
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This vector was used and credited here: [link]
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Thank you! Used here: [link]
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May I use this in a comic I'm working on?
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Celestia the Radiant Dawn
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