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About Us

:star: WELCOME! :heart: Start Here:star:

And he exists in the spirit of the dA community.

But, sometimes the things that can make our lives better can't be solved with dA :points:

I believe that we should all get together and work as a group to make lives better one at a time.

So, what are you waiting for?

Information for Wishers:
Information for Granters:
Donater List:
Granted Wish List:
Member News and Contests:
Group FaQ:

Be sure to read the rules and then..

Make A Wish

:star:Donate :points: to the group:star:
:heart:Donate using Paypal:heart:

Total Current Wishes:
Total Granted Wishes: 71

Santa's Wish List Deviants who wish for more Commissions!

Deviants wishing for more Exposure:
-Moonshadow-Phantom wishes for more comments on their art! Go check out their gallery!
-WiccanWT has started a new group and would LOVE for our members to check it out! Show you are a REAL person!! ImReal-AreYou
-SobohRami wishes for more people to join his group InspirationArtPortal
:star:Gift Cards::star:
-ChaosFay wishes for an Amazon e-gift card
:star:Physical Item Wishes::star:
-pythonkiller4 wishes for some fan art of his characters with him to be mailed to him.(Send a note to us, if you want to help grant this wish!)
Do you want to be a part of this amazing group? Do you want to make a wish? No? How about granting a wish?? Check out the group FaQ first to answer commons questions, or note the group
Swap ListWhat is the Material Swap?
It is a list that we hope to have populated with art supplies that deviants can trade with each other in thier respective regions.
It is a "Give and Get" or "Barter" System.
How can I get on this list?
You MUST make a dedicated journal about this swap list and what is does (Template at the bottom of this journal)
You MUST offer an item of equal value of the item you are requesting (You may also trade artwork as a custom commission for the person wanting to trade, or perhaps any physical artisan crafts you have made already)
You MUST be a member of SantaDoesExist
Your account must be three months or older (Note the group if you had a previous account with the details)
You maybe responsible for the shipping costs of the item that you are offering. (We would notify you if the shipping funds were depleted at the time of your trade - otherwise, the group will pay for shipping whenever possible)

Update: Signups are now closed and notes have been sent out, if you did not receive a note, please let us know!
Update: We are extending the sign up date to December 5th! Tell your friends and come join the fun!

Let's spread some Holiday cheer! Whether you are Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, or any of the other great cultures and religions that make up our world; celebrate a holiday season where the main goal is to spread cheer and goodwill from person to person!

:iconsantadoesexist: is going to host a Secret Santa event. All submissions should be digital and shared through deviantArt (If you make a painting, just take a nice picture or scan of it) We are going to allow all categories* (Note us for Artisan Craft inquiries, if enough people are interested in that category we could connect with everyone and work out shipping policies)

I will coordinate and organize a Secret Santa, there are only a couple rules, so please read this part!
- You do NOT have to be a member of the group to participate :)
- Keep it PG (unless your recipient is requesting something a little saucy!)
- If you are a new deviant (less than 3 months on dA) we need to see at least 10 deviations in your gallery.
- If you sign up, please follow through and finish! We can't impose a punishment, but you won't be able to participate in the next event or any from our group for that matter! We will share your name with our affiliates running other Secret Santa groups so that you can not do the same to them!
-You MUST submit a screenshot of your progress and send it to SantasMoneySack* by Dec 16th. If you fail to do so, we will remove you from the recipient list and you will not be eligible to participate in our next events. (No requirement on the progress, you just need to prove to us that you started and intend on finishing.) This ensures no one gets left out. And if you're having trouble, ask us for help.

*Upload your progress to your and send it as a note to SantasMoneySack

We would love to see some volunteers who could on a one week notice make one piece of art for someone who won't be getting one due to their secret Santa dropping out (Hopefully this wont happen!)


Sign up: Dec 5th Midnight of your timezone
Progress or Sketch Submission: Dec 16th
Submit and Tag your Recipient: Dec 24th Midnight of your timezone

I am going to do my very best to match you up with another artist of comparable skill to yourself.

If you want to sign up, comment on this journal the below text filled in. Categories are Drawing/Painting, Literature, Photograph, Photomanipulations, Digital Art (like avatars, icons, pixel, concept, and text art)
Character/Animal/Subject/Scene Requested:
I am best at these Categories:

Please pass the word around, consider making a journal or poll to spread the news about the event! I log in once a day and will make sure every response gets noted and answered by the 1st!
I want to thank everyone for being a part of this group and helping make magic happen! We've been here since September of 2013. That's about two and a half years. And after going through the points log and our paypal log I can say this:

:star: The group has granted wishes totaling over $500.
:star: Members of the group or wish granters have granted wishes totaling over $200

I have not seen another group on dA grant actual item/money wishes. But! We did! :la: It wasn't easy work for me to coordinate all of this, cross reference accounts in efforts to prevent abuse, and be so transparent to everyone in the process. But I stuck with it, because I could feel the smiles we were making happen. It was incredibly uplifting for my soul. For those of you who have helped us in this venture, I really hope you got the same out of it :hug:

I want to take a moment to recognize some really amazing people who have been driving benefactors of the group (and our wish pools!)
:heart: :hug: :iconflyingheartsplz: :iconkarolinaskauniverse: :iconganjamira: :iconchaosfay: :iconflyingheartsplz: :hug: :heart:

Not only are they incredibly generous people, they are AMAZING artists! So if you haven't already taken a gander at their galleries, you really should there is some great eye candy in there.

Those three are not the only people who have made this group work. I have had an amazing admin team here, as well as some key members who have always been around, supporting the group and the other members as well. Let me take one more moment to recognize some of them now.
:heart: :hug: :iconflyingheartsplz::iconedendari: :iconfairyslivehere: :iconlady-compassion: :iconsimplysilent: :iconmentalmandur: :icontheladywrath::iconflyingheartsplz: :hug: :heart:

And I can not forget to mention the wonderful admin team at :icondawishingwell:
:heart: :hug: :iconflyingheartsplz: :iconstygma: :iconthegalleryofeve: :iconteaphotography: :iconrainylake: :iconcameronkobe::iconflyingheartsplz: :hug: :heart:

But, really all of you deserve a clap on the back! :clap: You've all made it great here!

And as a thank you, I am going to do a tablet giveaway! (If I can sell some commissions I will give a way TWO tablets!)


:star: 1st tablet went to :icondjnn: congrats! :clap: It is in the mail on it's way to you :)
Stay tuned folks, if we can scrounge up another tablet, we are going to do another draw!

You don't have to do anything! Just be a member of the group. I am going to use like I always do. If your name is chosen, you will have 48 hours to get back to me, before I move on and do a re-draw until someone does reply. So, check back in a few weeks to see the progress! And if you would like to donate some funds, please do! :)
Let's give a big round of applause to the winners!
1st Place goes to
Love Memories by Egil21

2nd Place goes to:
A Love PoemChoose a man with your heart said my mother,
'cuz strapping and rich wont heed what you yearn for.
Love is making fun of each other
and laughing until we can't breathe anymore.
Booze and Land once drove our hearts said my brother,
A man would kill another for just a dollar
Love, now bands us together this hour
I can feel the thunder, it's gusts a hollar!  
Love is the heartache of loss
a dove on the park bench, my gosh.
Always a sign, to say I'm okay
Amazed and blinded by tears, I say
Love is you. Love is me. Love is we.

3rd Place goes to:
Love me tender by aliasvassily

Judges Honorable Pick:
End of Time by Ankonox
Update: Judging has started, if you did not enter the contest, you can judge it, just send us a note and we will send you the link :) Give us about a week to get a decent amount of votes and work out winners and prizes.

Everyone submitted some great entries! I was very pleased to see the love spreading :heart:

:iconflyingheartsplz: It is that time of the year where love is in the air! :iconflyingheartsplz:
:star: Deadline has been met, we have 7 people who entered, If you would like to judge the entries, send a note to the group!
Deadline has been extended to March 15th! If we get 8 or more people to enter, prizes will be increased to 500 :points:
And we are going to hold a contest to celebrate it! :iconcheerplz:

Only a couple weeks left! Let's get lots of entries so we can bump up the prize points! Spread the word and get arting! :)


  • You must be a member of SantaDoesExist (New members always welcome)
  • The main subject of your art must represent love in someway (you can interpret this as you see fit)
  • In the artwork description mention this contest and how you feel your work represents "Love"
  • Submit your finished deviation to this folder before March 1st. All forms of art are accepted


1st Place:
  • 50 :points:
  • Feature of winning deviation on Group's front page for 1 month
  • Feature journal of winning deviation and two from your gallery by Admins FTSArts

2nd Place:
  • 30 :points:
  • Feature journal of placing deviation and one from your gallery by Admins FTSArts

3rd Place:
  • 20 :points:
  • Feature journal of placing deviation by Admins FTSArts

If we get more than 15 submissions, prizes will be increased and one to possibly two honorable mentions will be added. So help us spread the word!


If you would like to participate as a Judge, please send a note to SantasMoneySack
Judging will be mainly based off of individual improvement. Here is a breakdown:
Originality: 25%
Matches the Theme: 35%
Improvement: 40%
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