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An Archaeological Excavation gone wrong when they encountered the unwelcomed. They called it " Eater "

'Eater' takes it's form from nature .
'Eater' is the beginning of all.Yes, the beginning of 'Judgement Day'

Is this have any connection with strange shape that we captured from Mars ?…
What if, it was "Eater" ?
Is they were giving us a warning sign ?Warning of  " The EATER ( GOD'S another crazy play ) " :pray: 

Judgement series continues...
Second One…
Third One…

Stay Sacred Fear 

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SANS Entertainment 2013

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This was... jaw-dropping 😏

Imma leave now.
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i wonder whether the victims are simply burried under the sand or suffer a fate worse than death.
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Thank you very much.Sure it is worse than death ;)
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Though I'm aware it's not the intention, I'd say it's a pretty good way of showing of just how dangerous and unforgiving deserts can be in real life.
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Thank you very much Jason
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Haunting. Brilliant lines into the maw!
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Woah, is this based on "The Door in the Dragon's Throat" by Frank E. Peretti?  This looks like what happens at the beginning of the story. 
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No .i will check it out
Thank you
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this is gorgeous!
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Really nice piece of work! :D
"Let's go in!"
"Wait a minute...I'm getting a funny reading on my tricorder..."
"You're not laughing."
"Ha. Funny, odd, not funny, ha...AAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!"
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