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Organic satellite


While our scientific expedition were stationed to explore the unknown universe
We have been taciturnly watched , recorded and controlled by something unseen.
An organic satellite

© Sanskarans
SANS Entertainment 2017
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that's how the Mi-go, fungi from Yuggoth, have the line to call home on Pluto and follow the national brwllòadkalkjkjsfjh championship :P
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I think you are really indulged in the world Lovecraft
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ehm yep in fact some of the first serious stuffs i've read were Lovecraft, Tolkien and Bradbury's books xP
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A fascinating idea, an intriguing design and beautifully painted.
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Thank you Kathrin
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It's like the Space Jockey crossed with Cthulhu, an interesting mix for an alien.  Great work as always Sandeep. 
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Ha ha ...Thank you Sam.

Humanbeings itself is a wonder. Then what will be the case of something that beyond our knowings.
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I love this! Its somewhat creepy but fantastic.
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Thank you very much
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Black Knight in Space Jockey version! :D
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My thoughts exactly!
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Still in your own way, beautiful work! And the idea is really original!
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Thank you clement
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