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The Kraken Wakes



Below the thunders of the upper deep;
Far far beneath in the abysmal sea,
His ancient, dreamless, uninvaded sleep
The Kraken sleepeth: faintest sunlights flee
About his shadowy sides; above him swell
Huge sponges of millennial growth and height;
And far away into the sickly light,
From many a wondrous grot and secret cell
Unnumber'd and enormous polypi
Winnow with giant arms the slumbering green.
There hath he lain for ages, and will lie
Battening upon huge seaworms in his sleep,
Until the latter fire shall heat the deep;
Then once by man and angels to be seen,
In roaring he shall rise and on the surface die.

- by Tennyson

What if the mythological creature rises in the modern world.Could we have a chance ...?

I was going for an entirely different Kraken here .

I used references for picturing Helicopter others entirely from mind .Followed 80's cinematic colour pattern.

Hope you all will like it.

Thank you.

2010 © Sanskarans
SANS Entertainment 2010

All Images and Contents are copyright © Sandeep Karunakaran(Sanskarans).No unauthorized duplication without explicit permission from the copyright holder.
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It's likely we would deal with it, but not without having quite a sizeable number of casualties in the effort, as thisw thing is massive so very heavy weapons and equipment will be needed. Since Mythology is brought up, and it's the Kraken we're talking about, it will likely appear near Norway in or around Scandinavia in the mid 2000s. Due to a lack of 'prey', the beast went to 'rest' thousands of feet below the Sea, hidden from sight from early humanity. For years, it stayed hidden below the arctic circle, remaining hidden below Ice. Over the years however, the beast, after spending centuries hibernation finally began to awaken. During the period between the 30s to later modern century, highten activity from the world above slowly began to distrub the beast till one day it has awaken.

Upon this 'awakening,' fishing in the area sees a massive hit, thousands of sea life of all kinds flee from the region as the tyrant of the deep rises. Massive pieces and sections of ice find themselves moved in all ways, with no one the wiser. A brief silence follows, as news reports the incidents up north as a 'natural disaster of some kind' some believeing it caused due to under water activity like a volcano, others some sort of oil spill or deep underwater cavern opening up. Around 2012 or so, a series of disapperences occur in and around the area far north of Norway. First a few fishing boats and smaller craft, though this is believed to simply due to bad weather or stormy seas, and nothing more. However it continues, soon the area gains a nickname of the 'second Bermuda Triangle' or the Nordic Triangle.

Soon the Norwegian Government starts getting calls to investigate whats happening, as families of the 'lost ones' beg to know what has happened, while trade in fishing has slowed greatly. Wildlife experts in the region also report a severe lack in natural wild life of the region. Without much other choice, around 2014 to 2015, a small team are sent up to explore the region and figure out what has been going on. The team at first finds nothing, nothing aside form the odd sight of a few scattered fish and other sea life. Then, remains of fishing boats and other small vessals are found. Wrecks are located along the coast, or floaitng in fjord's all across the north. Then, a much larger vessals, a ice-breaker, disappears one evening.

The Team sent by the Norwegian Government continues to explore the region, trying to discover just what is causing this to occur. No evidence of Volcano's or other such natural occurances is discovered, it's as if they just 'happened'. Then one evening, the vessal used by the team is discovered having run aground. The vessal is badly mauled, it's hall punctured in several places and dripping in 'ink'. The Crew is missing. The Government, now alarmed, soon bans travel through the waters up north until farther notice. People however, are too curious, and a few from outside the country willing attempt to sneak past the 'quarantine' and into the waters above Scandinavia. Some fail, but some manage. Most find nothing, only adding to the confusion. Some believe a government 'experiment' or military exercise is taking place. Others a accident from a oil-rig or other human caused event.

The Norwegian Government denies such claims, but theories continue to pop up. Then, while patroling the area around the quarantine zone, a patrol boat while sailing just within spots a distrubance in the water. Trying to discover what it could be, and believeing it's a possible foreign submarine, it moves in close. A moment later the Patrol boat finds itself suddenly flipped from below without warning. The crew onboard instantly panic and attempt to escape, before this having reporting the sighting before hand. Moments later, the crew disappear alongside the patrol boat. Oil from the vessal is left behind with some pieces of debris. Moments later, elements of the Norwegian Royal Fleet arrive and discover the 'remains' and begin searching for whatever caused it.

Moments later, and a body is found. Another then another. Each stained with ink, each covered in severe scaring and blood loss.

A tense period of time passes by, with now the idea of war following a foregin attack occurs and now Norway and it's allies in Europe brace themselves. They're prime suspect, Russia. Around 2017, however, things would take a sudden turn again. A cargo vessal, while sailing just out from Iceland is attacked, but this time the sighting is spotted from a series of small fishing boats and vessals as it happens. One moment the Cargo Ship is there, the next it is suddenly lifted up a few good feet from the waters surface by several tentacles, followed by the ship being thrown onto her side by a mass in the water. Moments later, a massive groan is heared as the ship is torn in two, then disappears as its dragged below the surface.

The sighting hits the news, as some 'live' recording was taken. Many are shocked, others surprised and in disbelief. others deny it or questions if it was a trick of the camera or a 'natural disaster' or even a false report or cover up meant to hide the truth. Many others, those of the faith side, it is the wrath of a god or being, as punishment to humanity. Many more of the end times. Screams and cries, panic start to spread throughout the lands surrounding the region with the 'Arctic Triangle,' the latest name, becoming a permanent one in the public conscious. Many sailors refuse to venture into the region, with many refusing to touch the waters at all. Companies and cruise lines see a hit, with many not wanting to risk a encounter with the Icelandic Beast, or it's original name... the Kraken.

For a period of time, the Arctic sea becomes barren once more, no travel with hardly anyone left living up north. From the remaining period of 1017 - 19, the cold dark waters are emtpy of life, both above and below. As time goes on, the fear begins to slowly vanish and soon sea travel in the region slowly starts to re-appear with no incident. Shipping begins again, after no attacks occur again. That is until, however, when in 2020 a Cruise ship was sailing from around Norway's Fjord's when the ship is suddenly stopped and unable to move forward, later the ship is suddenly lurched forward in the water when the attack begins. A mere half a hour later, thousands are dead with bodies floating around the waters near Norway, many brushed up onto shore. Others 'disappear' while the ship is missing. It wouldn't be until a decade later when it's wreck was discovered on the ocean floor, on it's side and severely damaged and ruins.

With just one incident, panic returns and fear of the sea hits a all time high. Governments around the Arctic, and allies of Norway, joined together and plot a goal in dealing with the beast. To try and track it down, and hopefully, kill it. Some protest, instead wanting it captured, but these voices are ignored. Many others, mostly teams of 'mercenaries' are hired by shipping companies, world wide. Ships find themselves, civilian and otherwise, 'armed' with weapons and equipment to defend them. The U.S. takes the lead in the 'efforts' in dealing with the beast, deploying a fleet made up of two carries followed by an escort fleet alongside several hundreds to thousands of troops in Norway and Iceland, Greenland respectively. The British, French, Norwegian, Icelandic, Canadian and even elements of the Russian and other smaller navies join together and begin patrolling for the beast. Submarines begin journeying through the area, diving as far down they could and using radar in their search. Eventually, the beast is found far north within the Arctic, within an ice field. With this, a fleet of U.S. Warships, including one of the Aircraft Carriers, Destroyers, Crusiers and some support ships, move into the region.

Several Submarines join in as well, and soon the whole area is searched. Northing at first. Not until a destroyer, ahead of the rest of the fleet, is suddenly stopped before the bow is suddenly twisted and grabbed, and she rolls over and sinks. The rest of the fleet watch on, in stunned silence and horror as the beast rises above them all. Taller then most buildings, even taller then the statue of Liberty or more, appears before them. Growling out it gave a blood churning roar. hus began the Battle of the Arctic Sea, as fighter jets took off while rockets and shells, bullets and torpedo's went off and towards the beast. Other fleets are called, and start to move in from all sides. The Battle begins.